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I had got my blood test done and found that my Hba1c is 7.9. Doctor says its diabetes and can be cured....is it true

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You are diabetic.It is a metabolic disorder and it can only be managed within safe limits.It cannot be cured like other diseases such as malaria or typhoid.You can manage it in safe limits through diet control,increased physical activity and a stress free life style as well as medicines as prescribed by the doctor.Knowledge about diabetes is very essential to fight diabetes and so better start learning right away.


Perfectly said, ramana42. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.😀


In initial stage, type 2 diabetes can be controlled by low carbohydrate diet and aerobic exercise.

Diabetes treatment goals:--

Experts recommend that people keep their blood glucose levels

* Between 80 and 130 mg/dL fasting (before meals)

* Less than 180 mg/dL 2 hours after meals

* Hemoglobin A1c levels should be less than 7%.





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i will give you 100% guarantee

Yes !!

your doctor is right !!!!

diabetes can be cured

It is not a disease

it is just a stste of body with minimum insulin production

dont worry it can be cured

I got it cured without medicines !

it is possible first of all before committing yourself for medicines think twice

try to be with yourself for few days

take soup ragi and watermelon papaya for few days

you can do it all the best

I had HBA1c around 12 and cured !


I will be sending you a message soon.


Could you please send more elaborate details of what you did and how you say you are cured ? It will be definitely be of help to so many.

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ive posted my reply several times on the same site but people are not saying ready to believe. Please see my posts.

note :

I am not a magician

I am not a doctor

I am not a adverising company

i am selling anything here

but i am a teacher who is not using tablets to come out of my diabetes and got almost cured


Yes diabetes can be cured... I was also told I am diabetic with Hb1ac 7...I did not have any symptoms and was very healthy.. But still was told diabetic... Now my Hb1ac is 5.6..anyways I don't believe in that number.. The key is to eat healthy, physically active and sleep well.. Include some raw vegetables in your every meal and have fruits, sleep well and be happy..this how I have reduced though I don't believe I was diabetic before... One advice if u have not started any medicine.. Please don't start..


perfect !

at least i found a person with common mindset

diabetes is day robbory

many innocent humans are being drugged by medicine companies

yu are unique

thank you all the best

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Hi deevige

I think I am the first one to claim cure of own DM. I think I have already written a lot about all aspects of my, then, rare experience. At some point of time the admin also felt the same and communicated with me. Fortunately my posts are still here in place for newcomers.

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krishnavenimanjunath MADAM im not a doctor but was diabetic and today im free from it

against all theories of diabetes type 2

im still healthy and active and leading normal life

the medicine: self belief control on your mind and body and moreover faith in yourself that yu can come out of it!

remember i experimented myself and im ocnfident on what i say also note that i do not know wheather if a person who is taking medicine can come out of it or not !

but if you have not started medicine yu can come out of it


respected sir

my simple question is .....

Is diabetes a curse /Disease ?

if yes then you are right

but let me define it ....

it is a simple ane very simple state of body with insulin dificiancy

human body (if not drugged by medicine ) will definately fight the dificiancy back !

who has defined these numbers ? and what basis ?

they must have done reserch by collecting data of various persons with diabetes

Has anybody tried to find a solution to cure diabetes ?

no body will sir !

have anybody researched on a helathy person who was diogonised for diabetes and not drugged (given medicines) and and his status

look at this statistics

everyday in india 40 crore people are taking these medicines spendig nearly 30 rs each that is 1200 crore rupees is transaction per day and per year it is 4,40,000 crore rupees turnover ! !!!!!

this is only from tablet industry

think of injection industry

nursing homes

doctors fee etc

the amount reaches annual budget of india !!!!!

do you think these educted doctors will find a solution or medicine for permanent cure ? which will burn their pockets

instead most of the medicine industries try to make victim (patient ) panic, doctors start speaking to patients as if he is cursed !

this we call it as day robbory

No doubt about it

The system of mathematical numbers 120 ,140,300,500 FBS PPBS are mere numbers of indications

tell me sir who is diabetic ?

according to books

1.Going to the toilet a lot, especially at night.

2.Being really thirsty.

3.Feeling more tired than usual.

4.Losing weight without trying to.

5.Genital itching or thrush.

6.Cuts and wounds take longer to heal.

7.Blurred vision.

These symptoms occur because some or all of the glucose stays in the blood, and isn’t being used as fuel for energy. The body tries to reduce blood glucose levels by flushing the excess glucose out of the body in the urine. High levels of glucose being passed in the urine are a perfect breeding ground for the fungal infection which causes thrush.



if a person dont have these symptoms why will he be called as diabetic ?

and according to doctors if diabetes is ignored it will damage end organs ! this looks very funny when a body can fight and regain its potential of non diabetic states how can a doctor defines it ?

(remember the person who fought diabetes without medicines is more stronger than a person who is taking medicines )

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cured or not cured is status of mind sir i respect your words


do you think range defined by doctors (who has researched ) is the final statement?

consider this situation

if one person can carry the weight of 10 kg

another will be able to carry 15 kg weight

for third person carrying 8 kg itself may be difficult

just like that if one person can withstand ppbs level of 140 , another can withstand evn 200

but this medicine industry has prepared a menu charl (like hotels/restaurents ) if your PPBs is x then take y medcines if HBA1c is z then take w medicines

every individual is different

every person will have his own stamina sir !

doctors must allow patient to fight back at least for a week before drugging the scapegoat (patient)

i will challenge this world with all my documents and story


i am a living example sir

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sir why should i do it ?

what for ?

when you are healthy and have no symptoms of diabetic related issues why should i do it !

i am having normal food

normal life and

at this stage even if get all the test done what is the use

be optimistic sir

why we have to be so much afraid of this diabetes

there is nothing to do with numbers

if these numbers define diabetes then it is more of numerology !

if you look at that way of testing ourselves even when there are no symptoms

365 days of an year not enough to keep you healthy in an year !

we must meet a dentist twice an year!

physician 4 times an year

dermetoligist once an year

must check our eyes twice an year

and the list follows

i am not afraid of any test sir but it looks like there is no need ( at least for me!)

if my ignorance or aggrsion or arrogance spioles my health (according to your so called doctors or diabeticians ) let me face it

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deevige, I think the conflict is because you have made your own definitions of DIABETES and the word CURE. With that in view, you are right.

But following your definition, people with diabetes will be healthy -this you have to prove. After all, there are serious consequences if not. Just saying 'I give you 100 % guarantee' is at best misleading the people. Do not get carried away by getting some favourable results on just one person that is yourself. You have to replicate the results. Even the medicines do not work the same way with everybody.

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Thank you for bringing this point up, Praveen55. Not everyone is going to have the same results as the next person.

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You are right.


Thank you, deevige.


astrological predictions the word itself looks funny !!

i cannot argue with you sir

my salutes to you !!!

you are so much involved in diabetes and its symptoms, causes etc that you are more bookish

why to live in a pathetic world being afraid of numbers

if i have to do all those tests i have to meet another doctor who is an agent of medicine industry

we are two faces of same coin

we can never meet each other

you are always thinking that dabetes is not curable

but i am against it

let us not argue


at least one day in your life come out of these numbers and think positivey

of course after following all the instructions of doctors will we live for 1000 years???

forget it see you

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Hi Hidden

I think I am the first one to claim cure of own DM. I think I have already written a lot about all aspects of my, then, rare experience. At some point of time the admin also felt the same and communicated with me. Fortunately my posts are still here in place for newcomers.


''Oh one can never cure diabetes.''

That is like blocking all future possibilities.

Shall we say - Diabetes has not been curable.

After all, there are ongoing efforts to find a CURE and we should be hopeful.

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You are definitely more knowledgeable in the field and therefore I believe your information as you presented above.

Despite all these, we should not lose hope that one day CURE will become a reality but until then we have to manage diabetes as effectively as we can.

In fact, we have to create more awareness so that more funds ( both public and private) are made available for research towards CURE.


passimism curse of the man kind

many diabetes patients think that life is over and they have to take medicines forever

life is not over dear

diabetes is not a disease

try to come out of it !

few people dont know how to be optimistic

they are like that never listen to them

may be he is your friend /relative /doctor/HU member

try to come out without medicines

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I have sent you the message now.

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i wrote about my story of coming out of diabetes in this health unlocked

one gentlemen responded saying " are you advertising your company?" this is how the world is !

many patients are not optimistic about diseases

and convey my regards to yur doctor

prof venkatramaiah


Diabetes can certainly be reversed. This means that you are symptom free, blood sugars are within normal levels and you handed no fear of developing complications. It does not mean that you can eat anything and you will be fine. But that is very good, isn't it?

I am giving a lecture on Reversing Diabetes on Saturday at Health Library, but I don't know if I am allowed to post the details here.



I will be sending a message to you later today. I will let you know when I have sent it. It’s okay.😀


Please check your private messages now, DiabetesDestroyer. I have sent you a message now. Sorry for the delay.


Thank you.

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Hello, Having reversed my diabetes over two years of lchf diet, hbA1c now 4.1, no meds at all, I am told I have diabetic retinopathy. Very disappointed and looking for answers. Any one got any comments?


Hello jan-ran. Well done! That's what I would do too if I had the chance. After 50 odd years of T1 ask me if I like injections? (4 a day since being 3). Now on an insulin Pump & a lot happier!


Thank you for your message hobieone. I have never come near having to have injections and I imagine it’s a real pain! But a pump sounds much better. Do you have retinopathy?


Unfortunately yes. I think I have a lot of complications but I DO not sit still. With the fantastic NHS & staff I have never been out of work. Keeping moving is the best for anyone.


jan-ran This is very steange! Have reversed Diabetes with lchf diet, hba1c 4.1 and you are told you have diabetic retinopathy!

What are your Triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, Fasting Serum Insulin and Fasting Blood Sugar?


Thanks for replying shooterGeorge. Last test July 2017: trig 0.9. HDL cholesterol 1.9. Fasting blood sugar (my results) 6.2. We don’t get serum insulin tested here in England. I m baffled and inclined to think it’s a mistake, but a state of such denial is not a good thing!!


Retinopathy- can be developed over time- before you started LCHF diet,

you may have several hgh sugar spikes -over 280 for many months - which may have damaged the nerves of the eyes ( which is NOT reversible) and hence damaged retina -

Have you seen another eye doctor - opthomologist for second opinion.

What treatment they are suggesting ? It is okay here in USA..just few injections.

Only other possible- COMMON cause is high blood pressure.

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I don’t know Anup. I think I will be told it is diabetes related, which is the problem. What diabetes? I am off all meds, with very reasonable sugar control most of the time. I am 75 so I suppose it could be age related. Does anyone who is non-diabetic get retinopathy? Thank you for replying.


High sugar in nearly everything these days. Having a can of coke is far to high. Really good luck.

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Hi Sheema, T1 & T2 diabetes are quite a bit different. T1 your pancreas does NOT work, T2 it can work 30% or 80%. If you are T2 & weigh 18stone your pancreas get surrounded by fat, so if you loose weight it works better, I have two people I know off all meds for there T2 Good luck


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