Hi Doctor, my mother is diagnosed with diabetes, fasting 140,post lunch 158,hba1c 6.9,these are the recent reports, last three months r loe

Hi Doctor, my mother is diagnosed with diabetes for last one year, her fasting was 120,post lunch was 136,hba1c was 6.5,doctor changed the medication to gluformin i 0.5, she started talking this tablet morning and night after food, it's been 3months now, she is doing yoga also, she started eating sweets, sugar related items, drinking tea with sugar for last one month and taking half tablet in the morning and half in night, I scolded her not eat sugar items, she said I am doing yoga now I am in control she said, she has got tests done at vijaya diagnostics center yesterday now the results are fasting-143, post lunch is 158,hba1c is 6.9, after seeing this I got scared of this, I scolded her, she told she will stop eating sugar items, she is going to walking in the morning, but I am getting tension about these reports, is fasting, post lunch and hba1c high or normal suggest me doctor please, is it dangerous to have this much range, her age is 47, weight 75,height 5.6,she has got surgery (uterus removal) four years back, since than she got BP n sugar levels changed, please help me doctor, can she control sugar permanently


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  • What did your Mother's doctor say about the results? Has your Mother been told to do some walking along with the yoga for exercise? Did she get told to count carbs for each meal and snack?

  • Eating processed sugar and then eating tablets,doing yoga and walking will not solve her problem.Sugar and any item of food that is loaded with sugar will aggravate her problem.Strict diet control is basic for diabetes control.

  • Medicine and diet both are important

  • Ramani-kashyap_2015,

    Thank you for sharing with us your mother's health on Diabetes and also your great concerns towards this issue. Being upset and scolding on her uncontrolled blood sugar will not make her situation improved. She is fairly new to diabetes and I wonder how well she understand of this disease in terms of its cause, symptoms, treatment and health complications of the failed BS control. If she is Type 2 Diabetes, she is able to control her BS naturally with the right diet and regular exorcise or with some medications if required. Her recent HbA1C 6.9 is not too bad with medications. Good things is that she walks in the morning and doing yoga. What she has missed out is to control/RESTRICT her CARBS (in all forms) consumption because CARBS mainly spike blood sugar among Diabetics. Simply cutting sugar in her drinks and all sweets/sugary foods is a good start.

  • Ramani-kashyap_2015

    Your mother though diabetic was well under control. This approach to "cure " D with drugs is totally wrong and her treatment started on a wrong path.

    D is for ever. The basic defect never goes away. So lchf diet lifelong. Follow the rules strictly. Her D will be under control without medicine. It would not be wise to allow the items she eats. Sweets sugar etc

    good luck

  • Ramani-kashyap, fortunately, diabetes is the only one of all the chronic conditions where the patient can take control of their health and, once reversed, continue to remain healthy without the need for doctors' supervision. And it can be completely and quickly reversed. There is no need to stay ill. This will not happen through a pharmaceutical approach, though, as we are only taught to suppress illness. You have to adopt an Integrative/Functional/Root cause medicine approach, and then your mother can become well again and you won't have to stress any more.

  • Thank you all for your suggestions

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