Sugar diet !!

I visited a Doctor in Kerala about 5 months ago n he basically told me to eat sugar I have been eating sweets for the past 5 months n my HBa1c has dropped from 9 to 6.7 The doc told m to eat a piece of sweet as soon as I get up one more piece before breakfast and one piece before Lunch one after tea and one before Dinner I am feeling fine and i check my sugar every day My fasting has dropped to between 80 n 110 in the morning and the PP is any thing between 150 n 210


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  • i am on two meds but much lesser dozes than what I was But the doc has prescribed a set of exercises about 10 minutes twice a day n my meds have been reduced The name of the DOc is Dr Prasad from vyanad kerala U can google him up he is all over the internet and he is a qualified MD

  • PP anywhere in between 150 and 210 is nothing to cheer about. It's hopeless control believe me no matter what your doctor says. A1C has to be below 5.5

    2Hr PPBS 210 means you could be well over 250 (or even 300) which is definitely _VERY_BAD_.

  • Anything less than 6 HbA1C is good. below 5.5 could mean that sometimes you are hpyoglycemic which could also be dangerous..

  • In Diabetes A1C control there's a very popular terminology called 5% CLUB and this is on A1C values :)

  • very correct. But since A1c is your 3 months avg. I could be also if you are hypo on many ocassions.

  • Depends. In the event of No Drugs or Only Metformin being used, hypo is not possible unless having issues of tumors in pancreas in which case where there's no control on amount of insulin released.

    In case of Sulphonylurea drugs yes hypo is possible.

    In case of exogenous insulin, hypo is possible.

    That's why a NIDDM Type 2 should attempt to go off all medicines as soon as possible through DIET changes and exercise alone.

    I take no meds and from a starting of 229/129 (PPBS/FBS) my A1C over last two years have been 5.0/6.0/5.2 with 4 rth check due in another month or so.

  • i also have heard this doctor talking...he insists that one should do enough exercises to bring down the sugar values and eat only as much as you can spend through exercises...but one should not completely cut off sugar from diet. i know few people who had been benefited too. the exercises can be very simple like move/swing your legs and rotate your hands, open close your fingers, get and move from your chair, walk, rotate your head...or anything where the joints move and do all the activities that can be done by you and also brisk walk

  • Eat 40 gms carb and walk 4 km. So walk 100m for every gm of CARB ingested and if you can do that then eat anything you like including PURE GLUCOSE ... you have to initiate walking within 40 min of finishing eating/drinking :)

    Buy elliptical cross trainer and you can eat and then burn calories at home also. Elliptical cross trainers burn max cal.

  • your controle is 150 210 is not satisfactory your post parandel suger must be after 2 houres less than 140

  • Those who go for far aggressive control aim for 1 Hr PPBS less than 140 as that's what a NON DIABETIC levels are. Non diabetics rarely shoots above 120 at any instant.

  • if it is 120 in1 hour is good but usally after 2 houres if above 140 there is damages to micro vesseles in long process

  • Damages occur not only if it is 140+ after 2 hrs but it occurs at any stage if it is above 140.

  • normal people sug 80 to 120 mg dl

  • to acheave this frequnt meales in little qontity so your rbs round about 140 mg dl insted of large meales

  • pl pass on the name adress of kerala doctor

  • Pl. log into the

  • plz send that keral doctor address this e mail in

  • pl send address & email of doctor

  • Pl.log into website''.

  • plse send the e mail and address of the doctor to

  • he talks only in d u expect others to follow. i had requested to know

    any english version available. no one has bothered.for a long time.

  • forget about him and do consult a diabetician who only can give good advise


  • He speaks Malayalam during the general session but when he meets you one to one yes he does speak english He is good

  • Sanal Kumar The name of the Doctor is DR Prasad friends of diabetics You goole him n there are a lot of videos etc n a whole heap of information

  • I have never read any where that raw sugar or sweets help to reduce Blood Glucose level. The doctor perhaps knows some miracle.

  • It's NONSENSE ... Pure NONSENSE believe me.

  • I am not sure if this is a miracle or not but it has worked for me my A1c has come down fro 9 to 6.5

  • who is the doctor please give me address

  • pls look him up on Google '

  • Amiya,it is no miracle,n dr prasad friendsofdiabetes no magician.

    He proves it scientificaly vth many evidences,visit him one time hear him or talk to him uvl be cleared.u z 'advertisement' hw simply..u hav to know hw he serves n helps.blind evaluation n criticism is not good.

    finaly visit d site friendsof

  • The Kerala Doctor is one way correct. There are six type of tastes in our food and they should be balanced in our daily diet.But this does not happen. We take sweet as desert as a last course of our food. But a little bit of sweet taken before will help in generation of salvia properly and help digestion of carbodydrates etc properly. It is felt a small pc of Jaggery may be consumed chewed properly and slowly. The whole food also should be consumed after biting grinding and chewing it properly and slowly. Full attention be paid on food only and watching of T.V. reading of newpaper etc may not be done.

    The most important step in controlling is take the food in small qty. and after every 2to 3 hr.


  • Hi Amlyakrishna Sorry I take half a tab of Glinil M in the Morning and half at night both before night I also take half a tab of Pioglit in the afternoon Thats what is my medication I eat abut 250 grms of sweet a week Or I eat 4 small 5 stars One portion when I wake up before I drink or eat any thing One portion before Breakfast, one before Lunch and one before dinner Some times with my afternoon tea too Yes My sugar may not be the best but dropping from the 9s to mid 6 i feel is great and PP at 150 i feel is good too Also my energy level is very high I do the prescribed exercises twice a day and I do walk I keep a very active life style as I am farmer and have a lot of time on my hand Over all i love this diet and its doing me good

  • Gondu What the doc said was that there were researches to prove that the Beta cells are re created if sugar is ingested and reaches ur lower intestine in 2.5 minutes Its the beta cells that produce insulin so that is his take and as I said it has worked wonders in my case

  • Yes,indeed I heard about the doctor since I am from Kerala. I do find some of them have benefitted. I did interview few. One who was insulin had stopped it fully. A DGP from Bangalure did not get any benefit so one of my relative.

    I am confused.


  • Keyem The most important is his exercise regiment if u do follow then it will not work

  • I request a prescription style the qty of sugar to be taken n at what time. The execise prescribed ...type n , no of times, for how long.

  • Yes Mr. Laxman

    I have heard about this Doctor, but from the blog only I got the information about his name and website. Dr. Prasad.

    Yes there is something in his research. It is not just like sugar and you will be cured. What he says that to burn (through excecises) the glucose, carbs and protein eaten and already deposited in body through 10 excercises he suggested. He emphasises not to stop the mediciens........during this period one have to closely observe his urine sugar level and adjust the medicine and gradually one can completely stop the medicine........when his pancreas starts to produce insulin. IT IS NOT A MIRACLE. He says about the practical way to get rid of from diabetes. Type 1 still require medicine contolled. Any way it might be good to just have a visit his website and not bad to try as per his advise. I believe Dr. Prasad is not in thurst of money while I contacted some other herbal doctors they demand almost 12,000 Rs. for a month looking in the pockets of diabetics.....the poor.

    Thanks all

  • Without taking any medicine is it possible, if it so please share with us. Thanks

  • Who is this wisest person in kerala?who advises such nonsense

  • Follow this very basic food eating tips:

    1. Eat only when ur hungry [don’t go eat lunch just bz its 1 pm...don’t eat time basis]

    2. Chew 25 times [count literally each bite]

    3. Don’t drink water before or during or after food for 1 hr minimum.

    4. Stop when you get 1st Burp while eating. When you chew 25 time, you will get burp - its a signal that ur full.

    5. Finish dinner on or before 7 pm

    5. Then do walking daily 30 mins a day.


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