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Glucose Levels are normal but Hba1C Level is 7.1

My Glucose Levels for both fasting and post are with in range at around 90 approx. but my hba1c level is 7.1. When I tested it in the month of Dec it was 6.1. Even after controlling my diet and doing regular exercise for 30 minutes, when I did the tests again today, my Glucose levels were normal but my hba1c level is 7.1 now.

1. Does normal glucose levels and hba1c as 7.1 indicates that I am diabetic ?

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See Vpbhatia's post to see what happens after a very short time on LCHF.



The A1c is an average of the last 3 months worth of glucose levels in your blood. It is also said that about 50% of it is contributed by the last month or so of BS levels. So either the latest A1C results are erroneous (you can rule it out by going in for another A1C test at another lab), or your glucometer is defective. It happened to me a little over a year ago that my BS readings were quite good and I got a very large A1c number handed to me. Tested BS on my meter and a friend's meter simultaneously and the readings were off. Bought another meter and did more parallel testing and sure enough the old meter was showing bad readings. My actual readings were higher than what that meter showed.

Also do take readings for Fasting and PP after all 3 mails for a few days in a row. That will show you the pattern and fluctuations.



Which are the medication u havin and may I know ur phone no.


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