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What I am Doing to Lessen My Pre-Diabetes


Hello all, I have pre-diabetes from last 7 years, without going into Diabetes Mellitus 2 as yet. I am 50 years old. Recently I read about the benefits of Fenugreek seeds on reducing blood sugars, especially helpful for Pre-diabetes as I am not on any diabetic medications, and from last 8 days I am taking daily 2 doses of 1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds tea. I think it is helping me, because I feel more better after ingesting it. I also have completely cut off sugar in my teas and diets, and am instead taking Raw Honey in my daily 2 cups of milk tea,(or coffee). It tastes just as good even with Raw Honey also. I eat limited junk food, and deep fried foods, and very limited sweets. Daily I also am taking a big heaped bowl of varied fruits at night in replacement of dinner. For lunch, I take in 3/4th small bowl of Red rice only with some veggies sambar or palya and some curds rice. I am also taking in daily Raw honey with lime in lukewarm water on empty stomach and in 2 weeks of this treatment I lost 2 kilos. I also take in 645 ml of water on empty stomach immediately after waking up. I am also very active daily in doing plenty of house work and also go to gym for 3 times per week. I have also started doing Pranayamas and deep breathing exercises. I plan to get my blood tests done after 3 months of these treatments, and see if they have helped me for lessening my blood sugars, and my cholesterol. I also am soon switching to Herbal Chamomile teas instead of milk teas, as herbal tea has no caffeine in it, and does not require milk, sugar or lime for flavoring. I also have ordered Alaskan Salmon OIl tablets (American brand fish oil), Probiotics tablets, and also Prebiotics tablets, Collagen Peptides made from Bovine gelatin, Extra Virgin Coconut oil for eating 3 tbsps per day, Raw Unpasteurized Honey, Spirulina tablets, Bee Pollen and also Royal Jelly (all are original American companies only and not Indian for their qualities sake). I will update everyone who are interested in reading this post, about any benefits I am getting from all these supplements. Thanks all for reading.

Sudha Rao

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Your blood tests will only confirm what all you are doing is correct or not.

Please share you fasting/PP Sugar, HbA1C & Lipids report.

sudharao in reply to sshk

Hello, Yes definitely I am going for all blood tests after one month's of these treatments. Although I don't think in one month much beneficial results could be seen. Possibly in next 3 months there could be some significant results. Anyway, I will let all know all my blood tests readings even after one month's tests. Thank you for your kind interest.

The only people benefitting from these supplements are those that are selling them.

It doesn't matter whether the sugar comes from table sugar, honey, or starch; all carbohydrate is turned to glucose in our bodies. If you grasp this fact and reduce your carbohydrate intake your prediabetes will diminish.

Whilst frying may not be the healthiest way of cooking because the high temperatures will destroy vitamins, avoiding it as a measure to control blood glucose is pretty futile. Fat has little effect on blood glucose, so natural fat is preferable to consume than too much protein or carbohydrate.

sudharao in reply to Concerned

Yes Sir, I think you may be right. But there are some really good supplements also, which will truly help with all such health problems. My problem is that I have multiple health problems, for which I require a wide variety of health supplements, and they are all original American companies, so they are all extremely expensive and very draining on my monthly budget. The total costs of all these health supplements I have cited above comes up to Rs.26,700 every month, which is too strenuous on my monthly finances, as I have other expenses also. Hence, I have decided to stop almost all the supplements, even if they are beneficial for some of my health problems, and stick on only to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Jarrows Formula (American brand), as I have read several reports that Extra Virgin edible coconut oil is extremely beneficial as intake of 3 tbsps/day, for several reasons, and for diabetics also. I feel it will help me along with my Fenugreek seeds daily twice intake for reducing my pre-diabetes to normal blood sugar levels over a period of time, and daily usage. I have also replaced white sugar with raw honey(which is also extremely more beneficial than white sugar) in all my teas and coffees. I may continue with the herbal Chamomile tea instead of milk tea, as it does not contain little caffeine also, and is mildly flavored and does not need any sugar, honey, milk or lime for flavoring it. Plus it gives instant soothing and calming benefit for high tension and anxiety types (which I am), and more soothing sleep also. I will update my blood tests results after one month and then after 3 months of regularly following all these practices, so that others can also benefit from my experiences. Thanks for reading.

Regular intake of raw honey and full bowl of fruits everyday. It will only increase your blood sugar. Why you are doing so many things in one go. Just go for walking at least for an hour and do some yoga and meditation. And small portion of food at every three hours. It's enough. By the way check your blood sugar immediately. I am afraid it has increased substantially by your erratic way of living.

sudharao in reply to akr50

Thank you dear Sir, for your kind advice. I will try and follow it and cut down on my fruits eating and also raw honey intake. And I will be getting my blood sugar tests done soon.

sudharao in reply to akr50

Dear Sir, You have mentioned in your post that I should take in some small items of food for every 3 hours, what types of food should I take in every 3 hours? Please kindly advise me on this, as I have absolutely no idea what to eat every 3 hours. Thanks in advance.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to sudharao

Depending on what your blood sugars are, you can always have a snack that is mostly protein and very low carb. If you’re having a low blood sugar reading, eat something that has 25-35 carbs as a snack.

hmm... what makes you think that what they say or what you read is true without proven laboratory tests, in my opinion we'd better listen to our body than what the company or the article say, even if obama and trump take and endorse that products and they give me free trials, i won't continue taking, let alone buying it, if my body does not response positively and laboratory tests prove nothing

If you take various supplements and at the same time reducing/cutting off sugar and junk foods and working out a lot....again what makes you think that it is the supplements that work and not the diet and exercise?

Now let me tell my story, i'd been in prediabetes stage for almost 30 years before it went off to a full-blown diabetes about a year ago, during my prediabetes years i never took supplements nor diet, i do take loose/flexible diet now, but still never take "healthy" supplements because my target is controlling my diabetes, and not enriching american companies

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