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TIA I didn't know I was having one

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I suffered a TIA in November of 2015. I had no idea I was even having a problem. My husband and I were out to dinner and I started having trouble getting words to come out right. I had to really concentrate to say the word right. I did mention that I seemed to be having trouble talking, but we ignored it and drove on home. When I got out of the car I started walking like I was drunk, but it was dark and I ignored that until I got into the house and realized I was having trouble seeing and my balance was off. I then mentioned all of this to my husband and bless his heart he immediately put it together gave me an aspirin and took me to the hospital. Without his quick thinking and action I might have had a full blown stroke. I had all of the tests and thank God, no damage. The last thing to come back was my speech, but by the time I was discharged, I was fine. I still worry about it happening again. I wonder, does that fear ever go away? I'm now terrified of having a stroke. I take my baby ASA daily but I live with such stress for reasons I won't get into (A grown child with a drug problem) Does the fear ever go away? Everything I've read about says that chances are that I could have that major stroke within a year. That hasn't helped, but my year is almost up! Well, I've gone on long enough. It's nice to have people to share these fears with. I didn't know about this support group. I'm glad I found you.

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hiya love, first i would like to say i truly understand your fears of having another stroke and i was terrified that a year later i would have another. It will be 4 years in september when i had a TIA and like yourself thank god no damage was done . I also read about having another stroke within a year but as i say it's almost 4 years now since i had a TIA . I had all the tests done and i was diagnosed with having a PFO ( a hole in my heart ) and i also have a blocked carotid artery which meant i couldn't have the hole in my heart repaired and i now take medication for life. The fears do eventually go away and believe me i was petrified with not knowing what i was facing . I hope my reply has helped you a little to try and not worry too much . Please feel free to message me anytime as i would love to chat to you more and hopefully we could help each other . xxx

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Wow, thank you so much for telling me your story. You had it a lot rougher than I did as far as fears. I can certainly understand why you were petrified you were going to have another one. I guess I should lay my fears aside and move on with my life. I really don't think about it much anymore. It just creeps into my thoughts now and again. I just try to take care of myself the best I can and pray it never happens again. Thank you for sharing with me.

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Your welcome , I hope you can relax more now. Taking care of yourself will help . Take care and be happy 😊

Hi Hummingbird

I can sure relate to your concerns

I also had a Tia 3 years ago

I was going about my merry way

I got up to take cups into kitchen then I started to have a dead leg I grabbed the bench the my arm went & I started uncontrollably laughing my Dayghter who's studying to be a clinical psychologist dragged me throug living room & asked could I lift arm up i did this

But the next command was other are

To my horror I couldn't & my speech was slurred she immediately said to my hubby Ambulance , if it wasn't for her quick action I may not be here now

I was Diagnosed with a very very rare blood disease / Cancer

Myproliferative disease

Essential Thromosimia

ET for short ,

So I know exactly how your feeling

After 3 years of 3 monthly check ups

I will have this for life now

If it wasn't for MPN voice forum

I would of gone crazy

I'm doing the Great north Run for

MPNvoice in 6 weeks time 😜

So what I'm trying to say is keep strong stay fit & healthy ,,

But most of all live your life to full

I'm now starting to realise life's Precious

Take good care

Pam X

Having had this experience I would suggest you ask your doctor if you can be put on an anticoagulant as it does take the fear away from having a stroke, I had a stroke in 2000 and spent 2 weeks in hospital, now fully recovered, but I had been diagnosed with PAF and after the stroke was coagulated and whilst I am at the moment having problems with TIA's at feel better in the knowledge that my blood is thin and therefore clots should not form and therefore no major stroke......that is my belief anyway lol

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