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Achieved some more improvement !

Got my health check done after six months , the decision to reduce wheat further seems to be fruitful :) my report is as under :

HbA1C 5.3% ,Mean blood glucose 105.41 mg/dL ,Insulin fasting 5.67 mU/L Though still having metformin 500mg +glimpride 1mg. twice a day .Will continue to strive for reducing the medicine .

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I have stopped taking Metformin as my readings are as follows. Fans:99; pp:152; HbA1c:6.1; It is a good medicine. Pl seek advice from your Doctor. All the best.


Pl read as Fbs.99.


marriageday30 , normally doctors are reluctant to reduce whatever they prescribe , so I intend to reduce my meds gradually on my own , I will start by having once daily instead of twice and keep monitoring at least two times a day 1 hour after meals .Lets see how it goes :) by the way thanks for your message and best wishes 😊✌


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