Latest Test Report!

Latest Test Report!

Patient's age-44 yrs,Height-6 feet,Weight-88 kg

Diabetic since-2009

Test Date:20/09/2016


Blood Urea:Observed Value-18.40(Normal range:15-40)


Uric Acid:5.30(2.5-7.0)




Bilirubin Total:0.60(0.2-1.0)

Bilirubin Direct:0.40(0.1-0.4)

Bilirubin Indirect:0.20(0.2-0.7)



Alkaline Phosphates:64.60(37.0-147.0)

Protein Total:7.90(6.5-8.5)

Protein Albumin:4.60(3.5-5.5)

Protein Globulin:3.30(2.5-3.5)

Protein AG:1.39(1.0-3.0)

Lipid Profile:

Serum Cholesterol:142(150-250)







HbA1c-5.80(Non diabetic <6.0)

Urine Examination:

Color:Pale yellow



Specific Gravity:1.005

pH Value:6

Pus Cells:2-3/HPF

Epithelial Cell:1-2/HPF

Calcium Oxalate:Few/HPF

Remaining things such as Albumin,Blood,Sugar etc:Nil or Absent









Total Erythrocyte Count:4.61(4.5-6.5)





Platelet Count:2.01(1.5-4.0)



















Ultrasonography of Abdomen and Pelvis Organs:

Liver is normal in size and shows normal echo texture.IHBD's are not dilated.No focal mass lesion noted.

Gall bladder is normal in size and shows echo free lumen.

Portal vein and CBD are not dilated.

Pancreas is normal in size and shows normal echo texture.Pancreatic duct is not dilated.No mass or stone is seen.

Spleen is normal in size and appears normal.

Both kidneys are normal in size and shows normal sinus echoes.No mass or stone is seen

No enlarged nodes are seen in retro-peritoneum

Urinary bladder is normal in size and shows echo free lumen.

Prostate is normal in size and shows normal echo texture.

Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure:132/80

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73 Replies

  • Congratulations....Very good Hba1c....but there seems to be some liver problem....once that is sorted out....Hba1c will come further down...

  • Thank you, cure !Last HbA1c was 6.56.

    What is problem with liver and how to overcome it?

  • well look at those SGPT and SGOT figures.... compare them with Shashikantiyengar .... look at his previous reports and current reports....

    He is taking milkthistle...

    I tried same.... now I am on liv 38 by Patanjalee.

    I will be able to tell u results on my next check up....

    It is said Kutki (read my post on Kutki) and curcuma longa helps in improving liver function....

    Between excellent cholesterol figures.....plz share your experiments to get such good results...

  • Thank you,once again!How is Liv 52 of Himalaya?

  • liv 52 doesn't contain kutki...

  • OK!

  • what is your waist size???

  • It is 40 inches

  • wat was earlier??

  • 42 inches

  • do u see any correlation with ur SGOT and SGPT values and waist line???

  • I have no previous data.SGOT and SGPT test are done first time.

  • ok....any alcohol consumption??? or high fructose consumption earlier??

  • I am non-alcoholic from beginning and very irregular in taking fruits

  • hmmm.....then what could be reason for liver injury??? any medication???

  • Up to last year-An aryuvedic powder named as madhumehari churna ,prepared under guidance of a doctor at ayurvedic department of BHU

  • hmmm what herbs they used?? any idea??

  • Ashvagandha,Chiraita,Jatamashi,Karela seeds,Jamun Guthali etc

  • hmm if only these herbs then they won't cause any liver injury....

    any pesticides??? ay environmental pollution??

  • Drinking water quality is doubtful.It has 250 TDS.

  • God knows.... but looking at that SGOT it points out to liver injury.....

    just help ur liver.... it is said liver gets healed on it on....

    Are u from Varansi??

  • Yes,I am in Varanasi.

  • hmmmmm great.... sidha kailash lok ka visa hai tumhare pass... lucky ho ... :)

  • Thank you!

    People come to Kashi to get freedom from life cycle i.e. to get "Mokchh"

  • yes.... last wish to get burned on Harishchandra ghat.....

  • What are "DO" and "Do not DO" for the good functioning of liver?

  • do not load....liver with toxins....

  • Such as?

  • now if u say water quality... then u can install RO filter at home....

  • OK

  • again apologies, water quality in our country: BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be careful pls;

  • apologies, I opine, ayurvedics use steroids in many formulations/preparations; howdy????????? I am no genius, just got prompted to contribute; steroids could be answer to liver damage;

  • possibility.... tejkumar so I asked which herbs they used....

    But those herbs described by him won't cause any damage to liver...

    Unless some Bhasmas added to can be considered liver safe...

  • Apologies for delayed response, I take Liv 52, two tabs every alternate day

  • Liv 52 will not work

    I used to take it one year prior to diagnosis of D

    Changes seen after milk thistle as fasting improvement seen

  • cure ,Today I saw a 200ml bottle of Live D 38 having MRP-Rs.75 at nearest Patanjali Store.There is warning on the packet that it should not be used by a diabetic person.

  • really??? let me check....

  • hmmmm...bottle??? i have tablets with me....I just checked...but no where it is written about diabetes...

  • are u talking about liquid syrup????

  • hmmm I one again checked all herbs used in same... non has sugar elevating result....

    May be you are talking about syrup.... yes...that is possible... cause all syrups are sugar based.... so may be that warning is printed on liv 38-syrup

  • Yes,it is syrup!

  • if atall u make ur mind....then go for tablets...syrup is for kids... u can adjust dose....tablets are for adults... fixed dose..

  • Sure!

  • On any anti-inflammatory drugs or any muscle injury?

  • No,I am med-free!

    No any injury

  • Can you give up wheat for six months and then repeat LFT ?

    Meanwhile up turmeric intake.

  • Do you mean wheat free?Then what to eat?????

  • Whats your usual diet...?

  • Now days,I am involved in supervision work.As my own house is being constructed so it is very difficult to maintain strict diet plan.However,as par advice of Anup ji,I always try to avoid carb as far as possible,take low protein and there is no restriction on fat.

  • Congratulations

  • Thank you,very much!

  • Kidney problem in future,Creantine high

  • Dear Adiabetic2015 ,You have written Creantine!

    Do you mean Creatinine?

    I would like to inform you that previous reading of my Creatinine was 1.2 and it has fallen down by 0.2 after switching to truncated diet.

    BTW,thanks for your comment!

  • No not at all. As he cuts carbs further, it will get better. There's a case of kkjng to refer to. It dropped from 2.2 to 1.7 and even after 3+ years it is lower by 0.3 compared to HIGH CARB Diet that he was on. His kidney and retinopathy was going from bad to worse on the high carb low fat diet that he was told to follow.

  • Anup Ji,What are remedies to further reduce creatinine level?Please reply!

  • To protect your kidneys:

    (1) Normal BP

    (2) Non diabetic blood sugars. ADA's limit of good control is nonsensical.

  • @anup You achieved lower serum creatinine levels by switching to low carb diet, am I right?

  • @jingle for everything carbs are responsible??? for a change can we consider proteins as culprit ????

  • Yes. Elevated blood sugar is bad for every organ, every cell in body.

  • sir...could you pls post your daily routine job and will help to others to follow and make control their BS...Thanks

  • friend alwaysoptimistic plz rule out possibility of minor infections to liver...

    I guess it is due to your water.....

  • Bandhu cure,Thanks a lot for your support!

    I have started working in suggested direction.

  • Great....Liver heals itself....we just need to support it....and also stop abusing it further...

    Just find out cause ...and within 6 months you will be within range....

    Oh one u eat Masala??? like pan parag?? tobacco??

  • No, i do not eat any pan masala on regular basis.

  • regular nahi matlab kabhi kabhi??

  • Matlab-in party or functions i use to eat Banarasi Pan.

  • ahahaha no one resist that.....I use to like pan from old sarswati theatre panwala.....

    last time I had at lane to kashi chat bhandar....I took parcel of 5 pans with me in journey..... hehehehe

    Guess best banrasi pan( just leaf) is from Mahoba....

    But be careful.....the katha they use is not kattha... it is one form of chemical.... also one herb imported from Vietnam..

    It is common practice all over India to adulterate kattha with that...and unfortunately there is no provision in Food and drug to stop said adulteration...

  • 101% true!

  • Good TG/HDL ratio and BS control.

    Why not try IF so that you will have better BS control and some weight reduction too.

    Liver issue. arunkumar has suggested silymarin for it.

  • Thanks a lot,dear shrisamarth !

    I will surely try IF and other things as suggested by people with open mind and heart like you.

  • And diet chart?

  • Gentleman, which pathology lab is it? Mumbai-based?

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