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T2 Diabetics can be controlled with salad, curd, eggs, fish and fats

I am on LCHF for more than a year and my FBS and PPBS are below 100. My friend also suffer T2 Diabetics and always having BS around 220 with medicines. I advised him to take above food for 3 days and report BS both FBS and PPBS. He called me next evening and told his FBS was 110 and PPBS was 130 with medicines. I advised him to continue it but keep sugar with him or some sweets in case sugar goes below 90, eat it. He will report the levels after 7 days. This is just to share with members to follow the above food to have less sugar

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You'd do even better without the curd which stimulates excessive amounts of insulin.


That's the real benefit of LCHF. 90 is not by any means dangerous level to consume sugar. Best remedy for Controlling hypoglycemia ( if it falls below 70) is to use small amount of glucose(2 - 3 grams), as pure glucose is absorbed directly and the absorption starts from mouth. Sugar needs processing inside stomach.


Please describe items which come under LCHF


Search this forum for LCHF diet you will get many options.


Dear medfree,

He is not on insulin. Let him follow my diet and after 8 days we will meet his Doctor to reduce the dose in view of 8 days reading and his diet plan. I don't want to take any chance other wise he will not believe in LCHF diet. In the beginning he was not accepting it. I showed him my food and I ate it in front of him and checked PPBS. He was shocked to see reading. He accepted to follow it. Now I boil eggs for him and give it to him. ( His wife not allowing him to cook non veg at his home ) I told him to come to my home and have breakfast with eggs.

I will keep post for entire group.

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Yes, I am aware of it.

I am daily checking PPBS for me it is always near 100 i.e.90 or 105 meter reading. Even 10% less is good for me at 61 age. FBS is same. This is only because of LCHF


Could you please share your complete diet?


kindly elaborate the simple LCHF feed for general type 2 diabetics


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