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Can My Diabetics be cure

I am having diabetics since last three (3) years, My age is 29 M, from last 6 monts I am having medicine after meeting Dr. Ambarish Mithal from Medanta The Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon. As I was not concerned about what diabetics can do to us, I daily used to smoke and drink and the medicines were not working. My sugar level was - Fasting 252 PP is 352. Now a days I have totally removed the habit of Alcohol from life and now my fasting is 197 . So please suggest me how can i make my sugar levels under control without taking medicines coz i heard medicines can affect our Kidney.

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Adopt low carbohydrate-protein diet.

Engage in aerobic exercise.

Diabetes education is a must.

Check HbA1c level.

Check your blood sugar daily and avoid foods that cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).


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Please check with your doctor before you change anything.

Are you type 1, 2or LADA (1.5)?



You cannot be just moving around with this high levels

Consult a Dr to get appropriate treatment

Also adopt a low carb high fats and moderate proteins called LCHF diet

As you are young you will respond quickly and can reverse with the dietary change


Quit smoking if you can brother. A healthy lifestyle and dietary changes as suggested above will give you positive outcomes in controlling your BSL. Good luck.

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Hi, young age you can go for yoga and Auyurvedic medicines then your sugar level control. i am also affected in the young age 32 yrs i done the same last 20 yrs i not done any surgery level of my body. My health is good .


Learn how to adapt LCHF at


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