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Low carb as a treatment option for Hyperglycaemia included for the 1st time by ADA and EASD Consensus Report 2018


Low carb as a treatment option for Hyperglycaemia included for the 1st time by ADA and EASD Consensus Report 2018

They have included it as there is science behind it.

However they will still downplay it as widespread usage of Low carb by all diabetics will collapse the business of their "Partners" ie Pharma and food companies.

Hope the naysayers to this diet will be convinced now and not say that it's not scientific.

Time to dump the high carb Diet and adopt low carb to control Diabetes.

Link to the full text below


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Thanks Shashikantiyengar for sharing this interesting study. Low carbs definitely works for all diabetics. Many GP or nutritionists always recommend a balanced diet and low fat dairy in which I would have taken some medications if I followed. A well balanced diet is generally high carbs.


Thanks Shashikant for a very comprehensive article on Diabetes. Seems to be a consensus report by ADA & European diabetes association.

Few interesting points I noticed in the article :

(1) LCHF is beneficial in reducing Hba1c if Carbs intake is lower than 26% of total energy intake. No benefit at all if the carb intake is between 26%-45% (moderate carb restriction)

(2) For Vegetarians LCHF practitioners , fasting Glucose would remain high, which we have been discussing as dawn phenomenon. For Non veg LCHF, no such issues.

Non veg LCHF practitioners please confirm for benefit of all.

(3)Mediterranean diets are also very effective.

(4) while discussing CV risk, DPP4i, Vildagliptin has not been discussed much , though the other Gliptins have been discussed, perhaps because it is not approved by USFDA.

Overall, this being the latest update of 2018- all diabetes need to go through and understand fully which would help us more to deal with the disorder.

Thank you once again


Very interesting and helpful information, Hidden! Thank you so much for posting this today for everyone to read.😀


Thanks for sharing this immensely useful article!

@namaha, I'm a pure vegetarian, from 424 fasting I've brought down my fasting sugar to generally 97. Yes it got stuck at 116 for quite some time, that's when I took milk thistle and it came down below 100 within a week or two. My take is more than veg vs non veg it's about whether or not someone has fatty liver.

In india we have very limited options for low carb . It is either rice or roti eating population . Unless all are diabetic, for a person it is difficult to get a different die plan.Good to see mediterranian,low carb,DASH and vegetarian all 4 are covered in diet guideline. I am eating a mix of vegetarian and mediterranian (call it semi vegetarian ) with vildagliptin (earlier metformin) and regular excercise hba1c is 5.6,fbs 96 ppbs 140 . Hopefuly someday I can go off all medicines . Trying to cut down high glycemic carbs as much as possible

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