My Blood reports

My Blood reports

Just today received my recent blood reports.

In last report my TSH got elevated... almost suggesting hypothyroid...which I thought was due to Fenugreek seeds..So stopped same...

And now you can see the TSH and all other markers are well within the limit.

Eating at least one coconut daily...and 70/80 Gms of home made butter.

3 rotis per day of 'Khapali wheat'

Regular consumption of red meat (grass fed goat),prawns,fish...

metformin 500 X 2

Was taking Patanjalee Liv- D and Trikuti churna as supplement..which I stopped since last one month.

Now just Patanjalee-Chandraprabha vati with amala powder in warm water morning and evening.

members may check my earlier posts on progress here..

Learned members of forum like Shashikantiyengar @anup suramo Concerned shrisamarth ShooterGeorge and all others may comment and guide further.


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43 Replies

  • Fasting insulin should be between3-5uU/ml.

  • This time it is not done...

    but TG/HDL is good marker for IR

  • and what do u think about this suramo Shashikantiyengar @anup Concerned

    Any standard blood test will have BUN or urea numbers. Conventional doctors will look at high or low BUN numbers and not mention anything, but these can indicate that certain processes in the body aren’t optimal.

  • What's your view cure?

    I'm drawn to HbA1c and fasting glucose levels that are the high end of 'normal', despite taking metformin. How many grammes of carbohydrate per meal do you estimate you're having?

  • hmmm may be around 110 Gms...but honestly..I had more cheat days during last 3 months...

    plus consumed few mango.

    I was also very much concerned about my u see in my reports ..since I started controlling carbs TSH were steadily increasing.. as per the last reports TSH level were almost pointing to Hypothyroid.. so was scared to reduce carbs further (A lame excuse??)

    But I figured out the was not carbs but Fenugreek seeds..I stopped them altogether..

    Plus due to certain domestic duties (again lame excuse) no morning walks..

    Generally my fasting remains around 90 every day.. but the day I consume mango next day i land up fasting above 100.

    On the day of blood test.... on waking up FBS was 92 by my home meter...when they took blood it was showing 107 by my meter..

    So I can say meter is working fine.

    Any comments on BUN Concerned ??

  • I'm no expert on BUN. Are your slightly low levels due to your low protein intake?

    Just to clarify, are you having 110g of carbs per meal?

  • nah I don't think low proteins ..

    two eggs alternate day

    atleast once in week chicken or fish (mostly fried in coconut oil)

    On Sundays red meat(Grass fed Goat) is must..

    Early morning few almonds plus pistachios and milk

    Break fast around 9.00 besan chilla or sprouts/ fried eggs (ghee) with butter and coconut

    Lunch around 2.30/3.00 PM one and half chapatti of long wheat and any vegetable with 3/4 cloves of garlic and turmeric pickle + 8 pieces of coccinica indica.

    around 6.00 half coconut

    dinner same as lunch

    sometime during week for lunch chicken or fish..

    Sunday red meat lunch and dinner

  • Concerned

    Factors that Decrease BUN :

    - Low-protein diet, malnutrition or starvation (R).

    Ruled out

    - Impaired liver activity due to liver disease (R).


    - Genetic deficiency of urea cycle enzymes (R).

    Don't know

    - Higher IGF-1 and growth hormone. These inhibit urea synthesis (R). Growth hormone-deficient children given human growth hormone have lower urea nitrogen and this is due to decreased urea synthesis (R).

    May be due to butter and milk

    - Anabolic steroids, which decreases protein breakdown.

    Ruled out

    -Overhydration, or drinking a lot of water.

    Ruled out

  • cure

    Any reference that fenugreek seeds and lowering of carbs adversely affected your thyroid function ? May be erraneous tsh report previously. How did you find out about carb - fenugreek seeds and thyroid relationship ? Was it by your instinct or somewhere you got the reference ?


    What To Remember Most About This Article:

    Sometimes, after initially losing weight and correcting hormonal imbalances on a low carbohydrate diet, you may experience weight gain, fatigue, or even hair thinning a few months later. These symptoms could be signs of hypothyroidism, also known as an underactive thyroid.

    Eating too many carbohydrates and grain-based foods can cause serious health issues, feeding disease-causing microorganisms in the digestive tract and even triggering inflammation. But cutting carbohydrates out of the diet completely can affect thyroid hormones and cause hibernation syndrome — resulting in weight gain, drowsiness, and cold extremities.

    To reduce carbohydrates effectively, it is important to cut them out of the diet slowly by following the Body Ecology Principles. One of the easiest ways to do this is by paying attention to food ratios and including more BE-friendly starchy vegetables and grain-like seeds in your diet, based on the Body Ecology Principle of 80/20. You can also nourish your thyroid with fermented foods, probiotic beverages, and daily mineral support.

    But forget this suramo I am not and was never on very low carb diet...I am always on moderately low carb diet...

    But I was scared...

    Further fenugreek seeds acts on all glands..that is for sure... and after stopping them got good results... :)

  • cure

    I have been grainfree for last 10 months and on low carb diet . Shashi too . I have no thyroid problem.

    And I started low carb grainfree not gradually but at once stopped taking grains.

  • Amaranth and millet are high glycaemic grains that will keep people hooked on the highs and lows of blood glucose turmoil.

    Dr Ron Rosedale concurs that thyroid function reduces on a vlcd, but asserts this is healthy as it slows down ageing.

    The truth is somewhere between the two extremes; we need carbohydrate for intense activity, but eating more than we use from glycogen reserves is not to anyone's advantage.

  • very right Concerned now I think it was due to fenugreek and not due to low carbs...

  • advise which grain flour should be used

  • I am using long wheat...

    I think that is safest..

    Even then use them in very limited quantity.

    you may go thru my earlier post here..

  • cure

    Long wheat flour is as good or as bad as any other wheat flour.

  • Bhai suramo I go as what my meter says...

    For me normal wheat spikes 20 points more than Long wheat...

    what to do???

    Which one is better ??

  • Bulgar wheat, quinoa or besan/gram flour in very small amounts

  • hmmm suramo even wheat belly site which is very much against wheat...goes very soft while talking about long wheat..

  • Some people with a wheat intolerance/gluten issue try to stay away from wheat because it can cause different problems for different people, cure.

  • Some 15 yrs ago doctors suspected thyroid cancer and so removed my half thyroid..

  • I am border line diabetic ,diagnosed 3-4 months before,

    was using since diagnosed ,my TSH level crossed limit 4.23 (nml 4.22) for the first time

  • then plz stop fenugreek....and check after 3 months... also try 'Chandrabrabha Vati' By Patanjalee with amla powder in warm water morning evening...

    This worked for me...

  • Also advise which grain flour should be used

  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Test

    Results of the BUN test are measured in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Normal BUN values tend to vary depending on gender and age. It’s also important to note that each laboratory has different ranges for what’s normal.

    In general, normal BUN levels fall in the following ranges:

    •adult men: 8 to 20 mg/dL

    •adult women: 6 to 20 mg/dL

    •children: 5 to 18 mg/dL

    Higher BUN levels can indicate:

    •congestive heart failure or recent heart attack

    •gastrointestinal bleeding

    •high protein levels

    •kidney disease

    •kidney failure


    •obstruction in the urinary tract


    Lower BUN levels can indicate:

    •liver failure


    •severe lack of protein in the diet

    you may evaluate where you stand

  • My BUN ( Blood urea is 22) is 10.27 , is there anything to concern? BUN:Creatine : 10:1 , Lower end of normal range ,

  • you are in safe range... but keep eye on that...

    besides me no one is talking about BUN here..


  • also keep eye on your GGT/sgpt and sgot levels...

  • Bun and creatine are mirror of our kidney health. It should not be ignored.

  • I am looking it as liver health marker..

  • Bun and creatine ratio linked to kudney ...

  • thanks ,I have borderline diabetes ,was eating fenugreek seeds,my TSH level also elevated to the upper level

  • rashmisharma2612

    what was the TSH level earlier???

    Do u have any records???

    I lost my half thyroid to surgery some 17 yrs ago( one wing of butterfly)... but after that everything was normal... even now it is normal.. (so even my half thyroid is working fine-Butter fly can fly with one wing :) ).

    But be sure.. fenugreek works on all glands.. Thyroid is also gland..

  • Get off wheat cure

  • nah...I see some good results of long wheat....not for next two years at least... :)

    let me finish three yrs on long wheat....

  • is taking methi seeds for type 2 diabetes not good?

  • response of each individual is diffrent...

    as per Ayurveda it depends on 'Prakruti' of the individual which depends on the balances of 'Dosha' like kapha,vata,and pitta.

    And therefore it is suggested that you must experiment urself and decide.

    Fanugreek seeds are helpful for many diabetics..

    But one must experiment and decide...

  • ok. are you an ayurvedic doctor

  • Hi,Cureji, I m from Hyderabad Telangana I know Khapli gehu is available at my place but forgot the exact address of shop please help me.

    Thanks and regards


  • sorry @rameshrao ji

    I really don't know much of Hyderabad.

    And publishing any contact details in forum is against the rule.

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