Some important Tests

Following are my test results for the lab tests done in August 2014.

Glucose fasting 120

Hba1c ie Glycosyalated hemoglobin 6.9 (high)

CPK serum creatinine kinase direct 190 normal being below 308

Creatinine 1.0 Normal being(lab) 0.7 to 1.3

Free T4 0.7, Normal range; below 1.2

Cholesterol 198 normal range 100 to 200

HDL 39 normal range 35 to 65

LDL 122 normal range 100 to 129

Triglycerides 184 normal range 100-200

VLDL 37 normal range 20-40

TSH serum 4.3 normal range 0.27-4.2

Urea 25 normal rang 10-50

These tests can be done those who have diabetes/high cholestoral

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  • For those tests that we fail like ( HBa1c ), we have to test more often.

  • just curiosity; where si this GKNM Hospital??? which city??????? thnx in advance, MEdFree Pls come back, God bless us all with good health

  • I am aware, hospital name doesn't matter; I was just curious to know what that abbreviated/acronym stood for and which city? many thanks

  • G Kuppuswamy Naidu MemorialHospital in Papanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore, India‎


  • I will also like medfree to come back on this forum. There is challenge in the opposition as well.

  • brother!!! juts ignore the jerks but your contributions which I get the feeling are the invisible effects of Medfree the truly noble human being! cud be medfree via another name, but just ignore insults, do not reply to them and move forward; your guidance is fantastic; God bless us all with good health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kkjing -- Opposition is fine but trolls are irritating. One of them unnecessarily latched on to me right on the first day for no reason. They contribute nothing meaningful to discussion and have a great nuisance value.

  • There are many more tests that could be done as per Doctors advise. Thyro care does several reccommended tests.

  • Dera Sharma ,Please listen to Exaffect. Switch to LCHF diet .Do sincerely for three months. Repeat the test at the same Lab where you got this result.Compare it your self. You are the best judge. If it O.K. follow it or do not .Do not question anybody about qualification.No body is prescribing you drugs here.It is only eating style change . Thanks.

  • MAKARAM is absolutely RIGHT !!!

  • Great! So you also benefited from LCHF diet?

  • AxEffect is a fake,actually it is Medfree who is answering.

  • TG/HDL ratio is 4.7. (It has to be below 3 at least. Best if <2) You may be severely insulin resistant.

  • I do need more insulin. If I stay away from high oil saturated foods, ie high fat foods, than insulin requirements are lower.

  • Have you tested for insulin resistance? Metformin is most effective in increasing insulin sensitivity.

  • If I reduce tryglycerides than insulin requirements may be less. The ratio's were better in my November 2013 tests ie Triglycerides 100 Hdl 36. At that time I was actually taking statins. Now I dont take statins anymore and take Choleslo.

    However it is high Tryglycerides that required me to take more insulin. So I should reduce tryglyceridas.

    I take metformin daily.

  • You need more insulin and your TG no. is high. The reason could be that you are consuming higher carbs. If you are on BP medicines then some of them may raise TG level.

  • Then why you are advertising on the health unlocked,it seems you have hidden agenda.You &your friend has spoiled this forum,you are being paid for this,regarding visiting Psychiatric you and your friend fits in that category,as both of you talk in arrogance.You seems both of you are the wisest men on the earth,but you both are mistaken.As I had already written you have a shallow knowledge,and shallow rivers make much noise.

  • mr.rksharmakumar r u zealous of medfree and axeffect. including me many have benefited by these guys. if u don't like their comments don't respond to them. its very simple why do u take it personal.

  • sonu1196 -

    Good to know you benefited on LCHF. LCHF for diabetes management is a global phenomenon and even researches are proving it to be so.

  • Tell me where i have mentioned fenfuro,diabetes jut a or chapels in my any blog or reply. ,either you should show me or bite the dust. This is the real problem,if you have/had no answer to my queries, you try to twist the facts. I am not against any kind of diet pattern including lchf,but the way you propagate the things and attack to your opponents.There already exist hundreds and thousands websites,regarding kind of diet to be taken by any diabetics,from any body can take references only. No website is 100% foolproof,it is up to an individual to know the facts,and what is suitable for him,is to be decided by him and not by you or by me. Effected person with diabetes is the best doctor for himself,even a much qualified doctor can prescribe any thing but cannot force him to to adopt.The answer lies with an individual only.

  • congratulation

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