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Have you heard of this Diabetes Treatment?

Bitter Melon. This cucumber-like

plant grows throughout Asia, Africa,

and South America and is widely

hailed both in folk medicine circles

and from scientific investigation for

its ability to lower blood sugar levels

The ability of the extract of this unripe fruit to lower

blood sugar has been clearly established.

Studies have shown that the extract of bitter melon juice

improved blood glucose levels in 73% of Type 2 diabetics

tested. Another study gave 15 grams of extract from bitter

melon to produce a 54% drop in after meal (post-prandial)

blood glucose and 17% reduction in glycosylated hemoglobin.

Keeping tight control of blood sugar levels is the best way

to prevent diabetic neuropathy and other complications of diabetes.

To find out more about how this powerful plant

can help you attain your blood sugar goals visit


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bitter gourd is 'karela' what is Hindi word for Bitter Melon??thanks in advance,


pls give mfr co name.


i want this bottle will able to send


Dear desaijn

You can order it online from the site tinyurl.com/yd76a36

or you may get in touch with me on my email id vkc27@yahoo.com

mobile 9811300618


Bitter Melon is also Karela and bitter gourd is also karela.

Karela’s common name in most countries is bitter gourd.

Bitter Melon is the English name


Bitter melon is bitter gourd -good for diabatc pateint but only a supplement not replace the medicine


I have not met even one person who could manage just with Karela. I been using it for over 10 years, even took its seeds to Africa. Even used 3-4 per day (for juice)/. They say it helps and who does not like help. With time my medicines only increased. With Insulin leaves I find somewhat reduction in medicines but will give proper feedback only if i succeed fully. I cannot mislead anyone and i am not a mercenary.


Dear Mr Gupta

I have been a Diabetic myself for 15years. Karela is one of the things that helps in bringing down the sugar levels. Also fenugreek is very helpful. These herbs only help you to bring down the intake of insulin and more so in case of type 2 Diabetics.

I have benifited a lot from both Karela juice and Fenugreek seeds. Also it is necessary to bring changes in your diet and walk about 4 to 5kms every day.

Diabetes can not be cured but can definitely be controlled. Allopathic medicines will definitely give you relief but the amount of insulin intake will increase with time and finally one will have to use injections.

Just go thru this site for more information



what are insulin leaves , where can one find them ? I am from Mumbai


I know how to get them in Pune. No idea of Mumbai.


can you kindly recommend a good diet plan without Carbs as you are very knowledgeable.


Mr Gupta I shall send you information about diet plans and some articles which will give you good information on how to manage diabetes. I suggest you give me your mail id where I can send you this information. My mail id is vkc27@yahoo.com amd my number is 9811300618. Please feel free to contact me




this is web site for melabic. I know about it. what is the way to get it in India?


Yes this site is for Melabic. You can buy it online by going on the site.http://tinyurl.com/yd76a36 I have been using it for 2 years.


Could you please tell me by what name is it available in Pune? Thank you.


Insulin leaves. Botanical name- Costus Pictus/Costus Igneus. (two names as one has white flowers, other has yellow flowers, medicinal properties are supposed to be same.


. Dear, Thanks. Can u pls tell what were yr levels before starting treatmentr and now?

What other medications were u taking then and now? Pls tell and enlighten us.


My levels before treatment were fasting 194 and pp 335. Now it is 101 fasting and 170 after meals. I have been taking glucored forte 1000mg every day in the begining but after I started with fenugreek, Karelas juice, Pranayam, walking everyday for about 6 kms and early dinner by 7pm helped me to bring down my sugar level considerably and my medicine intake came down to 500mg. I used to be 96kgs but in about 2yrs I came down to 76kgs by changing my life style


How to purchase melabic in maharashtra,india


You can only purchase it online by going on this site tinyurl.com/yd76a36


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