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New Joinee @ some doubts

I am new jionee of this group. I have couple of question

1.) which is good fenugreek or lady finger?

2.) any special website for this where can we find all diet food chart and treatments

3.)which vegetables juice are good

4.) how to kick off permanently from this diabetic disease.

5.) I am taking fenugreek seeds(100gm) daily in early morning from past 1 months

Really appreciated your response

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Royal Yogi.


I am new too having joined March this year.

The most certain results come from reducing carbohydrates. For LCHF a good site is dlife.in (former active member here, Medfree runs it).For good idea about Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index please visit Mendosa's web page...

Over forty items have been named here as foods or herbs that help bring lower sugar outcomes (18 or 22 are listed in a single contribution) and I do remember turmeric and wheat proved effective by member Shooter George is not mentioned there...there may be others ...

I could manage bringing down my A1C from 11.6$ to 6.0% and have put out the diet that helped me do it here.



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To add to what Norreal has said: If you drastically cut down rice, wheat, and oats and all grains --- drastically being the key word (instead substitute vegetables) -- that itself will help you reduce carbs considerably. Buy a glucometer and test your blood sugar one hour and two hours after every meal. Write down what you ate, the quantity, how you felt and other details. Do this for three weeks and you'll see a pattern of food that keeps your sugar level low. Eat those meals more often or daily. What works for one person may or may not work for you. Controlling your blood sugar is easy and focus on food, followed by a lot of exercise, meditation and other stress-reducing techniques. Drugs come last and should be the lowest in priority.

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how to use turmeric and wheat. Any special way to take it?


CGM machine is wonderful eat what you like and analyse indirectly' since it keep record of yr food including even you drink water immediate due to an y intake can be analyse .



All the alternative therapies, such as fenugreek, okra soaked in water, neem leaves will only help reduce sugar levels a wee bit. That said, why not also add them to the other things you are doing? In that spirit...

1. Studies have shown that a tablespoon of coarsely ground fenugreek eaten 20 min before a meal will slow down absorption of food.

2. Other things that will help--experiment with them--are bitter gourd/bittermelon (Mormodica charantia), Jamun seed powder (Sizygium jambolanum), Curry leaves (Morraya koneigii), Neem leaves (Azadiracta indica), okra (Abelmoscus esculentus) soaked in water and drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, Garlic (Alium).

3.Turmeric is known more for its anti-cancer properties than for glucose reduction.


Everybody has tried to give sincere advice. Of I am to select only one response, I'd vote for one by Meetu 77, short and sweet. Krishnnang is also quite comprehensive if you take into account he has taken another advice forward by both additional points and completing the deficiency of my input.

One site that is out of the world for knowing glycemic index and glycemic load is web pages by Mendosa. Everybody, please do visit. (No catch or fees/subscription)

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