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Friends need your help

Friends i would appreciate if you could provide me a little information. There are many who are strictly following LCHF diet and some are not. so can you share your diet along what medications you are taking and also vitamins. the only problem i m getting is i cant live without chappati.(Roti). and i know that it has alot of carb so i want to change. if i could know that what you eat. it would help me alot. bcoz everyone has different diet. secondly i want to know that i am taking metformin 1000 twice a day so do i need to take b12 and how much mgm. i just bought today 5000mgm. and i also want to know that how can i check what deficiency of vitamin i have. by blood test or any other way. i heard cow milk is not good bcoz it has alot of natural sugar. then how can i make yogurt and cheese . please provide me this information. and if some one getting the problem of falling hair in diabetes what the reason could be. it just started with me now.your feedback can help me alot. bcoz things are very different here in USA..

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How about milk. in cow milk has a lot of sugar. you use buffalo milk. ??


brother here in usa we have only cow milk, no buffalo milk here and it has 12gm per serving sugar.. i cant drink.. so i am thinking if i try to get curt or panner from cow milk the level of sugar will be same.. so what you say about this... and what you eat instead of chapati (roti)..


Paneer and hung curd has got very less sugar in it.

App. 2-4 gm per 100 gm.


i know that but here in usa we have cow milk. and it has 12gm sugar per serving and if i make curd or paneer from cow milk. the sugar will be remain same..


karan79 ,The first step towards diet change is awareness.

It is done by our Volunteer Anup Ji!

The second step is acceptance.

It is in your hand!

And then

diet will do the rest for you.


ok i got it. but as i told you we have here cow milk available. and you know that it has 12gm sugar per serving. so i cant drink and if i make yogurt or panner from cow milk the sugar will remain same..so please help me on this and i think you use buffalo milk.. and one more thing. i have blood test tomorrow. so can you tell me kind of blood test i need . so later i can share and get feedback from all of you..


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