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What should be an ideal Post-surgery diet plan


I am a 49 YO diabetic, have been insulin dependent for about 12 years. A couple of days back I met with an accident and had a fractured knee cap and got operated upon. Ever since my hospitalization, my BS levels have been very erratic. the hospital doctor said that due to trauma and inflammation, the sugar level might rise so they monitored me continuously and gave me more insulin over and above my usual doses whenever the BS level went high. After discharge from hospital I am back at home on a 3 weeks bed rest. My BS levels are keeping still high while these days my food intake happens to be around 1200-1500 calories and negligible physical activity is possible, I wonder if I should re-plan my diet.

Suggestions please

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Hi kukkoo,

Yes, the doctor is right. When a person has surgery or something else physical/health wise occurs, the blood sugars can go higher than normal. I have had surgery a few years ago and I had blood sugars go up to the upper 400’s afterwards for a few days. This also happened when I had been given two doses of cortisone for a trigger thumb issue. I wouldn’t change the diet plan for yourself right now until after you talk to the doctor when you’re done with your doctor requested bed rest. You don’t want to go low after you can stop the bed rest. You can ease yourself back in the routine you had before the surgery.😀👍 I hope that this helps and you feel better soon.😀


I would recommend switching to minor millets like fox tail millet etc about wich plenty of videos are available on the net,particularly you tube.They have a low glycemic value and plenty of fiber.Being whole grains,they are rich in many nutrients, and so,better than rice and wheat.Cooking is easy you can easily adjust to the new taste.Think of it.


Anti-inflammatory diet. Are you vegetarian kakkoo ? If you let me know, I may be able to suggest some suitable recipes.

Since you can't do physical exercise due knee repair surgery, you are unable to lower blood glucose level. Consult a physiotherapist whether you can do any exercise while lying down in the bed.

Blood sugar may be monitored daily till the surgical wound heals. If you have high blood pressure or any heart problems, consult a cardiologist.

Avoid sugar, fat and oils in the diet strictly.


High fiber wholesome diet should help. Fiber will take care of sugar spikes. And also keep healthy bowel movement . One can eat oats, kala chana, barley etc, vegetables of all kinds too. Since its knee cap surgery so maybe you will take time before starting physical activity, so watch what you eat not just to manage sugar but also to help promote complete healing. Get well soon!😊

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Bearing in mind that Weetabix or Shredded Wheat are high fibre, yet spike blood glucose. Ergo fibre does not guarantee slow energy release in an of itself as Gi is also affected by being accompanied by protein and fat, cooking method, type of starch, gelatinisation, and particle size for example.

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I would suggest eating whole wheat grains itself rather than processed breakfast cereals even if it says 100% whole wheat. One can soak them, sprout them or even boil them as such n eat. However, fiber is indigestible by humans so cooking won't make much difference to its characteristics. Having said that, when we compare wheat vs whole "unprocessed" wheat, blood sugar will spike more in processed version. Best option is to look for alternatives to wheat like millets, kala chana and definitely oats in this case.

If you can count calories, count carbohydrate.

Aim to have just 40g of low Gi carbohydrate at each of three meals per day, and adjust insulin to cope with that set amount.

Have just 20g protein at each meal too.

Get most of your energy from natural fat.

Focus on wholefoods; this is truly healthy eating.

In hospital, hospital food, procedure, medication all these can complicate the blood system! You need to start walking with some help. I was in Singapore hospital looking after a relative, the third day after procedure he was taken for a walk.

You calorie count, how are you doing this?

Drink boiled cinnamon water, eat methi, soak fenugreek in water, drink the water and eat the soft fenugreek. Eat a lot of cooked green leaf veg. Avoid free and hidden sugar in all food and drinks.

I had the surgery on my left Elbow to fix the broken bone. I continued the LCHF plan. If you are a Non veg. enjoy lots of meat, eggs, butter, etc.. The wound healed fast within 10 days and I am back on my regular routine. Get well soon.

This is a cause of concern. You must ask your endocrinologist. He will give you the right advice. My mother-in-law too was highly diabetic. She fractured her leg. Her blood glucose levels too were erratic, at times they would go to 500. You MUST continue to monitor blood glucose levels every two to three hours. BUT PLEASE DO CONSULT YOUR ENDOCRINOLOGIST FOR THE RIGHT ADVICE.

Sir when activity are nil you should try to be with leafy vegetalbles,kala chana,oats,good proteins,and avaid grains .soya is good option.Be optimistic and wish you get well soon.

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