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Is our understanding of diabetes any where near complete ?

Most of us know some basic facts about diabetes.There is sustained raised blood sugar levels, which Is due to some problem with insulin,either insulin resistance or insensitiviness of tissues to insulin in type2 and no or very little insulin due to some problem with pancreas in type1 diabetes.This raised glucose leads to different complications in different organs and tissues.

So to prevent all those complications and to keep blood sugar in blood within reasonable limits, different measures are advised which are mainly,some modification in diet,physical excercise and medications.

These measures some time works and effective in achieving its goal but several times result is not satisfactory. This forces people with diabetes to look alternative medicines,including traditional medicine from herbs and plants. Some in their dispair even resort to occult or hearsay measures.

It is always said that unless you know and understand a problem completely,you can not get a accurate and proper solution. So if our knowledge about diabetes is incomplete ,then how we expect a complete and reliable solution ?

This is the present day scenario ,let us accept this fact and try to improve our ailment on the basis of available information on diabetes. Every step we take towards for better quality of life should be backed by understanding of what we are doing and with this conscious decision,stick to what are you doing and give it some time to gauge effects. Please don't get elated or depressed by initial success or failure.

I am just expressing my personal thought and feelings.

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I agree with u intoto. Adequate knowledge of d condition, will lead to proper management ,& possibly a cure . Hence I ve taken a personal decision to try out LCHF diet for at least 6mths. I urge every one to seek proper knowledge, take a decision &be consitent with it. D condition took a long time to develop so it will certainly take time to resolve. Patience &determination is d key


It is not possible to calculate how much fat one is taking. One can measure oil or ghee,but not fat which is taken in form of animal meat or fish etc. same is also true about protein and carb.


I agree that our knowledge about diabetes is no where near complete.But great strides are being made in that direction.Fifty years ago diabetes was a nightmare.Now we have a very good chance of managing it and live a healthy and pain free life.Stem cell research,biotechnology,nano technology,immunology etc are receiving lot of interest and we can expect some breakthroughs in these fields to also benefit diabetics.


Ramana42, your comments are very appropriate.


No one perfect in diabetes some time it may control and also some time it may un control. No suitable answer is given for either Doctor or any body. u are also followed LCHF system u already informed it was not work out for U .

Low carb is good for early noticed diabetic For prolonged diabetics more than 15 -20 years it was difficult and it cannot adjusted . Since age factor high protein and high fat may not digested properly it causes kidney and heart problems also.

When the age of our body increases the resistance power and digestion decreases the insulin production may also decreases.

u are known eyery thing and also u are older in age and high experience.

The prolonged D M aged persons may suffer but no alternative way . We must reduce our quantity of food and diet is only safe. As per Doctoradvise we may take drugs for survival purpose

this is common to all Dm particularly prologed D M and aged persons Any thing wrong please clarify ?


A long time back, I posted a blog at this very site in which I put in my thought ,thinking aloud, in which I tried to explain conditions in which lchf may be effective and conditions where it may be least effective.

I will try to get that post and send it to you.


Pataliputra it is your experience aged person not to possible to high fat and protein consime please repost the discussion it may help and useful to so man members and today I am started new discussion about Is carbohydrates may be culprit what aboutfat and pproteins please share your opinion Thanks for respond


Natraj, oft quoted single exception does not become a rule. It is a well accepted fact that a single success comes out after 100 failures, at the same time success is always propagated while failures are never exposed. So people never come out to say that they have miserably failed with a certain type of diet.

That is why doubts are expressed by proponents of that particular diet,when some failures are brought to light.

As I have already said it is very difficult to calculate fat and protein in diet ,at least in India. When you purchase goats meat or chicken meat,who is going to tell you the nutritional facts ?

Most of who say they follow lchf are actually eating high fat and high protein with moderate carb in the long run.

So people should do introspection and not hurl allegations.


My post" lchf diet, wild thoughts",a year back. If you like .you can search.


Here is the link to your blog.



Thank you so much ramana42.


Hi Nataraj,

I agree with you on high fat & its digestion problem in senior citizen. But Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR) does not have any such problem; Long Wheat cooked in water gets digested comfortably & keeps away hunger till next meal.

More & more members are reporting very satisfactory improvement even in case of prolonged cases. One member said he was seeing such low number after twenty years or so.


Not valid in Indian context.(web information).

No scientific study for pronged period on what Indian lchf followers are eating. There is not even longitudinal study.


Numbers ?it is only self assessed. I am well versed with the history of the diet. For what purpose it was used,no need for me to remind.

One one point you are right a couple of people repeating same thing time and again does not make any difference.

Some people always talk about USA,and I am talking about India and Indians.


aks 666 i am not interest in unnecessary comments it irritates to all the members

1 Since so long time I am asking some clarification from one membe MEDFREE but some of non lchf followers says that I am follower of Medfree and Lchf

2 before some previous discussions I am comment some of posts against the LCHF followers comment then they says u are ADA WHO and other blog followers and beloved Doctors etc

So now i am not interest to comment the same thing again and again .

U are join this forum since 15 days back But I think u may in LCHF blg some more than one year ? This is old forum but u are not join this forum before early more than2 years

Let us for goot it is your will wish .

Now coming tothe discussion The discussion person Patliputra is suffered from health since his age is also more than 72. the resistance power also weak according to age increases . Insulin production also less . the aged person may not tolerated high protein and fat diet. it was not digest easily he write his expreince what is the problem It is one of his fact he suffered .

O k some of LCHF members also aged use good numbers and control BS level yes that is their resistance power .

One thing u must think if the person to consume hard food by mouth what he need ? he may use liquid food like ganj etc then carb rice or rava ( Suji )must be used . it is not possible to him todrink Ghee ?

So for smooth discussion I am interesting I am not comment unnecessary

U are a member of this forum please try to participate in discussion in friendly. u may share your experience it shouldbe learnedby other persons.

Dr bernstein is good Doctor no doubt he also suffered so many diabetic complications But he control now also is good his HBA1C may 6.5 = 140 and is good control at his age 85 ? I pray him good health living long life .

But he is in USA his native place His weather and food system is different can u please share any of the Doctor or members more than 80 years in India they are diabetic and BS level in normal please share if avilabale ? In this blog Sri Ragivrao is also 82 years he also

active member in this forum


Do not always says about Dr. Bernestein. I am lived in Indian soil I think u are also Indian ? let us talk about Indian situation. Please share any person more than 70-80

age followed DR Bernstein policy and control BS level.

What is your main intention always u talk about Dr Bernstein ? who will prevented u by following his policy

U just join 15 days here why u are given publicity to Dr. Bernstein. he has already popular and he had so blogs and now also he active in some way.

this is the forum all type of peoples and some of them LCHF followers and others non LCHF followers also and some of them use their own diet and daily active life also ? Why u are always given publicity to this ?

Our health is our own hand not your hand.

Health unlocked also started one group Low carb high fat diet . there are also some of members Please share your complete history and your publicity. I am also a member of that group share your posting in their I am also interesting your activity in that place.


Always u say about low carb high fat let us

how much of insulin required by the person for consuming carbohydrate 100 gms protein 100 gms and fat 200 gms


It was not answer of my comments O K wish u good luck bye bye


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