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What precautions do diabetics need to take during long hours of travel?

While traveling do not remain hungry, drink plenty of liquid and avoid drinks with sugar content.

If you are traveling by train or road, there is possibility of you reaching your destination late. So always carry some diabetic food (home made breads, fruits, sugar free biscuits etc) along with you. Remember to carry enough stock of your medicines.

The Co-traveler should be aware about symptoms of low blood sugar levels (excessive hunger, tiredness, perspiration, palpitation, cold extremities, headache, blurred vision, slurred speech etc)

If you are driving the car, low sugar level might prove dangerous. Take small frequent meal.

If you are traveling alone, always keep hypoglycemia card with you, displaying your photo, name, address & contact number as well as name & contact number of the treating doctor, name of medicines which you are taking, doses, and instructions about what to do if your sugar level drops.

While traveling by air At the time of booking tickets, insist for diabetes-meals.Keep the insulin and syringe in your hand bag/purse. If you are going abroad Please keep doctor's prescription stating the details of your medicines, insulin, blood sugar testing machines, its stripes etc. with you. It will help you to clear the "custom". This will also be helpful, in case you need any advice from a doctor abroad.

If you are going by "package tour", inform the tour operator about your food preference..

If you take over seas insurance, you may not get cover for diabetes. So inquire whether you will get any emergency treatment or not.

Discuss with your doctor what would be the effects of passing "time zone" and change timing of your diet and medicine accordingly.

Perform blood sugar testing at a regular interval. If you are ill then do it more frequently.

While taking sunbath, drink lot of water to avoid dehydration.

If possible, learn some sentences of local language. For example “ I have diabetes, please call the doctor immediately”. “Please, give me water containing sugar”.

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Good information indeed.


good informative. Have to carry water and taking water at frequent interval will also be good .


Quite useful tips ,I am a diabetic n planning trips abroad .Tip about knowing certain relevant sentences in d language of that part( about d disease n action to be taken ) may be so useful n life saving !


Good advice. Similar advices on all walks of life are most welcome. Thank u Sir.


thanks for valuable information. I am a diabetic and planning tours in india and similar information may help a lot .


very useful information thanks for posting -Rajan


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