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Does Type-2 diabetes affect cholesterol levels?


Hi All,

I did a lipid profile test 2 days ago. These are the results.

Total Cholesterol -> 253mg/dL (desirable < 200) -> Very High

Triglycerides -> 108 mg/dL (desirable < 150)

HDL Cholesterol -> 47 mg/dL (desirable > 40)

LDL Cholesterol -> 184 mg/dL(desirable < 100) -> Very High

VLDL Cholesterol -> 21 mg/dL(desirable < 30)

Non-HDL Cholesterol -> 206 mg/dL (desirable < 130) -> Very High

My HbA1C was very high 6 months ago(15). Has this affected my cholesterol levels?

I did not do any lipid profile testing for at least 4-5 years so far.

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Yes , Type 2 dyslipidemia is very common. If some one is T2 and his HBA1c is not under control, he is definitely going to have some kind of cholesterol issue. How is your HBA1C nowadays?

That is the reason whenever a Type 2 visits a endocrinologist/ Diabetelogist , he recommends:

(1) Oral glucose lowering drugs

(2) Cholesterol lowering - Statin with blood thinner Aspirin

(3) BP lowering drug to protect kidney

barani19Star in reply to namaha

Thanks for the reply namaha.

As of yesterday, my HbA1c is 7.4. I'm on LCHF diet (sort of. not 100%).

What should i do to get my cholesterol level back to normalcy? Will it automatically go down when HbA1c goes down?

namahaAdministrator in reply to barani19

Dear Barani

I strongly believe Strict LCHF could bring down all your numbers. There are several people in this community who would vouch for this.

I have seen people in this group talking about achieving and maintaining HBA1c below 5. All lipid issues would disappear below 5 HBA1c.

Though I have started very recently with a very strict LCHF (100% grainless), i feel much better.

If you are not able to stick to the Keto ratio of 3-4:1, then the issue arises.

One thing good I notice is your Triglyceride and VLDL-so called bad cholesterol are in normal range. HDL is also good. Only LDL seems to have gone little higher.

Can you please share your Keto diet. What fats you were taking and at what ratio?

Then perhaps we can work together.

barani19Star in reply to namaha

Thanks again namaha. I will send an elaborate private message of my diet

Total cholesterol is NOT bad..many peopel has over 350 and have no problem.

Your LDL is very high - normally should be less than 100 -however, for diabetics it should be less than 70.

Do not worry too much - depending on your age -- Avoid taking statins.

IF possible - available in USA - take a calcium score test.

TO lower Cholesterol and LDL- try this :

Make one cup juice of the following

Fresh Ginger - make pieces and blend then use cheese cloth to squeeze juice

Fresh Lemons

Apple Cidar Vinegar - Organic

Fresh Garlic - separate cloves - remove skin and blend - then squeeze in cheese cloth


ADD all together - total 5 cups of liquid - boil in deep pan - until it becomes 4 cups

Then add one cup pure - organic honey -

seemer for 10 minutes at low heat

Let it cool down- fill in a bottle- Refrigerate

Take two table spoon or 2 ounces every morning - upon waking up - on empty stomach

until all gone - will last about 4 or 5 weeks

wait two or three weeks - and REPEAT again

then - get blood test done

Repeat every three or six months -

I have personally sued this and lower cholesterol and LDL

suramoStar in reply to Fatbuddy

Well said. That's hriday amrut tonic. A word about cholesterol. High cholesterol means high amount of wear and tear in the body. Doctors interpret otherwise. Control of bs / a1c brings down inflammation and automatically reduces cholesterol. Statins are not only illogical, unscientific but harmful. Dietary cholesterol has very little role in blood cholesterol levels because 95% of the cholesterol is produced and recirculated in the human body.

Simple man made formula, Total cholesterol= LDL +HDL + triglyceride/x

There are other % calculation as well, one has to look at all four in relation to each other!!

What is measured from blood sample and what is calculated!

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