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Request for comments on one day diet plan

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Hi friends,

I am giving below details of a full day's diet for your valued comments/opinions - both good and bad.I am deliberately not giving any name for the diet to avoid the possibility of dividing people in different camps. I'm particularly interested in possible health complications that such diet can create in short/medium/long term. This is meat based diet and I would present vegetarian version of the diet also in the next post.


3-egg omelette, medium size eggs + 1/4 medium size onion + 1/4 red pepper

1 cup mushroom, lightly fried

1 cup Kale, lightly fried

Coffee/Tea with 2 tspn double cream and no sugar.


Grilled Salmon with mixed greens. Salmon 120 gm

1/2 cup full fat Greek yoghurt mixed with some chopped pecans.

A glass of water with few drops of lemon juice.


Chicken curry + Cauliflower rice. Two chicken thighs bone-in skin on, cooked in its own fat, no added cooking oil used. Other ingredients: 1/2 medium size onion, 1 tbsp chopped tomatoes, ginger, garlic and usual spices. Chicken: 200 - 250 gm.

1 cup salad.

Tea/Coffee as in BF.

No snacking between meals except water and two cups of tea with two tspn milk.

Brief profile of the person: 50's T2D managing BS in non-diabetic range without any medications.

Physical activities: 3 X 30 mts brisk walks ( 3 km) after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During work: Roughly 4 hours on desk and 4 hours in lab with some movements here and there but not any physically challenging tasks.

Thanks in advance for your valued opinions/comments!

20 Replies
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Dear Praveen

👍 My comments without any prejudice is as follows:

(1) A very Good Diet plan to control T2 for a Non -Veg along with physical exercise. However , one needs to keep in mind to limit the Calori intake so that one does not exceed one's BMR. . .

It would be great Praveen if you publish one such menu for a vegetarian T2 person who can eat eggs , but not meat, fish.. and another person who is 100% vegetarian does not take egg but takes dairy product. Of course there would be another class of T2 people who are Vegans who would not even take egg and dairy products.

(2) Nevertheless, the non veg Diet mentioned by you though very good for T2 control, seems to be lacking vital anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and vitamin E and many other phyto nutrients which the body does not make and has to depend upon external food sources.

(3) Also , the diet seems to be lacking Fiber both soluble and insoluble . Soluble and insoluble fibre does not affect blood sugar Daily fiber intake should be 35-40 GM's per day as per WHO recommendation. Or else one can have constipation and related diseases.

(4) What about Microbiota of our colon? One needs to eat a lot of Fermentable Fiber which the bacterial flora in side colon eats and produces SCFA which is essential for the Colon Cells. New research reveals that If ones micribiota gets disturbed, all diseases can attack including cancer.

The science has already discovered a lot of such Fermentable Fiber and they have been named and each one of them feeds a particular strain. These Fiber can be obtained by eating varieties of vegetable and fruits. These are also called Prebiotics.

Some of these fermentable Fiber which have been isolated as follows:

# FOS- Fructo- Oligo- saccharides

# GOS-Galacto oliggo- saccharides

# XOS- Xylo - Oligo- saccharides

# Inulin

# Resistance Fiber

# Pectin

Anyway Praveen, Thanks for an innovative diet plan!

Best regards

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to namaha


Thank you very much for your valued comments. Regarding essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre:

I agree with you it is easy to miss some of them if not careful. Sorry, it has not been possible to include every thing else that I take. I have given here the details of the main meals. The idea behind this posting is to make aware of how a so called extreme low carb diet looks like. The media always portrays very different picture and many of us even do not bother to see what the real followers of such diet eat. And on top of that, we keep hearing - such diets will result in Cancer, Dementia, Shortened life span, high cholesterol, heart issues .... list goes on and on. Looking at the diet, does it appear like that?

I have been consuming on the average 500 gm of vegetables a day - much much more than when on high carb diet. I have also included flax seeds and chia seeds which are fibre- rich.

My last blood test did identify deficiency in vitamin D. But the reason for that is the limited availability of sunlight where I live. I am taking currently vitamin D3 supplement.

I do not think all vitamin tests have been done because our doctors sometime order such tests only if there are some symptoms. It is good you pointed out. I will keep a watch.

Regarding the calories, I fully agree with you. The diet I have given here represents the WORST OF LOW CARB EXAMPLE which I started several years ago. This was my first diet at the start. At the end of first week itself, I realised I was not able to eat this much. I had to cut lunch altogether from the second week except the drink. Later on when I came across 16:8 IF concept, I moved breakfast to lunch to lengthen my fasting duration. I eat mostly two meals a day.

I will soon be posting my Indian Vegetarian Menu also.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to Praveen55

Great! 🙏

You definitely seem to be eating much more varieties of vegetables, seeds , nuts than I thought.

Therefore , it appears you are eating food stuff which needs minimal insulin response and at the same time you are eating complete food full of all macro and micro nutrients. You are able to meet the daily Fiber requirement ! Blood glucose control being primary goal. A good balance indeed!

By the way , please don't get obsessed with sun light to enhance vitamin D. Excessive sun light ultra type from 12 noon to 2 PM may help improve vitamin D level in a tropical country like India , but at the same time one carries risk of skin cancer.

You are already getting some vitamin D from egg and Salmon fish.

You can do a Dexa Scan to measure your BMD. It is a low cost low exposure xray. If BMD is low and you have tooth decay, then You can additionally take cod liver oil capsules or a course of vitamin D capsules as prescribed by your physician.

But for vitamin D to work in your body for your bones and teeth, you need to have adequate vitamin K2- Mk4/MK7 which is found in pasture raised free range eggs, parmesan cheese, Natto, fermented chick pea, and k2 mk7 supplements now available.

Thank you and May God Bless you !

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to namaha

Thank you very very much namaha for such a useful information. I am sure I am interacting with a health professional. Wish you all the best and be on the forum as and when you can make it.

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It can be difficult to eat the same food 7 days a week, also difficult to measure the quantity as people in their 70's are used to cooking without any measurements.

What will be the weekly cost of this diet, can every one afford it?

I am looking forward to a good discussion.

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to sandybrown


1. The diet given in this post is ' one day meal plan' not 'Everyday meal plan'. There are different meals on different days but the underlying principle remains same - low carb, moderate protein and rest healthy fat. In fact, I am spoilt for choice in terms of food variety that low carb lifestyle offers particularly when one is not having any string attached - vegetarian, meat eater, vegan or anything like that. I enjoy most types of food. My taste is based on the food rather than the above categories.

2. Yes, I fully agree with you on measuring/weighing issues. No one will like that including me. After all, we have excellent feed back control system in place. We should rely on that. I never eat measuring/weighing ingredients. I go with my appetite.

I gave the quantity in this post so that people have some idea about portion size to avoid confusion. BTY, they may not be super accurate which is based on the food labels.

3. My idea of this diet and this post is not an attempt to transform the food habits of the masses. The important point that I wanted to convey is that we should be open minded about a diet and not be driven by prejudice and our belief system. Every day we come across news that propagate the dire consequences of low carb/keto/extreme keto diets and most of us do not even bother to think and jump to conclusions. We always react and not respond. We seem to believe whatever comes from big establishments and ignore our own intellect. Even simplest of the simple things, we tend to believe without checking.

Here is an example, in order to lose one pound body fat we should have a energy deficit of 3500 calories. Have we checked this basic calculation?

1gm fat = 9 calories.

1 lbs of fat = 453.6 gm fat = 9 * 453.6 = 4082 calories.

I can give you more and more examples, if you wish to know. This was simplest example of how a false concept get accepted as truth when it comes from people whom we trust most. Anyone can make mistake, I don't mind that. Biggest issue is justification of mistakes and causing more and more damage to health in this case.

4. I can discuss about cost but I will keep it for some other occasions because this post is more about the suitability of a particular dietary approach from health point of view first. The cost issue will then follow.

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sandybrown in reply to Praveen55

Thank you.

This diet is excellent as far as lack of carbs to deal with the blood sugar. However if you need to lose weight one needs to cut down on the protein which tends to turn to carbs when eaten in excess.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

The protein (depending on what you eat) will digest/break down slower than other food(s) that also have carbs. in them, Hidden . :-)

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sandybrown in reply to Activity2004

Figure 6.7 Digestion and Absorption of Protein


More to read on this link was well:


This diagram gives full explanation.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to sandybrown

Thank you for the link, sandybrown . Very interesting. :-)

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to sandybrown

Very informative indeed. And the source of information - excellent.

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to


Thank you very much for your comments. Good catch on protein intake. The details of the given diet represent my worst low carb diet. This I followed just for one week at the start. My body responded I was eating way too much. So I went on two meals a day which suited me. Later on I even tried OMAD for some time. Mostly I am on two meals a day. I am definitely consuming protein on the higher side of recommended amount even on two meals a day. It becomes little tricky to find a food with right protein to fat ratio at a time when market is full of low fat products.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Praveen55

What do the blood sugars look like with a two meal a day plan?

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to Activity2004

My last HbA1c 5.4 % but that was over six months ago. Due for the next test. Will update you.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Praveen55

Thank you! Your last result is great.😀👍

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sandybrown in reply to Praveen55

I am afraid you need to comment on all response to your post to give a good discussion, thanks.

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to sandybrown

It takes time, Sir!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Praveen55

Take your time, Praveen55.😀👍

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to sandybrown


Please be patient. Everyone needs time to read/reply to each other.😀👍

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