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LCHF diet,before fully committing ourselves,please pause and think is it to be followed as discussed several times in this forum in toto ?

Let us start with diet of ancient human beings.Hunters,they were,ate game whether animal or fish and wild fruits and roots.so it is deduced that diet consisted mainly proteins and fats,with little carb from fruits.No body ever heard of modern day diseases including Obesity and Diabetes.Through evolutionary process our body is more suited for low carb and high fat diet.Grains became part of our diet when cultivation started around 10000 yrs. and slowly it became our staple diet ie carb. Became dominant part of our diet.But as protagonist of LCHF say this is (10000 yrs.) too little a time in history for our body to change from what is called paleo diet to high carb diet.That is why these metabolic problems started coming up and now becoming an epidemic.So solution is simple go back to diet of cave man.

The story has in modern times two face one is Ancel Keys and the other is Dr.Bernstein.Evidence suggest that Keys manipulated research findings and lead to wrong conclusion and which in turn gave birth to national policies which completely changed the worlds health scenario .On the other hand Bernstein, a diebetic ,by experimenting on himself came to conclusion diametrically opposite that of ancel keys.Bernstein said LCHF is the key to treatment of Obesity and Diabetes.High fat is not the cause of heart disease or atherosclerosis rather high fat helps in regulation of carb. Metabolism (indirectly).

All the data supporting LCHF is coming from USA and Europe.,where atmosphere is free of pollution ,drinking water is pure and most of the edible are not adulterated and life style is entirely different from ours.Climatic conditions and dietary habits are vastly different.So the researches,results and inferences may not have the same validity here.

We are used to high carb.diet for thousands of years .So to Change the diet abruptly and shift to very low carb may not be very practical as well as may not have many dietary alternatives.That is why start slowly reducing carb add some protein,animal or dairy which will also increase fat.

There are many far more knowledgable persons in this forum who will enlighten us on details of diet.

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Some persons are quite amazing.They adopt very quickly to changing situation.But it is not the universal truth.Most people find it difficult to adjust to a new situation that also very quickly.At the same time most people will adopt to changed situation if transition is slow and gradual.The body will not show unwanted reactions.Same is supposed to be true if drastic change in diet is made.Sudden diet change provokes body to react in its own way.Reaction may be in form of Headache,Loss of appetite,Weakess,bowel disturbances,feeling of wanting etc.

If same gaol is achieved without subjecting body to unnecessary torture,is it not a better way of doing things?


My dear friend,

I am really sorry to learn about your father and grand father.My heart felt sympathies.

In my next communication will continue our discussion.


I would like to add:

We are what we eat. Is a Great saying!

while resorting to Low carbo diet, i think increasing High fat diet is counter productive.

Ultimately it has to be agreed upon that it has to be a balanced diet.

Even though the body appears to have acclamatised for different kinds of food styles/ habbits, there is no escaping the effect of those in the long run .

Because i know people having all the complex complaints like Hypertension, Diabetics,

Especially No Doctor will encourage to eat High Fat food

Conclusion: It has to be balanced at intervals coupled with systematic bodily execise is an Optimum solution, to my knowledge.



Good analogy.


I have started LCHF w.e.f 14 Feb and will see the results. I wanted to try long wheat diet regime but could not start as lw was not availe to me. M


For the last two days I am having slight headache but manageable. I Am oral drug and monitoring my bs . it was 112 this morning after 8 hours of fasting. An other effect I noticed is that I am relieved of constipation in last two days. Third effect is I am not feeling much hunger asi was feeling earlier. is is too early to say much .yes one more thing my pulse have gone up it is 96 per minute and bp 140/85.


I am taking Glynase-MF pioglitzone 30 and multi vitamin


Will report ppbs


My bp is slightly elevated.i am taking rampril s mg for the last two days and it now normal


I take morning tea with sugar free.

Then itake one glass of milk with one spoon of cow ghee.

Then itake lunch one chapati, one katori veg and one katori curd.

Then evening tea

Then go for brisk Walk about 4 Kim's

Then again one glass of milk plus one spoon of cow ghee

Dinner same as per lunch


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