Good news to all diabetics who are on the look out for genuine Long-wheat from a reliable source at reasonable cost

One of our members has come out with a very important & useful information. In the name of all the diabetic patients world over may I take this opportunity to extend a heart-felt thanks to he,his team & their NGO. I have noted down the phone numbers of their contact persons. For the benefit of all needy patients, the response of at is reproduced below:


Dear Sir,

Based on Mr.George experience and others followers ,I also decided to follow the suit.In Maharashtra locally it is called Khapli and scientifically called as Triticum diccoccum. Due to its demand ,we have cultivated long wheat from authentic seed and now it is available as we have just harvested at BAIF Development Research foundation ,Uruli-kanchan ,Pune (Agriculture division, contact person Dr.Kauthale ,Land line No. 020-26926248 ,26926265 ,26926448 ) and in Bihar (PATNA) -BAIF -Bihar programme ,H.No-2 ,Road No.8 ,East Patel Nagar ,Patna (land line No- 0612-2292486 and contact person Mr.Anjani Singh (08873035217). Price at Uruli-kanchan ,Pune is Rs.45/kg while at Patna ,Bihar it is Rs.35/kg.

I am not able to paste the photo's of long wheat .BAIF is a leading NGO and research organisation working in the field of rural development for last 47 years.Being diabetic myself for last 10 years ,I and my other colleagues wish have a try with this method the person incase you are near by this place.



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22 Replies

  • Respected sir,

    You have written rate of khapli wheat is Rs. 45/- per kg. Just now I talked with Dr. Kauthale he told me to contact Mr. Ashok Patil. He quoted me 85/- Rs. per kg. & he told me to buy khapli wheat from So now what to do ? He is charging almost double.

  • I have long Wheat at Rs 50 per kg our own farm production contact 9822670872

  • Hi bshindepatil11,

    Which place (State & town) is this?

  • Sir i have my farm at Newasa dist ahmednagar of maharashtra state l have produced this wheat first time so it was on very small area next year i am going for large scale productions thanks

  • Thank you Sir

  • It is my pleasure.

  • Sir can i eat long wheat roti instesd of lwmdr i have started lwmdr from today only lhave also done my all biood test today l will let you know my result weekly Thank you Sir

  • Hi Shooter George thank you for long wheat therapy

    excellent result of LWMDR

    i have tasted my bs on 15 june 2015 fbs was 155 & pbs was 283.14 hba1c 7, LDL 247.84, HDL 38.05

    today i have tasted my pbs on glucometer & it is 187

    i am taking 1bwol lwmdr about 60 gm & 2 roti of long wheat in my lunch skipped rice i dont take dinner since last three year instead i take some fruits in night. i take my lunch at 10 am no tea coffee milk .

    i take one gluconorm g1 tablet before lunch since last 6 years. my suger level was never below 200

    I am very happy &very very thankful to you i have accidentally cultivated long wheat on my farmland on small scale .Now I will take it on large scale & try to make it available on reasonable price to needy persons Again thnk You Sir for this important information

    thanks n regards

    bhaskar shinde


    nisarg, dnyaneshwarnagar, garkheda. aurangabad

    maharashtra 431005

  • Thank you Sir

  • sir,

    Do you have office in karnataka . If so give contact datails

  • dear George sir,

    sorry,addressed to BAIF pune

  • Dear sir.

    Can you send me the details of LWMDR

    and How to consume long wheat.

    Email id.

    Thank you.

  • great i will contact the bihar person. many many thanks dear.

  • Please how do I get it here in Nigeria, West Africa. I am very intrested in starting d LW diet ASAP

  • Hi pacy,

    Look for some online grain suppliers from India. One patient had told that broken LW is available at Singapore. Like that it may be available elsewhere also. Try your luck.

  • Thanks

  • Hello George sir I have been taking LW since 8 June my FBs was 111 PPBS 146 on 9 June. Fbs 116 and PPBS 149 on 12june. Fbs 116 and PPBS 128 on 18 June. Fbs 104 and PPBS 157 on 26 June. I am 40 yrs diabetic since 21nov 2014. My weight 70kg, and height 5.6". My day starts with Luke warm water LWMDR in break fast and glass of milk with shilajit liquid baba ram dev medicine. Lunch chapati daal vegetable curd salad. Evening pea nuts and gram. Again in dinner LWMDR with curd and salad. Allopathic Medicine I am taking Metgel 1 tablet in morning after breakfast Vozuca 0.5 Tab after lunch and dinner. Also taking tamato, bitter gourd, cucumber and fenugreek seed mixed juice. I want to know how I am going as I want to leave allopathic medicine completely. Pls guide and advice. Thanks Amit

  • Hi Amit2175,

    In three weeks some persons get better improvements. But all people are not alike. More over I do not know how meticulously you follow the regimen guidelines. Strict adherence will give good improvement; this does not imply that the improvement you got is not good. It is not bad for sure.

  • Dear Shooter George,

    Thanks for all the pains you are taking and the efforts you are making to help the suffering diabetics.

    For the information of all concerned, I want to confirm the observations made by some other members that the cereal known as 'Jau' in area around Delhi, is not the 'Long Wheat' advised by yourself. I have used the 'Dalia' made of 'Jau' for one month (twice a day) but was not able to get any of the benefits detailed by yourself. Rather, uncomfortable pains in whole of the left side of the stomach are developed. Then, just as I left eating the said 'Jau Dalia', the said pains disappeared in 2-3 days. So, let not the 'Jau Sellers' misuse the name and leave the helpless diabetics in painful doubts. The patients should insist on the 'Long Wheat' advised by yourself.

  • Dear DCVM,

    Thank you very much for the valuable feedback. I will try to bring this to the notice of others.

  • I also tried Jau Dalia - and got similar pains. But the problem in my case was poor quality of the dalia. Make sure you buy fresh packaging and the supplier uses good quality of barley. I now buy mine from Noida.

  • Respected sir,

    Pl let me know the procedure for taking lwmdr and also how to procure Long Wheat

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