Diabetes type 2 with microalbinuria, high cholesterol and kidney stones

Hi, my husband 33 age, 5'11", 82 kg, has recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2 with Microalbinuria (microlbumin/ creatinine ratio : 106.7 mg/g and High Cholesterol (HDL: 35, LDL: 159 mg/dl, triglycerides: 335 mg/dl and Cholesterol: 261 mg/dl).His hA1C value is 8.3 this month (sept) and earlier when first diagnosed in june was 8.8. He also has stones in both kidneys. We have currently moved to USA and all test were done again doctor has recommended metformin 500mg with increasing dosage per week for one month, aspirin and lisinoprin. He maintains his healthy weight and lifestyle always. I wanted to know that if once his blood sugar and all the reports come normal after treatment do he has to continue the drugs for lifetime or he can diconticontinue and just maintains his lifestyle. I am very much worried plz suggest.


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  • Hé should lose weight. Exercices more. He would be able off medication. Me 35 off of mediction. A1c 5.2.fbs 0.68 to 0.97.

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  • Reduce weight by 10 kg u will see all parameters normal even u can put diabetes in remission

  • Thanku

  • yes he can stop meds when every thing goes normal but diet and exercise to be continued forever.

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  • Do not Panic. He is young and should make efforts to bring down values.

    Step 1: Reduce or Avoid Pickles, Fried Food etc., that will reduce Triglycerides and Cholesterol.. This will reduce LDL and improve HDL. Daily walk for 40 minutes at least.

    Step 2: See a Doctor - Dialectologist to readjust medicines. Ask the Doctor to prescribe a medicine to reduce Triglycerides. Reduce your Rice/wheat intake. For hunger take more salads,

    Step 3: Buy a Glucometer. Take FBS and PBS reading regularly and adjust. the Dialectologist will guide you.

    HEALTH IS WEALTH ... Effort required to keep good health!


  • Thank u

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