T2 Diabetics can be controlled with salad, curd, eggs, fish and fats

I am on LCHF for more than a year and my FBS and PPBS are below 100. My friend also suffer T2 Diabetics and always having BS around 220 with medicines. I advised him to take above food for 3 days and report BS both FBS and PPBS. He called me next evening and told his FBS was 110 and PPBS was 130 with medicines. I advised him to continue it but keep sugar with him or some sweets in case sugar goes below 90, eat it. He will report the levels after 7 days. This is just to share with members to follow the above food to have less sugar

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  • You'd do even better without the curd which stimulates excessive amounts of insulin.

  • That's the real benefit of LCHF. 90 is not by any means dangerous level to consume sugar. Best remedy for Controlling hypoglycemia ( if it falls below 70) is to use small amount of glucose(2 - 3 grams), as pure glucose is absorbed directly and the absorption starts from mouth. Sugar needs processing inside stomach.

  • Please describe items which come under LCHF

  • Search this forum for LCHF diet you will get many options.

  • But why not tell him to just start reducing oral drugs / insulin if he fears hitting hypo. Or is he entirely dependent on insulin even as a TYPE 2?

    That said, these real life examples are enough to silence critics who watch LCHF from the sidelines. Thanks for educating one more diabetic!

  • Dear medfree,

    He is not on insulin. Let him follow my diet and after 8 days we will meet his Doctor to reduce the dose in view of 8 days reading and his diet plan. I don't want to take any chance other wise he will not believe in LCHF diet. In the beginning he was not accepting it. I showed him my food and I ate it in front of him and checked PPBS. He was shocked to see reading. He accepted to follow it. Now I boil eggs for him and give it to him. ( His wife not allowing him to cook non veg at his home ) I told him to come to my home and have breakfast with eggs.

    I will keep post for entire group.

  • Great. But do not discuss diet with doctor as 99/100 are completely outdated with respect to LCHF.

  • Yes, I am aware of it.

    I am daily checking PPBS for me it is always near 100 i.e.90 or 105 meter reading. Even 10% less is good for me at 61 age. FBS is same. This is only because of LCHF

  • Could you please share your complete diet?

  • kindly elaborate the simple LCHF feed for general type 2 diabetics

  • Many, including me, have posted what we eat. I even post my PPBS numbers. So pl search.

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