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Type1 diabetes can reversed or person suffering from type1 diab revived

Hi I m sushant 25 yes old

I having diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 6 months back ....I was taking insulin for 3 months with diet control ..and amla...etc ...but now for the past 3 months I have stopped taking insulin but controlling my carbs and sweets with proper diet and sugar check now my c peptide level is 2.47 ( earlier it was 0.97) and HbA1C is 5.75 ( earlier it was 12) .....I just want to know can this is type 1 or not .....as I m not on any med now ....can this be reversed.......pl ans this question bcoz I under immense stress can this be reverse or not

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Sushant: Type 1 are people who have impaired insulin production from childhood. Type 1.5 are people who become diabetic as adults and natural Insulin production approaches zero. Type 2 is term used for adult onset.

So the correct description takes into account two things, firstly at what age diabetes set in and what is natural Insulin production status.

Since 2005 at three occasions I have managed to come in pre-diabetes/IGT range through diet changes. In early 2014 my A1C was 11.6% i.e. average blood sugar was 280 and through slashing calories through carbs by half from 65% to about 32% my HbA1C came to 6.0% i.e. blood sugar average of 126.

(I have put my diet plan on Health Unlocked)

Technical term for getting below 5.7% is: 'Good control of blood glucose level'


Sir can this be reversed ......can my pancreas be revived


At Medscape.com I found this (dated Sep 7, 2012): The reference range of C-peptide is 0.8-3.1 ng/mL (conventional units), or 0.26-1.03 nmol/L (SI).

Going by the above as a layman I would hypothesize you are not Type One!

But mind you, I only studied biology in school till age 12/13 and had no interest in the subject!

I hope you understand the following I found on WebMD better than what I comprehend:

A C-peptide test measures the level of this peptide in the blood. It is generally found in amounts equal to insulin because insulin and C-peptide are linked when first made by the pancreas. Insulin helps the body use and control the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Insulin allows glucose to enter body cells where it is used for energy. The level of C-peptide in the blood can show how much insulin is being made by the pancreas camera.gif. C-peptide does not affect the blood sugar level in the body.

A C-peptide test can be done when diabetes has just been found and it is not clear whether type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes is present. A person whose pancreas does not make any insulin (type 1 diabetes) has a low level of insulin and C-peptide. A person with type 2 diabetes can have a normal or high level of C-peptide.

A C-peptide test can also help find the cause of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), such as excessive use of medicine to treat diabetes or a noncancerous growth (tumor) in the pancreas (insulinoma). Because man-made (synthetic) insulin does not have C-peptide, a person with a low blood sugar level from taking too much insulin will have a low C-peptide level but a high level of insulin. An insulinoma causes the pancreas to release too much insulin, which causes blood sugar levels to drop (hypoglycemia). A person with an insulinoma will have a high level of C-peptide in the blood when they have a high level of insulin.

Why It Is Done

A C-peptide test is done to:

•Help tell the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

•Find the cause of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

•Check to see whether a tumor of the pancreas (insulinoma) was completely removed.

I will inbox a discussion to you.


Thanks ..sir please inbox the discussion............

One more thing if had white rice ...or something sweet liquid or potato my sugar level goes up but after above 170 but ........... For example I had rice in the night my sugar after 2 hrs comes 180 but my fasting sugar in morning is always around 90.....

I m bit confused cause rice ..potato....sweets liquid increase my sugar ..but my fasting sugar remains around 90


Your situation is very hopeful. Holds a lot of promise. If my knowledge about LCHF diet was half as good as it is now, I would have perhaps been non-diabetic after first being described as 'In the per-diabetic/ IGT band in 2005. BTW I was 53 than and smoked 60 cigarettes a day! (The reversal happened in less than three weeks) Second time in 2009 with a HBa1C of 11.3% I was in pre-diabetic band in 3 weeks. I quit smoking in December 2013 and in January my A1 was 11.6%. This time it took six months to com down to 6.0% after which I took blood control drug for the first time when going out to a feast or party. If you do not have any tumor or such issue, I think you could by modifying food intake and timing be out of the Club of Diabetics. I recommend you read up guys like Dr. Bernstein. Very inspirational. From our members here, please see post by Meetu 77 and Shooter George. Also please visit dlife.in


Sugar caused Rice and Potato Spikes are normally much more in case of full blown diabetes!


@norreal GAD antibody test could be more useful.


My mother is diabitic and on insulin injections since 2006. Her blood sugar fasting never goes below 250-280. If u can suggest or recommend something for her to reduce agony o shall be very thankful


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