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I cured my diabetes in one month


Hi All

I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 one month back and i brought it down to normal levels within one month after extensive online research, medications exercise and yoga. My fasting sugar was 305 mg/dl, pst meal 480 mg/dl. Today its 84mg/dl fasting, 140 mg/dl PP. I took both allopathic and herbal route. Special mention of Baba Ramdevs yoga and his suppliments. And heres is listed my efforts and meds.I was on a strict diet of 800 calories, skipped my dinner, and had my last meal at 7 pm.

Morning empty stomach :

- fenugreek seeds soaked overnight - 10 gms

- aloe vera juice 15 gms

- amla juice - 20 ml

-glucophage ( metformine) 850 mg

- madhu nashini vati patanjali - 2 tablets

- 30 minutes intense aerobics by bipasha basu ( refer youtube)

- neem capsule ( himalaya) - 1 tablet

Morning Breakfast

- milk - 1 glass

- 2 egg ommellete


- glucophage - 500 mg

- cooked vegetables 250 gms.

- jamun vinegar 15 ml after meals

Evening Meal at 7 pm ( last meal )

- aloe vera juice - 15 ml

- amla juice 10 ml.

- glycophage ( metformine) 850 mgs

- fruits ( watermelon, apples, papaya) 250 gms

- vegetables cooked -250 gms

- madhu nashini vati 2 tablets

- jamun vinegar 15 ml after meals

No simlpe Carbohydrates. Total calories 800 max.


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Are you still following the same diet to keep your sugar level normal?

Now i am beginning to start slowly on one sattu roti daily with lunch, reduce metformine from 1800 to 1500 mg, start evening meal with slightly heavy vegs+proteins.

Congrats you have brought your Diabetes under control. Only when you get to total regular diet with out any medication or special diet we can say you are cured. All the very best to you.

ex_diabetic in reply to Aiyaraj

Thanks. Yes iknow iam not cured.but ive managed to bring to normallevels and iam thanfkull to God. By the way folks i forgot to say. Keep praying . it works !!

Yes, you have brought your blood sugar level under control. Blood sugar escalation is only the symptom Diabetes. Diabetes is the ailment of Pancreas. Once that is corrected only one can say that diabetes is cured. Then your blood sugar will remain in normal range without medicines & with normal diet with root vegetables, starchy grains, fruits, sweets etc for several years or at least months.

Thanks. I initially got such a shock after diagnosys that i went into a super diet and exercise mode.in fact i overdid it till i fell in bed.but it worked. Now to slowly try to reduce meds and jeep checking bg.

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ex_diabetic in reply to Hidden

Ys maybe ur right.its not cured. It was just a knee jerk happy reaction in my mind after one months of extensive exercise and fasting regime follwed by all possible herbal suppliments available in mrkt. I felt so heavily medicated and drugged by 9 pm that i used to fall in bed, maybe unconscious all night due to empty stomach and meds.but finally on day 28th my fasting bg showed 84 and i was so thrilled i thout i kicked diabetes. But its still in these levels and i am very happy today.


Your post is very useful sir. Thanks for sharing

Would you please mention the total cost of your all ayurbedic items per month excepting allopathic medicines that you take everyday from morning to evening.

How can u say u have cured diabetes.You have just controlled it.Stop taking all of the above and then check your sugar levels. Remember there is nor cure for diabetes.The person who cures diabetes will be awarded Nobel price

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DRH-sangliStar in reply to Hidden

@ex diabetic... what is the current status of your diabetes , diet and medication.. pls tell so that others can be benefitted

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