Progress Report

Progress Report

Submitting here with my progress report for comments from our learned members like @anup Shashikantiyengar shrisamarth Concerned alwaysoptimistic

Here I submit the link to my earlier post


I would like to thank HU , @anup and ShooterGeorge and all learned members like @concerned shashikant suramo who always supported me and encouraged me to land good numbers.Without support of all these members it was impossible for me to achieve these numbers.

I know still I need to lower my Hba1c further till 5.5...

However looking at my TSH number...I am planning some other strategy...let me experiment...and if I get thru I will submit the same for benefit of other members.

Thank you every one...

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  • Being a learner,I request you to share your detailed daily diet plan and regular physical activities, Admin!

  • hahaha alwaysoptimistic if you consider yourself learner then where I will stand dude?? :P

    Come on....I already posted my diet and other activities plus herbal suppliements in my earlier posts...

    I already gave the links of same in this post...

  • Yes,I am a learner,Admin!

    Actually,I request you to share your current diet plan and details of physical activities.

  • same as changes for last few months(from my last report..

  • OK!

    I got it,Admin!!

    Thanks for your reply!!!

  • What else would you want?

    Maybe push up VitD a bit.

  • cure

    Arey bhau. Hum to khud hi aapse inspirationva leta hu.

    But well done bro.

    Are you off the medicines ?

  • Thank you Bhai suramo

    250 MG Metformin at morning and 500 MG at night...

  • keep it up ...@cure

  • Thank u karch not seeing you these days.... but good to see u again... :)

  • After a long long time ....I logged in on HU ...and found that you are still active as earlier

  • Welcome back karch

    Not just active, he is now Active Admin and things are better since he and Activity2004 have taken up the responsibility.

    You now freely use smiley icons and he he he :)

  • I will be around for a long time, Anup.😀

  • Both you and cure are doing great work.

    Any forum moderation is a thankless job, but one will always find willing admins to take up the challenge.

    I will be here for sometime too :)

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