Iam a diabetic with FBS 110 and PPBS 189. I am taking Glycomet GP1. However DR advised to take tab. Telista 40Mg for BP, while my BP is normal 120/80. Also the Dr, have asked me to take Ecosprin AV. Is it mandatory to take Ecosprin AV, and why should I take Ecosprin.


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  • It's used to thin blood and lower cholesterol. Your readings indicate you are eating too much carbohydrate from sugar, flour, legumes, grains, cereals, fruit, root vegetables or tubers. If you eat less of these, compensating by eating a little natural fat, your blood glucose will normalise and you will be able to reduce your medications with your doctor's approval.

  • If I stop eating sugar, flour, legumes, grains, cereals, fruit, root vegetables or tubers, what is a Ideal diet.

  • Use Vijaysar wooden glass for drinking water and control al problem related to diabetes.

    Use Amla+Aleovira juice and live healthy life.

    Exercise +Yoga + morning walk daily 30 to 40 minutes and remove all problems.

    Have a nice day 😊 GOD is very near to us and remember all time.

  • Since how many years are u diabetic? Any other health challenge? There must be a reason why doctor recommanded u these. U can reach me on 9346448950

  • Better you change your doctor as less tablets you take is good for health as every tablet has got some side effects.

  • I am diabetic from last 15 years at that time my Dr also advised me to take tab for b p even though my b p was normal but till today I am not taking any tab for b p my b p is normal so pl do pranayam n morning walk try to decrease your breathing rate ie up to 15 breath per minute keep on checking b p every month n try to avoid tab

  • Pls. Can u tell what is your diet and what is your reading for diabetes. How are you controlling diabetes.

  • My fbs and ppbs is 110 & 170 respectively I am taking 1 gluconorm G1 before lunch l don't take breakfast and dinner since last four year instead take some fruits doing pranayam meditation morning walk regularly

  • Thanks Sir for ur reply. Are u taking lw also if yes than when and how? In bf u are feeling satisfied with fruits only?

  • If u have any dought in ur mind plz consult one more Dr. Keep ur mind clear don't be in tension that is not good. All the best.

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