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ASK THE GP: How to stop diabetes from making your fingers numb. DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

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This is a very interesting article, please read:

"The best way to judge whether your blood sugar is really under control is with a blood test called the glycosylated haemoglobin level, or the HbA1C test, which shows the average blood sugar level over the previous three months. A 'healthy' reading is between 4 to 5.6; above 6.5 confirms diabetes. Your results should always be 7 or less."

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Does this apply to pre diabetics too? Can I ask for a blood sugar level blood test even if I'm not a full blown diabetic? Thanks



You need a healthy life, OK. You can ask your health provider for blood test or go for private blood test. It is imperative that you have your health under control.

Long time ago in a ASDA car park there was a van testing cholesterol for 10 pounds, I q ed up and got my test, when I went back to my office, I was late and explained why I was lat. Not many of me friend at work did understand the benefit of cholesterol testing at that time!!!!

It is very important to understand out blood functions and the test numbers for a healthy life.


For the last two years my hba1c between 6.1 to 6.8. I don't understand after taking two tablets of reclide xr 60 daily my B's reading was fasting 70 to 90 sometimes it was down to 61 at morning at 3 am or in the evening. My pp was between 156 to 220 my doctor reduced the dose of tablet by 1 tab but as usual then again reduced the dose by half tab once daily but result remain same. I left the tab for three days but again it was same. This month I have an appointment with my doctor. How can I manage


Please post it separately to get more responses.


Dear Sandy

Informative article indeed! Thanks for the same...

To summarise:

(1) All T2 DM's are highly vulnerable to Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)....

(2) When the nerves get damaged , one loses the sensitivity and numbness develops..... And then it is called PN

(3) Why the nerves get damaged in DM? It is because the excessive blood sugar damages the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the nerves....

(4) If a T2DM smokes or drinks , the PN risks increases manifolds......

(5) To prevent PN, Blood Sugar control with a target HBa1c of 6 or less ( if required don't hesitate to take pills to bring it close to 6 if not controlled through diet and exercise)

(6) Diabetic leg amputation is the final result of development of PN.

(7) A Big No for alcohol and smoking !

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