My BG Test after 3 months

My BG Test after 3 months

Today I went for my regular sugar checkup. I was very much surprised as everything was under control. As I was not hoping the results to be that much good. HBA1C is 5.6(last time it was 6.1). Creatinine is normal and Urine test is also normal. I was so happy that I had a cup of rasmalai today. Feels satisfied and motivated once again. DO sharing my reports with you. Diabetes we are here to defeat you everytime.

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  • Results are great.Congrats.How about sharing your strategies to achieve these results?

  • I am 28 right now. My daily routine is like this wake up at around 8. After that have1-2 glass of water. Now it's time to wake up my mind, have milk tea(using stevia as natural sweetner) with Besan bhoojia mixed with handful of peanuts. After this I go to gym where I spend almost 1 to 1.5 Hrs. Come back from the gym and made a high protein diet which includes(paneer+simla mirch +soyabean+mushrooms+onions+tomato+ species) fry all these things in butter and add water to make it a curry. I took this with brown rice+ curd,but before this I have my medicine(500mg Metformin). Go to my office ,in the lunch I have 2 chillas(made of atta +besan) + some green vegetable. In the eve I have a cup of coffee with handful of peanuts. Come back to my home have my dinner(2 chillas + sabzi + curd) and do a walk of around 1/2 hr every day. On my weekend I try to eat less as I am on rest most of the time, just do evening walk of 45 mins. So here is my schedule. Please correct me if I am doing something wrong. Right now, my main focus is to take protein in high amounts and carbs in less amounts.

  • I think your schedule is good.My only suggestion is keep monitoring regularly.Good luck.

  • GOOD LUCK..... :d after very long time I came across this word in forum...

  • Nature has dealt us diabetics a very raw deal.We all need lots of good luck and a lot more common sense.

  • 😂

  • Thanks ramana42 . One thing is that my BG level keeps up and down. I am getting BG in control every time. It's like 60(control):40(out of control). Can you provide me some tips

  • Are you counting carbs for each meal and snack?

  • nope. Please tell how to count it. Thanks

  • Everything has some type of carb in it EXCEPT MEAT (protein). To count carbs, you can see what YOU EATand then make a list. Fruit: 15

    Milk: 13

    Cheese: 0

    Bread: 15

    Add up all items you eat and that's what you do for the total.

  • Thanks for your concept. But how to know what gams contains how much carbs. Say if I drink 100 gms of milk thn how much carbs it will contain. I Usually drink bufalo milk

  • 8 oz. in each cup for milk and add all the 13s up.

  • xxxy2j --I can only share my experiences,but by and large,I follow WHO guidelines that also followed by mainstream medical practice in the country.

    -Gain thorough knowledge about diabetes,because ultimately you alone are responsible for controlling your diabetes.

    -Do not get disheartened or stressed up because you have diabetes.Stress only aggravates it and if you approach it with confidence and determination,you can conquer it.

    -Diabetes control is a multi pronged approach.

    -Diet control plays a preeminent in diabetes control.What you eat and how much you eat play a decisive role.You should always be aware of of the fact that certain foods cause sugar levels to shoot up immediately.Sugar,for example,should be avoided at any cost totally.Reduce intake of carbohydrates as much as possible.You may prefer certain grains like millets over rice and wheat.Eat moderately.

    -Exercise is very important,not only to tone up the body but also to burn some calories.About forty minutes of walking daily at comfortable speed will go a long way.

    -Medicines-I go for quarterly and annual check ups regularly.The doctor prescribes medicines after considering various factors.To arrive at proper decision,it is helpful if you monitor your sugar levels at home regularly and show it to the doctor when you go for check up

    -Life style-A disciplined life style goes a long way to lead a stress free life.Late nights and irregular food habits are not helpful

    LAastly,I do not drink or smoke,and that has helped in preventing diabetes complications.

    I hope the above will help you.There could other view and experiences.You should look at them positively and practice what is best suited for you.

  • protein and carbs from all sources almost in equal portions is good .Dal made with different greens everyday like drumstick leaves , amaranth , spinakh , tamarind leaves , fenugreek leaves, mintetc and seasoned with a spoon of tamarind pulp , a bit of zinzer , two pieces of green mirch gives protein as well as carbs if taken with rice ,or chapathy or any other mixed grain roti . Daily you can have curds (-home made )------ 500 ml, a handful of groundnut seeds , an orange ,or any other fresh fruit . Now a days it is rather dangerous to go for salads unless the vegetables are free from pesticides . Three meals in a day with your scheduled plan with one chacolate , one banana , one any other goodie taking care that it does not contain empty calories and has equal amounts of proteins and carbs give you energy plus health .In the night you can even prepare a dosa made with greengram dal , onion pieces ,green mirch pieces and a teaspoon of quality ghee .It gives good sleep because of onions and dal .After following this diet plan for sometime you can reduce slowly the modern medicines in a phased manner .But while reducing the metformiin monitor the sugar levels .PPBS gives you the idea of the food you have taken on daily basis .

  • One thing we observed in many cases hit with diabetes is deficiency of Vitamin --D . The best source of vitamin D is sunlight . If the body is exposed to the sunlight with minimal clothing for 15 minutes every day the problem is rectified . Probably this could be the reason for the introduction of suryanamaskarams in the olden days as a part of spiritual sadhana along with health benefits . Vitamin A is also Supplied by this practice . Once in a week applying gingelly oil to the body and having Sun bath is very good for VitaminD and sheen to the skin .

  • True. My numbers went way down after I started taking iron, vit d, and some vit b's

  • vitamine D deficiency is found even in sunny countries like ours where it is freely available from sun light through out the year. Thanks due to the borrowed practices of closing all the doors and windows , covering them with curtains , air conditioned offices and cars , shutting up with computers and TVS which literally is barring all the sunlight .Supplements do not give that much of benefit which 15 minutes exposure to sunlight gives.. Let all people soak themselves in sunlight , take mixed grain diet with liberal amounts of proteins , greens and pure ghee (not too much )and quality curds for a period of three months and see the results themselves. But any thing in excess turns in to poison and so care has to be taken in the dietary intake .They can experience lightness of body and mind and sugar levels coming down .Of course people with high levels of sugar have to take medicines in the initial period to bring them down to safe limit . WE always have to remember that health is a product of climatic , traditional , regional habits of food intake . What is suitable in severely cold countries or in too hot countries or some places where the food items are not freely available due to climatic restraints is not suitable in our country .

  • Yes. I've been walking outside but I live in Canada. And im black so i probably have virtually no vit d. The doctors refuse to test me for vit d because they would rather have a kickback from metformin and insulin. I got my numbers from 342 to 200 in about a month...several points to go down still but I'm confident I can do it. Just wish I had more help from doctors or even a nutritionalest.

  • swathy

    "protein and carbs from all sources almost in equal portions is good". True. 20% of your total daily requirement should come from each of them.

    " protein as well as carbs if taken with rice ,or chapathy or any other mixed grain roti ". No to rice. High gi gl food item.

    "Now a days it is rather dangerous to go for salads unless the vegetables are free from pesticides ". Please. Buy organic or wash salad thoroughly with water.

    No to banana. Each banana contains about 23 g carb.

    But madam please let's all know why carbs are inevitable for our lives.

  • Washing removes topical poisons of vegetables to some extent , but the roots them selves are injected in some cases . That includes coconuts along with some vegetables ..Almost all fruits are ripened artificially. Milk is mixed with fevicol and some chemicals I am told . But any way , unless the change comes from gross root level there is nothing which can be done . Fish .poultry , meat from other sources is not free from this menace . In this scenario , pulses , grains are a bit solace , though they have also been subjected to this evil .What is the point in going on talking about this inevitable evil.We have to eat some thing to live .In fruits and vegetables which have skins a fraction of the poison is less . Finally I am accepting my defeat and failure .I can't even imagine the future of coming generations in so far as the health is concerned .

  • PPBS 137 isn't a good sign because at 1 hr you could be spiking up to 180+ also.

    Test your Fasting insulin, fasting blood sugar, TG/HDL to get a better picture.

    I am a diabetic with A1C of 5.6 when last measured. But I don't follow the useless diet called High Carb Low Fat and on zero medications for seventh year running.

    At 28 years of age, you have to be very cautious about diet (carbs are worse enemy of a diabetic) as you have a very very long life ahead. "Chalta hai" attitude will not work and will only make situations worse.

    Buy a meter and start testing 1 hr and 2 hr PPBS at home randomly. Normally PPBS is around pre meal numbers for non diabetics. Aim for 2 Hr PPBS of 120

  • I will keep that thing in mind

  • +1 Absolute control over quantity and quality of food is a must. Many a times due to pressure of work miss a lunch on time or eat at social gatherings I tend to get little loose control on food. The reaction is immediate. There are some days when blood sugar spikes bit higher for no reason at all.

  • @anup


    No to rice. Even if it's brown or black or whatever. Also besan contains 58% carbs. You have to really go as per lchf concept.

  • Well YES!

    Eat anything and everything as your daily quota of carbs is not exceeded. That limit we state as 100g/day. Tweaked by individual based on what meter reads.

  • @Anup

    Well i'd love to take complex carbs. Rice high gi gl food.

  • Awesome! This done naturally or with medication?

  • Done using medication. Merformin 500mg, diet control and exercise

  • OK. Metformin trying to do mine completely natural.

  • Congratulations xxxy2j !

    But take care of opinions expressed by all experienced and knowledgeable members in the forum.

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