Why You’re Not in Ketosis


Eating too much protein. To test that hypothesis, I started a 10-day-protein-reduction experiment in April by eating a maximum of 60 grams of protein a day (down from around 80-120). This really bothered me, as I love eggs, cheese and meat.

Having eaten strictly low carb AND low protein for ten days, I pricked my finger and put my blood on the keto strip.

Beeeeep! The screen was blinking – 0.0 mmol/L. Nothing. No ketosis whatsoever.

My colleagues and I had been wrong – too much protein wasn’t the culprit.

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4 Replies

  • So, what is the inference and suggestion, if possible?

  • ramana42

    To reverse D you have to be ketotic. And to get ketotic you have to take carbs as less as possible. Lesser is better and the only solution to our problem of D.

  • Ketogenic ratio is the key. That has to be > 1.5 to be in nutritional ketosis, while ensuring carbs below 30gm

  • Please Anupji - Ratio of what ?

    how often we have to measure Ketone ? in blood - finger picking - same as BS ?

    what is carb is between 65 and 100 grams per day -?

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