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Blood Sugar & Other Hormones

Here is on interesting link which I would like all my fellow members to read plz...


There are other hormones other than insulin that affect the blood sugar levels in your body. It is important to know about glucagon, amylin, GIP, GLP-1, epinephrine, cortisol, and growth hormone.

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Very informative, thanks cure for sharing. Just read something related to GLP-1 that seems relevant to your post.



You may google more about Vinegar and GLP1 relation...

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This is very helpful information, cure. Thank you for posting this.


I have been following LCHF SINCE june-2016 . My doctor did not diagnosed as DIABETIC but I myself treated me as DIABETIC as a preventive measure and started the LCHF since then.

I was having frozen shoulder that time and also a FATTY LEVEVER WITH high cholesterol levels and weight around 82 kg.

But after following LCHF Diet since june-2016., As a result, now I am ......

1. weight between 70 to 72 kg.

2. No frozen shoulder problem

3. Cholesterol levels normal

4. SUGAR level normal . Hb1c is 6

Avg sugar at 124 and below

5. I walk 6.5 km in the morning and 4 km in evening on TALJAI hills, pune regularly.

I am not taking any medicines

As such I am living a normal non- DIABETIC life ....

Thanks for LCHF DIET and guidance from the senior members from the forum.


Great going.... Keep it up....

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How about Fatty liver?

Have u gone for MRI scan again these days?

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I have fasting sugar of 133 and PP 153 and my HB1Ac is 7.5. can you pl suggest me a diet. I am not on any medication.


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