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Channa roti or Wheat roti to beat borderline diabetes?


I have recently been diagnosed with PCOD and high insulin. My doctor has asked me to control my diet and exercise to prevent diabetes. I want to know if atta roti spikes up the insulin levels and if yes then what other alternative do I have?

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Make a Roti with;

Atta + Besan

Or Atta with besan and psyllium husk

Or Coconut flour and almond flour

Various combo possible

Apply ghee over these rotis

Yes agree

Long wheat is better idea...

DRH-sangliStar in reply to gphilip

A wheat is a wheat is wheat ... and is a carb requiring insulin.. how long wheat can be different than normal wheats...pls guide...

1. Wheat if taken as roti- slightly better than polished rice. because, as roti you can have a count of roti's and can limit the quantity. Also it has better dietery fibre it releases sugar slowly unlike polished rice. But if you take brown rice, then its almost same as wheat.

Yes, I am cured...

You will have to take metformin to prevent type 2 diabetes. You will have to take combined oral contraceptive pill for PCOS. About 30% of girls / young women are suffering from PCOS.

Healthy diet, regular physical activity, and maintaining a normal body weight are ways to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.


@ gangadharan ... can you pls guide elaborate and guide on healthy diet for T2d, for BF, lunch,dinner and in between snacks... how this will bring down numbers and its sustainability...

1. How long you have this T2D?

2. based on complete study on the reports a good doctor should suggest a better diet. This generally depends on person and not a common for all recipe, as i understood.

3. But as i am confident as per my study on the issue, T2D is mostly curable completely and can go back to your normal health, though your diet pattern should be regularized, once it is cured fully. Of course automatically you will run into a better routine, then.

Very sorry to read your problem, I am in the same boat too. Mix 2 KGs of CHANNA flour atta with 5 kg Wheat and NO BREAD BUNS for Bfast. SEE the difference. I am having this for 4 months now and has seen a great change in my stamina and sugar levels.



What's your weight and age ?


Keto diet have been proven to be of great help in pcos.

Gud luk

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