Diet and Exercise Reduced Blood Sugar

Hi Guys,

I was following the diet and the blood sugar came down:

1. Morning Oats with fruits.

2. Khichdi ( Rice & Dal, more of dal); Rice is not good though.

3. Khichdi again at night.

Note: If you have a strong will and can cut down on rice and have eggs, fish, chicken as an alternate then you will win over diabetes.

I am still working on it and will find a solution but I strongly feel that only diet and exercise and reduce your blood sugar in case of only Type 2 which is growing so fast amongst us. We have to beat this somehow and through diet, discipline, strong dedication and exercise...Also learnt that Ashirvad Mutligrain is not good. It really does not work for me.

Others can also share their diets




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11 Replies

  • This is the correct way to tackle diabetes.You have to work out what suits you best.There is no such thing as one solution suits all.

  • You never mentioned what was your blood sugar readings before and after.

    Ultimately, one will have to cut down carbs and this is one solution fits all solution. Doesn't matter what so called experts say. CARBS are worst enemy of a diabetic.

    Rice, rotee, oats loaded diet can never help in the long run, unless youa re willing to settle with insulin injections at some stage and drugs for other things like hypertension, lipid etc.

  • My sugar was 249 FBS and next day when I cut down on carbs it went down to 229 which is less for me as I am not taking medicine...This was my first day and am motiviating myself to cut down on carbs totally but due to our Indian foods, get carbs when we visit relatives..I was given metmorfin and also insulin. I toook for a month and it was normal but when I left it working on my diet..and I have taken a treadmill and am walking...need to do more research on diet...

    You guys can also share the diet that reduces the blood sugar..

  • Cut down carbs to 100 grams/day. Replace reduced carbs with good Fat kcal for kcal. This is LCHF diet. I am into fifth year on ZERO drugs and land NON DIABETIC numbers. No treadmills, no long walks, no yoga and no eating every 3 hrs (most impractical solution) for me. Check my last four A1C on my profile:

    And, I am not alone. 400+ Indian diabetics have benefited on LCHF diet.

  • Nearly 4 months i follow this diet, my fbs -110 ppbs- 130 -140.

    morning - 65 grams Long wheat mash + 30gms black channa + 1 egg or 100gms vegetables ( beans, radish, ladysfinger)

    11am - 500ml butter milk

    lunch - 2 cup rice + 1cup sambar + 1cup rasam + 100gms vegetables

    4.00 - sprouts + 500ml water

    dinner - 65gms Long wheat mash + 30gms black channa + 50gms vegetables

    all the three meals i took full of stomuch, when ever i feel hungry at the time i take butter milk or water unlimited quantity. walk 30 min /day.

    i totally avoid milk , milk based product, fruits, biscuits, tea, coffee,

  • i am i n LWMDR DIET , so it is possible. not too much it is correct after lunch my ppbs 140 with out medicine.

  • Thanks Anup...Actually I am confused as what exactly needs to be done to resolve this issue. There is no research done in the industry as the medical industry has inveted in medicine for the same and its a huge business now..I guess the Diabtetic industry should be bigger than our national GDP...:(

  • Be our own doctor when it comes to diet.

    As numbers grow mainstream will wake up to realities.

    Global diabetes drug industry is $600 billion plus. They spend a few billions just to keep the LIE alive that FAT is BAD and CARBS are great.

  • Hi MYDBGone,

    Could you explain about your daily routine, like breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Hi MYDBGone,

    Thanks for the detailed reply and sorry to know about ur current status...

    Take care Sir.



  • Thats Nice MYDBGone. Could you suggest if Whey protein is good and which company



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