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Herbal Supplement for Diabetes

These days in such a hectic life apart from having just allopathic medicines it's a must by everyone to have a control over the diet and some brisk walking and exercises. If possible doing some yoga will also do good.

And yes after doing all this People should also have an ayurvedic approach or a Herbal approach to his or her life so as to feel even more relieved and hav total control of Blood Sugar in the Body.

There are many herbs in our Wild Forests which are so much useful for a Diabetic which in every possible way does good for the Body and they do not have any kind of Side effects. Some of them are : Chirayata , Methi , Jamun , Paneer ka Phool , Gudmar, Kalmegh . Taking them will help you in controlling and taking a War against Diabetes.

For against any further information plz do mail me.




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Very good advice for all . Thanks Avi66331.


Please give the herbal names in Malayalam.


From where these are available and how to take them

Chirayata , Methi , Jamun , Paneer ka Phool , Gudmar, Kalmegh

Bharat Bhushan



Hello sir

You can get all of these Herbs from any ayurvedic retail shop and get them powdered or u can get a readily available Powder which is having all these Ingredients which helps in effectively managing ur Blood Sugar Level.


sharing personal contact details are against rule of forum


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