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I am 63 yrs. My fasting Blood sugar is 165. Is it alarming ? If so, what are the remedy to back Blood sugar in normal position.

I am diabetic for last 13 years My fasting sugar 85-90 & level after food is 170-200. medication 3 times daily.Whether I go for Insulin?

I am diabetic since 2000.Age 54 weight 59kg height 163cm.Fasting sugar 85-90 po...

what is the best remedy for neuropathy

strips for suger testing which are expired should be used or not

How does alcohol affect diabetes of a person?

I am suffering from Diabetic Foot. Just numbness and cant walk barefeet. Please suggest some medicine or a line of treatment

i am diebtic in 1999 .we take regular madicianbut not control sogive me consult howcontrol

Ready Reckoner Required ( RR )

Can somebody put up a ready reckoner on which we feed daily morning BF, LH & DI ...

My age is 61. For last 15 days I take only Salads i.e. Cucumber, Carrot, Patta gobi, onions,tomatos. I go for morning walk 50 minutes 5 Kms.

I take 1 tab each of Glinese MF and Piosafe 15 mg twice a day. My fasting BS is ...

how can i know my medication controls my diabetics?fbs,2hr pps,hbaic etc should be how much, so that i can continue my same medicines

I am diabetic for over 10 years now. My last B/S level fasting was 274 but never had any symptoms , why?

I have been advised by doctor to inject insulin twice daily with a total of 18 u...

When my creatin,urea and hemoglobin are normal why hands and feet swell mostly in morning?

I am Diabetic since 2001.With minor adjustment in doses my fbs and ppbs were wit...

diabetic since last 4 yr and I am taking three times Actrapid insulin like 22-10-18 unit and last at night at about 11 p.m Lantus solostaer

My hba1c is now 8 before it was 11.6 I am taking insulin last 1 year before I ...

Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy for DFUs (Diabetic Foot Ulcers) in Ludhiana.

More and more diabetics with non or slow healing foot ulcers are now using Hyper...

Can I get rid of daily injections Lantus SoloStar? Latest in Oral medicines? I take Galvus 50 & Glimaday 2. With these, sugar is in control.

so far i donot have diabatics, recently i checked before lunch at 1.30 pm it fount 215 how to control , daily after dinner i am walking .

should we afraid of diabaties?

Who wants a healthy living with diabetes?

Diabetics does not kill anybody. But it's effects on one's vital organs like Kid...

i take med for dm,bp &chol.They r metformin,semidionil,amylopress,lipitor.i lost 10 kg wt in 3 yrs.(from65 to 55)why?how to regain the wt?

Do we need to cut the lady finger before soaking in water for overnight. please suggest. Manjit

What are the food items I should avoid>

preventive measures as family history (father) is diabetic

I am suffering from Diabetes for the past 4 years. My sugar level is fasting 120-125 and PP is 150-160. How to control this. Please advise

Please give me a permanent solution of diabetes?

my pp is almost 230 every time since last eight years .should i switchover to insulin

What is the best natural thing which will help a diabetic to keep kidneys unaffected ? Any ayurveda medicine? Is triphala churna effective?

Is there permanent cure for diabetes rather than take medicines lifelong

i am a diabetic,with high blood sugar.i consume alchohol it ok?

is there any medicine in homeopathy. If yes, name it and how effective it is?

I am suffering since 12 years my average count is 200 ,insulin 18 point with before food tablet kindly guide me

Please guide me how to see my answer