Diet and Exercise Reduced Blood Sugar

Hi Guys,

I was following the diet and the blood sugar came down:

1. Morning Oats with fruits.

2. Khichdi ( Rice & Dal, more of dal); Rice is not good though.

3. Khichdi again at night.

Note: If you have a strong will and can cut down on rice and have eggs, fish, chicken as an alternate then you will win over diabetes.

I am still working on it and will find a solution but I strongly feel that only diet and exercise and reduce your blood sugar in case of only Type 2 which is growing so fast amongst us. We have to beat this somehow and through diet, discipline, strong dedication and exercise...Also learnt that Ashirvad Mutligrain is not good. It really does not work for me.

Others can also share their diets



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  • This is the correct way to tackle diabetes.You have to work out what suits you best.There is no such thing as one solution suits all.

  • You never mentioned what was your blood sugar readings before and after.

    Ultimately, one will have to cut down carbs and this is one solution fits all solution. Doesn't matter what so called experts say. CARBS are worst enemy of a diabetic.

    Rice, rotee, oats loaded diet can never help in the long run, unless youa re willing to settle with insulin injections at some stage and drugs for other things like hypertension, lipid etc.

  • My sugar was 249 FBS and next day when I cut down on carbs it went down to 229 which is less for me as I am not taking medicine...This was my first day and am motiviating myself to cut down on carbs totally but due to our Indian foods, get carbs when we visit relatives..I was given metmorfin and also insulin. I toook for a month and it was normal but when I left it working on my diet..and I have taken a treadmill and am walking...need to do more research on diet...

    You guys can also share the diet that reduces the blood sugar..

  • Cut down carbs to 100 grams/day. Replace reduced carbs with good Fat kcal for kcal. This is LCHF diet. I am into fifth year on ZERO drugs and land NON DIABETIC numbers. No treadmills, no long walks, no yoga and no eating every 3 hrs (most impractical solution) for me. Check my last four A1C on my profile:

    And, I am not alone. 400+ Indian diabetics have benefited on LCHF diet.

  • Nearly 4 months i follow this diet, my fbs -110 ppbs- 130 -140.

    morning - 65 grams Long wheat mash + 30gms black channa + 1 egg or 100gms vegetables ( beans, radish, ladysfinger)

    11am - 500ml butter milk

    lunch - 2 cup rice + 1cup sambar + 1cup rasam + 100gms vegetables

    4.00 - sprouts + 500ml water

    dinner - 65gms Long wheat mash + 30gms black channa + 50gms vegetables

    all the three meals i took full of stomuch, when ever i feel hungry at the time i take butter milk or water unlimited quantity. walk 30 min /day.

    i totally avoid milk , milk based product, fruits, biscuits, tea, coffee,

  • i am i n LWMDR DIET , so it is possible. not too much it is correct after lunch my ppbs 140 with out medicine.

  • Thanks Anup...Actually I am confused as what exactly needs to be done to resolve this issue. There is no research done in the industry as the medical industry has inveted in medicine for the same and its a huge business now..I guess the Diabtetic industry should be bigger than our national GDP...:(

  • Be our own doctor when it comes to diet.

    As numbers grow mainstream will wake up to realities.

    Global diabetes drug industry is $600 billion plus. They spend a few billions just to keep the LIE alive that FAT is BAD and CARBS are great.

  • It means Light breakfast before 9 a.m. enough lunch between 2 & 3 p.m. and again light dinner before 8 p.m. daily shall be maintained together with weight management according to your height is also important. All white foods shall be avoided including rice and bakery products which uses maida (unhealthy product of Wheat) as well as soft drinks. Instead fruits can be used.

  • It is never said that a diabetic person should leave eating everything. But they should be in little quantities and in infrequent time (i.e., not daily) together with regular exercises with diet restriction as far as possible.With all that diabetes is an incurable disease and progressive too. If at all you want to keep the problem under control you should be very cautious with regard to diet and exercise according to your height. You have to manage your weight according to your height always.

  • You may take dietary supplement, but you need a balanced diet more. You need the right amount of protein, carbs and fats. Help yourself to nuts and dairy products. Protein is the key for muscle building; this will help you gain weight.

    How to gain weight: Healthy heart and weight gain diet

    f you want to gain weight, you need to build an appetite; and while this might be a tad non-traditional, you can rely on wine as a hunger stimulant. A small glass of wine before your evening meal will help you appreciate your food a whole lot more. Also, avoid drinking water before meals and in between meals, you don't want to ruin your appetite.

    How to gain weight: Eat less

    If you eat in between meals, cut it out. They say you should eat three large meals or five to six small meals in a day. Eating less is more. Choose food with nutritional calories and increase intake of starchy foods like potatoes. Remember, the more junk food you eat, the more you deprive your body of healthy nutrients. A thin person who gorges on junk food will suffer the same unhealthy consequences as an obese person with poor eating habits.

    How to gain weight: Indulge the right way

    Often times, well meaning folks will tell you to eat cakes and other sugar-heavy desserts in order to help you gain weight. While normally this strategy works perfectly for some, for others it could just lead to visceral fat - a state of being skinny fat. Skinny fat essentially means that a person appears skinny on the outside, but has fat accumulated in the wrong places (around vital organs) on the inside. Besides, sugar-heavy foods deplete your body of whatever little nutrients it might be getting from other foods.

    How to gain weight: Eat lots and lots of healthy vegetables and meat

    Add pistachios or roasted channa to your diet. Make them your evening munchies, as they help you lower risk of heart disease. Other snack ideas include whole wheat or multi grain bread/ soy sticks with hummus or peanut butter. Opt for salsa dips and chutneys as they are high on fibre and very healthy. How to Gain Weight: Increase liquid intake

    You are going to have to eat far more than before if you want to gain weight. Since body composition is 80% diet, you are going to have to stuff yourself. You need to provide lots and lots of proteins for those hormones to synthesize.

    How to gain weight: Eat healthy fats

    Eat plenty of healthy fats. Eat your egg yolks, meat with animal fat, coconut oil, and other healthy fats. Increase caloric intake - of the healthy kind of course. So those bananas count well here.

    Try this homeopathic medicine also:


    From its action on the sympathetic, Alfalfa favorably influences nutrition, evidenced in "toning up" the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight. Disorders characterized by malnutrition are mainly within its therapeutic range, for example, neurasthenia, splanchnic blues, nervousness, insomnia, nervous indigestion, etc. Acts as a fat producer, corrects tissue waste. Deficient lactation. Increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers. Its pronounced urinary action suggests it clinically in diabetes insipidus and phosphaturia; and it is claimed to allay vesical irritability of prostatic hypertrophy. The rheumatic diathesis seems especially amenable to its action.

    Dose: The best results are elicited with material doses (5-10) drops of tincture, several times daily. Continue its use until tonic effects ensue.

  • ALFALFA is a homeopathic medicine and it is available in all homeopathic medical shops. It works as a very good natural tonic.

    If you are not interested in meat, you can use whites in egg leaving the yellow yoke thing aside. This is really good.

    You can also use the following: Mixture of following in equal proportion: 1. Dry grapes 2. Cashewnuts 3. Almond 4. Kharjur 5. red sugar (made of honey) 6. Copra 7. Anjur fruit along with Alfalfa tonic.

    Try this if you are interested please.

  • Everybody in India cannot afford to buy fruits, including vegetables which are becoming costly due to many untold reasons. This can be done by aristocratic people but not by Middle class, poor as well as pensioners who are getting meager pensions like me. Apart from that they are banised by their educated and well placed children too.

  • I live in Bangalore, which became the costliest city in India after the entry of Multi national companies since 2005. I took voluntary retirement because of the dirty, filthy caste based & politically motivated administration in our State. The India went to dogs long back say, since our premature Independence and a politically motivated division of our mother land into pieces, which was done by Jinna, Nehru & Mountbatten for their own selfish gains. Our nation went to dogs because of of our selfish, greedy and the dirtiest politicians. I let them go to hell and I started minding my own business after my retirement. I was/am a sincere, unselfish and universal minded man throughout my life. Pl. leave your regular internet ID to me so that I will be writing to you often.

  • It is not easy to shift to a far off place as nobody is there to help me in a crisis. Other thing is that language problem. I lost all my parental properties because of my sadist mother. I left with nothing except my pension and a little saving, which I was forced to invest on leasing a house for me and my wife. She is suffering from osteoporosis/arthritis. I am a diabetic since 1998. I am maintaining with all my efforts, as I know I have to leave this world once and for all one day. Instead of joining the hospitals [which I call them living hell/s on this earth]. I suffered a lot when my first wife was admitted to a multi-speciality hospital which was a horrible hell in Bangalore. I was made to spend most of my hard earned savings to that hospital for no avail. There are three hells - Hospital, Police & Law Courts on this Earth and whoever working there are nothing but hell makers with selfish, self centered and unkind, inhumanly to the core. I ran from clinics to nursing homes to hospitals from April 2004 to August 2005. My wife died on 3rd August. Since then, I stopped believing the unseen Gods and became universal by shredding religions, castes, creeds etc. We were virtually tossed from one place to another and for each and everything they made me to pay and suffer. I saw more Hells on this Earth. Now I am 67. My son resides in a separate house in an apartment owned by him. But he turned a very rough guy after the death of his mother. He became unfriendly too. Because of the change in his behaviour and attitude I cannot live with him along with my second wife who is an educated, innocent, dependable and kind woman. I am at a loss to understand that my son has started sending some money to my Bank Account. He said to use the same for my medical expenses. I said thanks for the same. I am keeping myself active. As my wife cannot walk for long, I am doing outside work and bringing everything from outside including coriander leaves. She remains at home and prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am helping her in every way possible. To cut down my weight I started light breakfast and light dinner. For this I asked my wife to mix a table spoon of Ragi flour with a table spoon of Horlicks both times. She prepares normal lunch like Sambar, Rice, Rasam, vegetable curry etc., and we consume them as enough as possible. In this way I am controlling my weight together with regular exercise. Instead of going for a long walk I am moving up and down the staircase 30 times every day (staircase have 12 steps). It takes 10 minutes and am losing weight fast. Anyway thanks for your kind suggestion. But for me shifting of home to far off places is risky at this age. I have to manage my stay in and around Bangalore till my last breath. I have also written a LAST WILL & TESTAMENT and left everything to my wife. I have taken all actions very cautiously. I have taken action to get family pension too to my wife and left FDs and savings to her by nominating her. Good day my dear friend.

  • I am doing everything for my survival. Thanks for the suggestions. In my case there is nobody is available to help for shifting and other things. Positive thinking is not that easy because everything differs from person to person. It is not that easy to shift to a far off place. I do not know anything about someone who goes to foreign countries. But I feel it is always better to live and die locally and where you took birth and lived for long.

  • It is not the question of wanting my dear friend. Except name I know nothing about Gujarat as it is an alien place for me. Not only that I do not know how to come and where to stay in an alien place. How to shift a truck load of home materials and who will help me in shifting to 1000s of KMs. It is not that easy my dear friend. It was a very difficult job even to shift myself for 140 KMs from my home town Mysore City to Bangalore 3 years back and a lot of my materials were damaged. Due to many untold reasons so far I shifted one place to another place nearly 32 times since my birth till date. Please come over here from Gujarat to my home once and see for yourself, as to how much problems you have to face by traveling from one place to another place especially when it is KMs away. Keep a dairy and start writing every movement, then you will know. Anyway thanks for the suggestion & concern again.

  • I am not negative. But you are unable to understand my views. Let us stop this unwanted arguments. Let us put an end to this.

  • Hi MYDBGone,

    Could you explain about your daily routine, like breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Hi MYDBGone,

    Thanks for the detailed reply and sorry to know about ur current status...

    Take care Sir.



  • Thank u very much dear friend.

  • Thats Nice MYDBGone. Could you suggest if Whey protein is good and which company



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