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my HBA1C is marginally decreased without medicines

respected doctors and friends

in spite of myself being a diabetic i never took any medication and recent test gave me these results 40 days back i tested my HBA1c it was showing 7.5 and now it is showing 7.3 marginally lower and my average fasting sugar is 150 and my ppbs is 200 can yu comment on my conditions

please note : I am not taking any kind of medicines and not following any strict diet

I am not going for exercise or yoga or pranayama etc

but having less carbohydrates and i can upload my recent two documents

Am i not correct in my health status ?

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Dear deevige, you are still eating too much carbohydrate as evidenced by your high fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels. Aim to get your fasting to 80, and your pp below 120 by halving what you've been eating and having olives (oil), avocado, nuts (not peanuts, pistachios or cashews), coconut (oil), eggs, butter/ghee and full-fat cream/cheeses for most of your energy.

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If you determine not to take any medicine nor exercising, you should lower much more your CARBS intakes by 100 - 110 gr per day. Your HbA1c and BSL are still high. It is a very good idea to add good and natural fats in your meals as suggested by concerned. Good luck.


Please go for a balanced diet and some form of physical activity including excercise. No extreme form of diet regimen is required.


That's what I've implied; Western influenced ideas of what a balanced diet is are skewed, bear little relation to what the body needs, mainly to the crops that are easy to grow, harvest and sell in bulk.

How often have we been warned not to eliminate a food group? Yet the new UK Eatwell Guide restricts oils and spreads to 1%; as close as you can get to elimination.

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Any carbohydrate that is not used by the body for fuel will increase blood glucose levels or be converted to body fat for storage. Instead of this, it is better to eat the natural fat to the level that the conversion would yield that provides beneficial vitamins and minerals too.

Weight for weight, the body uses about the same amount of carbohydrate and fat, so, as we are so often reminded that fat has more than twice the calories of carbohydrate, that means that the body gets more than twice as much energy in the form of fat compared to carbohydrate.

Mammals that eat a high amount of vegetation get the bacteria to digest it into fat. Our appendix is a remnant of that facility from our ancestors, meaning we have evolved eating far less vegetation.

Since excess protein produces toxic side-products, the logical, healthy solution is to eat sufficient natural fat.


deevige, please have strict diet at least for one month take meds such as metformin 500mg per night for one month and do some exercise as well.

you are at good stage please do your best in order to reverse your diabete on time don't go ahead with neglect.


thanks fahimji il adopt


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