Why FBS is more than 150

One of my friend t @ person his FBS is morethan 140 - 150 some time 160 also He is taking medicine Meytoformin + GP 2 combination tablets But he consume vegitables sabji and sprouted moong round for night meals and one cup of milk only Why his FBS istoo more ? He also tested by consuming only one cup of cofee in night then also FBS is 148 What the reason learned experienced may share

Even in night empty stomach nothing can be eaten except water then alsois chances of F BS is more ?

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  • Why u r Talking about walking ? For walking myself and other members already given detail explanations

    This is not my question I am interestingly ask for my friend he is employee he has no time to walking he has busy his work he has not using computer or share any blogs As per Doctors advise he can do I am also says to him diabetologist

  • Why I am upset about your health every person is health I am the first person to enjoy others health

    further I am not worry about my BS level control FBS 86- 94 and PPBS 110 -126 HBA1C 5.8

    I am understanding LCHF not only Dlife India but also Diet Doctor My big Fat and low carb life low carb health and so many blog

    I am not saying LCHF is posted here . But why every comments u posted as link

    I am interesting smooth conversation and sharing the mutual opinion from one to another

    further Iam not interesting to continue the conversation as posted your comment because u thinking only one way Good luck

  • yes it happens with me also. i take gluconorm g1 500mg after meal and after dinner .

    my fbs always above 145+ even though empty stomach . i feel hungry very rarely. but sugar levell are high. i fallow LCHF . i can be comfertable without any food for 12to 15 hours.please suggest.

  • Ashwaganda capsules in not a diabetic drugs It is used instead of B Complex tablets. However It is very good herb it was used most of ayurvedic medicines Further most of ayurvedic medicines is no sideeffect but it cannot help to control BS but prevent the damages of organs from diabeties like kidney hear attack etc

  • The word adaptogen is used in the Ashwaganda capsules les manufactured by Himalaya drug company Before this compoany starts the same herb is there it is used in oldendays Ayurvedic pandits and recently so much companies started and used and give their bio data But No Ayurvedic Doctors cannot used as a diabetic drug But In all diabetic products and also other most of diseases it is used as one of the combination. This is no side effect I am also used this instead of Becosules or Macanerve or Alpholipic acid not continously by giving some breakfor 20 days after using 3 continius month

  • In Ayurvedic system Ashwaganda capsules or tablets or lehyam was not used for treating diabeties ( it is called PRAMEHA IN ayurveda ) Butit is good herb it helps the body to control and prevent all diseases and give the body rsistance Hence Ayurvedic Doctors and companies used This in all most all products


    Further sRIDHAR or any other wellknown Ayurvedic experts may share their opinion

  • i am not interesting comment to u because I am alre3ady learned so much theory in Ayurveda Adaptogen is the word u used it is in the Hmalayan Drug company brouchers

    This company starting recently before even in olden generation were known quality of Ashwaganda and they are used

  • !

  • dear nataraj and qaz,

    the reason why there is enough glucose in a persons blood

    even if he omits a night meal

    is that

    there is enough glucose[glycogen] in the liver for a night or even beyond.[average is roughly 15 hours for the liver to go bankrupt.

    this i said about the healthy man.

    nataraj's friend and qaz are diabetic.

    that is,

    insuficient insulin or insulin resistance causes the glucose in blood to remain high.

    consult your doctor for revision of treatment strategy.

    you may also check up if that is a morning phenomenon,

    good luck

  • Yes Indiacratus I agree your comment i it may some problem for his diet because he is an employee besides heavy work he cannot possible to doing walking or etc work but also i am not known details about his dieting system

  • Indiacratus there is one doubt if the food consuming in night is also causes FBS raises .

    1 In my opinion if insulin raises high either naturally or by taking sulfunal urea drugs to digest it sufficinet food in night avilable it shows the blood Insulin ?

    2 If insulin difficiency is more then even consuming more food then also FBS is higher level?

    Can u please clarify this either here or start new discussion u are a capable inthis forum having sufficient knowledge about blood sugar like Gangadar

  • dear nataraj,

    it is difficult to understand what you have written.

    but i will try.

    the concept of fbs is

    with respect to zero food in the night

    and zero external work[we are sleeping].

    at least 9 hours of non eating.

    so theonly sorce of

    glucose is the stored glucose in liver.

    dispensing glucose

    only through basal works inside the body.

    and the the available insulin just dismisses the glucose comming from the liver for the basal works.


    fbs rises

    if the

    insulin is insuficient


    if an incomming amount of insulin is unable to

    dismiss the usual amount of glucose.[expected amount of glucose as in a healthy man.]

    this second thing is called

    insulin resistance

    or more accurately, the the insensitivity of cells to insulin action.

    to give an example

    in one man to dismiss 50 mg/dL in blood ,[that is for reducing bs from 150 to 100]

    1 IU of insulin is wanted.

    in anothe man 2 units are needed for reducing the same bs by 50 mg/dl.[that is for reducing bs from 150 to 100]

    2 IU of insulin is wanted.

    kindly read through the articles given by

    the American diabetes association first,

    then the mayo clinic

    and then

    the NIH

    finally you may read the webmd articles.

    i have given these articles ,in such a way, as simple presentation comes first.

    for studying any subject we must select

    the best book,

    as well as simple book depending upon how big we are ,our own ability to grasp.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus u have confused my statement however your comment is good

    1 If the diabetic person eat less quantity of carb and totally less quantity of consuming food in night then also FBS is raised above the normal value ?

    2 If sulfunal urea drug is excess dose then also chances of FBS high level ?

    3 if any infections or sick time like wounded or fever or typhoid or other diseases then also Blood sugar raises high level.

    4 Generally in sleeping at night 10P M next early morning more than 8 to10 hours

    we have tested FBS.

  • dear nataraj,

    1]even if you dont take any food for dinner,

    the glycogen stored in liver is suficient

    to feed back enough sugar into blood for 15 hours,say ,

    upto 9 am.in a healthy man.moderate activity.

    and that can be above normal values in a diabetic..a diabetic can go beyond with it far beyond 15hrs.

    depends on his condition.

    around 500 in ketoacidosis, above even 1500 in HHS

    2]that depends on the individuals insulin resistance.usual doses adjusted to get 130 fbs.

    if too much of sulpho....then


    3]that is because the invading bacterium interfering ,other hormones begin playing.

    4]not clear to me.

    you are forgetting one thing.

    you are thinking

    glucose is too high in blood because

    somebody is putting too much glucose into blood.THAT IS DIETARY.

    not always.

    suppose someone eats

    5gms of glucose.one tea spoon.

    his present bs is 130mg/dL-suppose.

    he has 5 litres of blood=50 decilitres

    5gms equals 5000mg.ok?

    5,000 going to 50 deci litres is=100mg/dL

    100plus the old 130=230mg/dl is expected.

    but if no glucose is consumed by his body ,then only you can find this 230.

    just one tea spoon of glucose gives 230 bs value if his body does not absorb glucose at all.

    therefore bs is dependent not only on dietary or liversent glucose but also the way it dissipates out of blood.

    you have to learn from the right source or book.

    your ability to understand correctly and your desire to learn is really great.

    but you are not a good student.learning from wrong texts and learning non systematic.

    this thing happens with many people in this forum.they are all in a hurry to grab as much as possible in a short span of time.

    they are like people putting bricks randomly in a cart.

    if proprly arranged the cart will hold more.

    if arranged properly, then only you can pick up a wanted thing

    from a room.from a junk room we may not get it at all. it may be just lying near us.

    slow and steady wins the race.come often.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus by seen your comment



    fbs rises

    if the

    insulin is insuficient


    if an incomming amount of insulin is unable to

    dismiss the usual amount of glucose.[expected amount of glucose as in a healthy man.]

    Further the theory in the ADA or any blogs or googal searches is different from practical of the person.

    Doctors also not known these things exactly Most of the Doctors cannot diagnoise properly

    1 If sulfunal urea drug taken before dinner and consuming less quantity of food then also if FBS raise more than normal value can uconsider it is insufficinet of insulin

    For my Example I am taking one day with sufunal urea GP1 andt consuming 1 tomateo and 1/4 cucumber and beans and carrot mixed sabji with half of chapati then morning FBS shows 118

    But after 2 days again I am consuming same food without consuming sulfunal urea drg GP1 FBS is 91 how can u clarify as per theory

    this type of so many practical expereince Ihave seen.

    Further u study th subject and collected gogal seraches link it is O K

    I am interestingly ask u can u please share your diabetic history (as early myselfand several members )

    from howlong FBS PPBS HBA1C and other recent test result it may help me and also otner members. Thanking for your posting and early replay expected

  • it is quite possibly observational error.


    some such thing as a somogyi effect in your first night.

    you went hypoglycemic and obtained a rebound hyperglycemia.

    please do not conduct such experiments.

    experiments are for learned people.

    you are only a beginner.

    better follow the doctors advice.

    somogyi effect is not a consistent thing.

    how many repetetions you are ready to make.

    scientific conclusions are made on hundreds of observations.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus Whatever reasearch made by scientiests in laboratory or by random results may not suitable to all persons.

    This is my expereince

    However I am always follows Doctors advise. By blogs and email s and magzines I just study the matter but I may take my self decision with the consultation of Doctors

    Liver dumping is one of the process from every person From diabetic it is most common.

    Their R so much difference opinion from Doctors

    Finaly Doctors says u need not worry about small numbers of BS level raise It is dobe down in shor period However U are a diabetic u must contro FBS within 130 and PPBS within 150- 160

    HBA1C is less than 6- 6..5 U have notat all any problems of diabetic complications

    What is your opinionaboutthis .

    Further I want to interest how u control your diabetic please share

    FBS PPBS and HBA1C and other test result Thanks for early replay.

  • Doctor is highly qualified and expereince

    he seen so manythousands of personsas out pateint and alsoinpateint his knowledge innot known so much persons. he studies several years and studing countless books and research papers .he wsa not study 3 or 4 googal seraches and website blogs started some not qualified persons

    As the FBS 70- 100 and PPBS 100- 140 is for non diabetic persons and once diabities diagonised he must controi it l iwithin that range of course for long term diabeties may raise FBS 130 and PPBS 150

    however if BS level may chances to hypo that is why important as per Doctors advise

    Further i am in good condition FBS and PPBS in normal as non diabetic persons

    this is already informed previous discussions As Indiacratus says that is why clarify with suitable evidence

    We may study some 3 or 4 blogs and googal searches and medicines but any complication start either now or further delay these knowledge is not useful we must give our body to Doctors for survival

    off course the Diabeties diagonised wrongly any of the reason that person may good control and be happy but the persons already sufferingfrom more than 10 years he must take the suggestion from Doctors at frequent intervaltime

  • Doctors have not to argue with irrelevent persons and irrelevent statements and irrelevent knwledge persons .

    These peoples are special habit that they only known full medical theory and Doctors are waste

    This is better these minded persons to start DIABETOLOGIST CENTRE AND METERNITY HOME

    It is better to neglect these persons comment to performing smooth and friendly discussion in the matter .

  • dear nataraj,

    when electric current [or electrons] pass through water,

    it is split into hydrogen and oxygen.

    any where in the earth and

    any number of times you can repeatedly show this.

    then we say it is a scientific fact.

    but in some situations in biology or medicine we cannot conduct so many experiments with out damage to life and health.

    so we some times go for statistics.

    for instance we want to know a certain medicine

    how much hypoglycemia it causes.

    then we land in a question

    whether we should go for a small amount of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia---

    which is to be opted.

    the answer will depend on elaborate observations and statistics.

    in a country like ours very few readings are fed to a computer=i mean most doctors just write or scribble in a piece of paper and put an end to diagnosis.

    how can we get a statistics.

    in the west no prescription can be made except through computer entry .. so we get better statistics from them.

    there too considerations i said earlier make things complex.

    the ada which is leading organization in the world for diabetes says you to sit with the doctor and determine your target glucose level.

    only as a best guess

    repeat best general advice they say go for 130 fbs and 180 ppbs.

    the american colllege of endocrinologists

    i think say go for 160 ppbs?


    the european union countries opt for ppbs 140'

    such wide results

    prompt or guide the doctors

    to say :

    it does not matter slight variations in bs levels.

    as such if a person does not encounter hypoglycemia he can attempt

    lower levels of target glucose levels.

    please do not listen to people who just go to forums and quote forums as

    source for definite and reliable knowledge.

    it is from the web links of universities and national or international bodies of many scientists we

    should accept data.

    for example

    the mayo clininc staff is 5000 doctors.

    good luck

  • why America?.

    i stay sometimes in a european union country.

    i have just returned after a 5 month stay there.

    i found myself in trouble there,because even for silly medicines i had to go to a doctor and get prescription.

    consultation fee around three thousand rupees and medicine another 3k.

    total 6 thousand rupees gone just for a cough and cold.

    here in india i would have just purchased amoxicilin for some fifty ruppees and

    the problem over.

    when i was studying world economy in 1996

    i had casually checked Nobel prize distribution after the second world war.

    half the total Nobel prizes goes to USA.

    that means roughly half the discoveries in diabetes medicines and methodologies

    are develeped[ or involved ]by the American diabetes association members .

    it is not an individual.

    it contains all the diabetologists of USA.

    moreover there is this consensus commiittee between USA and eu contries.

    what about indian diabetes association?

    all these great many scientists ,

    they are to be ignored against some few drop out doctors from the main stream guide lines.

    who says failed guide lines ? some few ,level one, doctors.

    good luck

  • do not under estimate people.

    i never mentioned myself as western lover.

    it is science that i discus.

    science was egyptian and mesopotomian first

    ,,,it was then greek, and later roman-latin ,

    and later only western= meaning

    west European.

    even so,

    science, law and jurisprudence all are inherent in man even animals!!!.

    thanks bye

  • The grass is always greener on the other side indiacratus. The Western guidelines are flawed too.


    When this came to light, in an ideal world changes would have been made. However, there is so much inertia with the flawed system in terms of infrastructure, belief, legislation, lobbying and money.

  • thanks concerned for trying to enlighten me.

    good luck

  • Thanks for your posting I am consulted with my Doctor and now i am healthy I am not taking much drugs and diabetic supplements My FBS 85 -95 and PPBS 110 - 126 HBA1C 5.8

    this forum is good one here all the members will share their knowledge and opinion to others Thanks for your opinion. Wish u good luck

  • What are they eating earlier in the day?

  • Sorry sir I have no sufficinet feed back from him Myself and he met rarely 15 days or one month by incidentally it is noticed his age nearly 52 suffering from last 3 years. he is busy in private job he has not any knowledge in computer he doing clerical job i am alsogiveninstruction to meet Diabetologist

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