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About 22 year back I was working in Canada as computer programmer I developed chronic fatigue syndrome(always tired). I am from kerala so my cousin suggests one best auyervedic center in tiruvalla. I forget the name of it. Spend about 2 lakhs ruppes and 2 months stay in oil boat etc. No change in my symptom. I was so depressed. Then my one friend suggests that there is some people from Gandhi smaraka nidi doing free treatment. People from kerala knows it is done by varma very famous naturopath. In Bangalore it is acharya laxman Sharma and delhi swaminathan. So I went their so they given me a diet regime and non violent enema. The diet was more salad, boiled vegetables and grated coconut. With in 1 month of doing this, I become healthy again. From that time I became a vegetarian also left my heavy drinking habit.

They also taught me that human intestine is made to digest vegetable products that means it’s length is long. So if you add meat it get long time to pass through and become poisons. I don’t know how to express it so I just google it a beautiful link.

Carnivorousanimals have intestinal tracts that are 3-6x their body length, whileherbivores have intestinal tracts 10-12x their body length.

Are Humans Carnivores or Herbivores?


Plus the more we put with acidic food the more prone to disease. So vegitable foods are more alkaline. Also according to Indian climate more meat is not good.

I just write this to D people not to eat more non vegetarian. After following VLCHF MY BP, HEART,ETC ALL vanished. I think vegetarian lchf is a good suggestion.

Please share your experience. thanks

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Logic, 'Intestine length impacts our tendency to be carnivores or herbivores', appeals to common sense.

I know the place in Trivandrum Thycaud and people who have cured their diseases through them. Needs discipline and avoiding eating for pleasure.

atma in reply to MRA13

yes it is behind woman's college. The name of the people nanukuttan sir and his wife sarawathi teacher. plus lot of people guide freely.

Hidden in reply to atma

Whatever u medicine taken mind concentration and to holdthe grip for stomach ultimately either diabeties or any other diseases cannot followed by u .

Any type of medicines either herbal or allopathic or ayurvedic these are on the facts but it cannot curable

Diabeties is not curable but controlable for to change our habits

In diabeties

50 % curable by systamatic diet that means eat low carb and sufficinet of vgitables and soured fruit 20 % by natural behaviour and activity like moderate or more active or lazyness evendrinking Bed cofee Every person must active at least moderatelevel he may control the diabeties properly

20 % from medicine which can be used as per your Doctors instructions and time to time u must share your problems with them.

10 % isdepend of heriditary aspects and other unknown facts . Thanks

You never once mentioned that you are or were a dietetic . So it can be assumed that you are a non dietetic persons. So please explain what you mean by Lchf or that matter vlchf .

i think his son sharma sanitorium something like that.

instead of making our stomach into a grave yard of dead animals fill it with more positive vegetarian food. get your carbs from vegetables. i get around 100gm from vegetables,nuts. same as lchf but insted of eating 1000egs in year or 1000kg meat in a year by good vegetables. for a diabetic it is a must to control their carbs.

patliputra in reply to atma

How did you calculate that you are taking 100 gm of carb ? Did not say anything about quality of fat and protein.did not explain Lchf or vlchf , !! Did not deny that you are not a diabetic.

Hidden in reply to atma

yes I am also same as our mind tobe conce trated to control our stomach. For specialy vegitarians all veg food and spices are more tempty thee is mind and stomach always create to eat much more and more. for this we must eat firstly vegitable sabji and legumes like channa round or bengal round or kabul round boiled orfried preparing USALi flnty quantity after then u start to at carbs like cooked rice or chapati or roti etc in limited quantity and only Vegitables pieces in sambar and lastly u consme one cup of curd with small quantity of cooked rice or smallpieces of roti or chapati it is good Then carb contain is so less for meals if u add soured fruit it is good by adding souredfruitu may les consume somoe more carb containroti or rice ? Thanks

We're omnivorous; our intestines are an intermediate length. The fact we need vitamin B12 means we need some animal foods to be healthy. Despite vegetarians tending to live 'healthier lifestyles', the longest-lived people are omnivorous.

atma in reply to Concerned

fermented items like idli,dosha,dehi all have b12.

Concerned in reply to atma

vegan b12 is ineffective, and makes it more difficult to digest real b12. I wish you the best of luck atma.

Weston A Price hoped to find a vegetarian traditional diet, but found that all traditional diets had at least some animal products. He realised that fat-soluble vitamins in particular are vital to good health, and that the 'displacing foods of modern commerce' are problematic.

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