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My sugar levels are creeping up

I am 34 yrs old and was diagnosed with type-2.5 yrs ago. Since then I am successful in controlling my levels in good control by exercise and diet only.at the time of diagnosis my Hba1C was 10.3 and fasting was 150. Then after Hba1C 5.5, 5.7, 5.2 and fasting level around 74 to 86 for two yrs But all of the sudden my fasting levels are creeping up with my testing machine around 90 to 96 ( my testing machine always give higher reading as compare to the lab) even though I am scared what is the reason for this sudden change in my level as my other routine remains same like diet or gym ( with minimum carbs and protein rich diet and good fat). 20 days back I got minor fracture in my finger but I don't think this could be the reason for my fasting levels to increase. Can Change in weather do some effect? I am not able to understand what I am doing wrong. My all posts readings are also increased a little bit but all are within range less than 120 after 1 hour and less than 100 after two hours as per my testing machine. I am not on high fat diet but I am on high protein and very less carb diet. Yesterday I wake with fasting of 96 then after breakfast ( one roti 4 egg white one cup tea with out sugar this is my break fast daily since last two years) and ppbs 108 and 90 with my machine.

Please reply or share your experience in this regard.

Anup ji you must be having some idea.

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This was inevitable

Pl Inc fats

Use egg yellow also

Limit protein to 0.5 gm per kg body wt or upto 0.75gm /kg body wt

Use fatsecret.com to assess the %

Anup will help u further

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Egg yolks are the most important part of the eggs :).

I would recommend to remove the chapati from brakfast. I'm a great lover of breads but diabetes is Carb Intolerance. So we have t get rid of the bad carbs.

I usually take scrambled eggs with chard/spinach (50-75 gr), half asmall tomato (50 gr), bell peppers (20-50 gr). Add cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, turmeric & litlle pepper to taste. Also these spices are good fr controlling blood sugars. Put the eggs in a bowl and pour olive oil and apple cider vinegar into it, and it :).

It is quite tasty and good for your diabetes.

I have also learned some techniques inspired by Dr Bernstein (goodle himon you tube).

Insulin resistence is highest in the morning especially if you have had a bad night of sleep. The ocrtisol is also high which means if you take carbs for breakfast (no more tahn 6 gr total carbs) then your post meal BG will be high. Always check you BG before the meal, if they are elevated then don't eat of dring a bullet proof drink - add a tea spoon of butter and a tea spoon of coconut oil to a hot drink and mix it with a mixer. You basiacally can go fasting this way up into the evening - just by dringling bukllet proof hot drinks. BG will be lowered and you'll be giving your pancreas a break for the day.

So if BG are high don't eat and drink boulett proof drinks.

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You also need some help in terms of taking green juice made of Karela Amla

Also apple cider vinegar to Inc insulin sensitivity


Is there any body else who had faced the above situation in past


I would suspect higher cortisol levels. The fracture you mentioned could be a cause and there might be other stressors in your life, or inflamation in your body. If this increase sustained for long time then you should try to find ways to go down to your previous levels.

1) How to tackle stress:

There are different ways. Good sleep, relaxation exercise and dringking adaptogen herbal teas.

I would recommend Rhodiola, Ashawaganda, Tulsi, and spring green tea.

2) You chould also check if there are inflamations involved. In your case there could be un-diagnosed inflamation. Sit and think if you have changed anything in your diet. Did you feel change in your body recently?

So another part of the solution is eat anti inflamatory foods, spices and herbs. This includes reducing or elliminating vegetable oils and fried foods. Garlic is a very good against inflamation. If you able to get Omega-3 from animal sources that would also reduce inflamation. Eat green leafy vegetables partially cooked or raw as salads.

3) Weakening beta cells:

Usually beta cells in type 2 diabetics weakens after some time. This has been observed in all diabetics who follow regular diet. Some people on low carbs (maybe not so low after all) may, in may opinion, experience weakining of Beta cells, if they actually eat more carbs than they thought. Also if they are weating some supplements that promotes production of insulin in the body.

Rememeber that one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes is exhaustion and eventual death of beta cells. So giving the pancreas a break is part of the solution. This includes avoiding supplement and herbs that stimulate the production of insulin. Instead of these herbs which can actually be useful on a short term but harmful on long term, it would be better to use supplements and herb that hinders the absorption of sugars/carbs in the gastro intestinal tract such as bitter melon and other plants.

So the best here is to reduce the carb level even further and avoid supplements that exhaust the pancreas.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. One more thing I have experimented is that if take one drink of alcohol my fasting levels again come around 78 to 82 ( I did this experiment 3 to 4 times and find the same result).

May be after long time again my liver started to dump sugar in my body @ early morning. Because nowdays my fasting level are almost equal or little less to my bed time (night) sugar levels.

In regards to beta cells I was diagnosed with Hba1C of 10.3 and I am sure that I was not a sweet tooth or carb greedy anyway my last Hba1c was 5.2.

I also saw an article in which it also suggesed that you can enjoy one or two drink of red wine before going to bed to fight dawn phenomenon.


Ver ystrange adviceabout alcohol and diabetes. Alcohol is actually bad as sugar for diabetics. The alcohol is metabolosed in the liver i.e. it can not be used by other that liver and the worse is that the liver turns into fat liver. One of the major causes of fatty liver is actually alcohol. Wi

Remeber we have impaired livers and pancreas, so ought to treat them in the best way to serve us as long as possible :)

So suppose that the main reason behind the idea that wine can help with reducing dawn phenomenon is reducing cortisol.

In order to reduce over night increase in BG one could excercise before dinner and eat little carbs. This will deplete the glycogen levels (Glucose is stored as a compount called glycogen in the liver and muscles). So by exervcersing you reduce the level of glycogen which can be broken into glucose in the liver while sleeping.

If you reduce carbs than your will be forcing the body to look for other sources of energy than glucose.

Back to the wine issue. So active agent in red wine is not the alcohol in contains rather a substance called resveratrol which is contains in a veriety of foods and found in high concentrations in grapes skin.

We can not eat grapes as they are. BUT i found a trick which i haven't used yet. Buy grapes and crash them to make juice for the kids and keep the skin. Wash it off the sugary juice and consume either after dried oo otherwise.

There are other foods that contain high levels of resveratrol are:

- Cacao (raw)

- Peanuts (relatively high carbs)

- pistachios


- Grapes's skin (already mentioned)

I've just watching a youtiube video on the benefitsof Ashwaganda for sleep and stress relief. This is defenitely something i will try tonight.

Summary: Alcohol is not good for the liver and thus for diabetics in general. The active ingredient useful in red wine is resveratrol which can be found in other foods too. Improving sleep can be done by consming ashwaganda before sleep.

If one combines the above advice, i'm sure the sleep will improve and also the morning BG.

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