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Hi. I m Pallavi, age 43 yrs. weight is 90 kg. I m vegetarian. I do gym for weight reduction. but no effect. I had heavy breathing experiences recently. So i did blood check. My fasting sugar today is 311 and fasting 384. B12, D3 low, high cholesterol. After reading details about high sugar level consequences and risks.. i m really scared. My hysterectomy is done. My daughter is just in 8th Grade school. Please advice me a good diet and guide me what to do?


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  • I take 1 gluconorm G-2 tab before lunch

  • pallaviD

    You are at right place...here there are many members who are keeping non diabetic numbers without medicines...also many have shaded up to 15/20 Kg in span of about 6/8 months.

    Bhai suramo @anup Shashikantiyengar are most leading members and guided and inspired many members to come back from point of no return.Hope they will help and guide you.

    Plz don't worry and work out for reversal...I am sure with determination and proper guidance reversal is very much possible.

  • Thanks a lot. I am desperately waiting for your guidance.

  • Yes...I am sure our other learned members will guide u...

  • Start cutting down carbs. Cutting down calorie has failed everyone in the long term. It simply doesn't work to stay in perpetual fight against hunger. Take a look at what LCHF diet does to weight also. I can provide many such examples of Indians :)


    And all that I quote are Indian diabetics who have achieved great numbers on minimal medications just by switching diet to LCHF.

  • Yes pallaviD going low carbs should your first aim...if possible plz share your other details such as Hba1c,cholesterol,thyroid reports..

  • wow Geodiabetic ..you are celebrity now... ;)

  • The following case featured on dietdoctor.com



    I had posted about his progress in the following thread:



  • means?

  • pallaviD the link which @anup provided shows pic of our member Geodiabetic

    We have many such members...

  • healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

    She has lost 20Kg even by eating to satiety and no calories counting. #LCHF rocks!

  • Bhai @anup yes yar LCHF rocks....

    but guide her....let her go to your old threads....

    let Bhai suramo clear her doubts....

    she seems to be distressed...

  • Yes she can go thru my posts. Or even suramo's posts. Lot of information has already been posted over last 4 + years.

  • yes....you are right...

    she should control her carbs first....

  • She is going to have a talk with her doctor.

  • Anup,

    "Cutting down calorie has failed everyone in the long term. "

    We always differ on this point. Yes. Only cutting down calorie doesn't work. One needs to cut total calorie consumption by at least 30% and carb - complex - intake to upto 100 g a day to get your body fat burnt imho. Yes. Reducing carbs and increasing fats would increase bmr as some people say but i'd still advise to cut calorie intake too.


    Howsoever intense exercise one does but until carb intake is reduced no effect on body weight will be seen. Do both. Lchf and exercise.

    Also don't fear fats. Take liberal amount of good fats co vco evoo and ghee. I put not less than 20ml preferably 30ml evoo as dressing on my veg or egg omelette. Pure homemade ghee made by fermentation is very good. You can cook with it or use a liberal quantity as dressing.

    You can take bulletproof coffee or use tea with vco and cow ghee instead.

  • I posted a link to results of research just out this Monday wrt cardiac risks and Low Fat Vs High Fat. Low fat lost again :)

    Calorie counting is a failed theory unless one can tell me how many calories go down the loo every day? I never counted any calorie like most on LCHF. Eat to satiety and enjoy great numbers is the thumb rule

    Yes exercise can never cover the evils of a high carb low fat diet. Never ever.

    And here's a link why Calorie theory and eat 6 times a day is CRaP


  • @anup

    That's fine but i have lost my weight that controlled my bs by low carb low calorie diet. Also we recommend IF. That's a kind of calorie deprivation. Also when on lchf diet we feel less hungry because of fats. I also feel full despite on hypocalorie diet. I don't have severe hunger ever since i started taking lchf. I take just one meal which is usually a veg with lots of evoo on top in the morning at around 10 and frankly i don't feel hungry till late evening. That too just hungry.

    So may be we both are right.

  • anup,

    CRaP is a different story. Even Jason Fung recommends fasting.

    1) Eating repeatedly I don't support. All the time pushing insulin up and down puts stress on pancreas and causes hunger pains.

    2) I recommend low calorie on lchf diet. Take bland diet like coconut bpc or popcorn if hungry.

    3) Eating to satisfy doesn't mean taking full calorie diet. Certain food like coconut and oils make you full but provide less calorie.

    Okay. Fine. I'd like cure who lost 8" of waist and Shashikantiyengar who maintains excellent sugar control and a1c to 5 to respond how they reduced their weight. There are many others too. Well experienced people here.

    4) How does one burn abd fat if it takes sufficient calorie? Low calorie does reduce bmr but to what extent? Also fat storage is nature's device to provide energy when starving. Abd fats burn only on prolonged starvation. Intense exercise is considered similar to starvation. So how about lchf with low calorie intake by 30%? It will work two pronged. 1) Calorie deprivation and 2) high fats will keep insulin low so lipolysis.

  • One question:

    How many calories go down the loo?

    In one study with Almonds, 27% of the calories noted on the packing label went down the loo. Different food items may have different numbers for calories going down the loo.

    Does anyone championing calorie counting take that into account?

  • Anup,


    Why should we care for what goes down? Care for what we get. But tell me how and why should our abd fat burn if we are not starving?

  • So how much of the 1000 cal that you eat you really get? For fat to burn you need to have insulin and blood sugar levels low. Even if you eat more as per kcal calculations you will not gain weight when that is happening.

  • Anup,

    I'm not talking about weight gain. I'm saying if you take as much calorie as you require your abd fat won't burn. We have to get rid of this abd fat to reverse our D.

  • Error link, no info :(

  • pallaviD

    Pl post your lab reports and current diet in details

    Do u take eggs..?

    Your levels are very high

    Some medications needed

  • Shashikantiyengar

    No need to put her on medicine. I fully agree with anup that lchf starts working right from the first meal. Weaning from medicine is very difficult. Esp for nonmedicos.

  • You are at Right Place...Now ...Apart from Your Reports

    watch Your thoughts and Feelings....and those matter a lot The can make You ill and good part about thoughts and feeling are they can make you HEALTHY also....leave medicines to treating Doctor Right kind of Doctor who believes That Not only Diabetes Type 2 But any Illness are reversible You required to Do Exercise Regularly Consume Home made Food Chew mouthful food about 32 time...and Meditate Meditation on BREATHING

    All the best Thank You

    Love You

    Dr Mahesh M Shah

  • pallaviD, your condition can be quickly, completely and safely reversed. Do not stress.

  • Hi Pallavi, Have a low carb diet, no rice, wheat instead have jowar, bajra and channa roti and you can have dalia made out of these, not more than total of 50 to 60 grams in whole day. You can have all dals with skin, vegetables,do at least 30 minutes of walking daily. eat non sweet fruits like green apple, jamun, gauva even you can have watermelons etc. Weight need to be reduce to ideal weight please see height weight and age chart and slowly try to reduce. follow these tips and I am sure you will loose weight and your blood sugar will reduce in a months time. The main culprit is the carb. This I am saying from my personal experience I have been diabetes over 15 years and 65 years of age, but physically active golfing 3 days other days walking and cycling, but of late my blood sugar was high, adopting this diet my BS is 100 to 120 fasting and PP 130 to 140 compared to fasting 160 and PP 250 earlier, no change in my medication. I will suggest go to an endocrine doctor for advice, moreover you have gone through hysterectomy and thus no hormone generation take this also into consideration. Be stress free and lead a happy life, nothing to worry. Life is too short and worrying will make it miserable.

  • Pl go to a diabetic clinic and bring sugar under control. They will advise you evening thing. Your sugar levels are very high and it can lead to several complications. Do not wait.

  • Dear Pallavi, I'm Monir 58+, 5 ft 4 inches tall, have diabetics for last 26 years, have 8 stents in my heart and a hypertension patient. I was 75.5KG on 22-Oct-16. My fasting sugar used to be above 210 and 2 hrs after meal used to be above 270. But today my weight is 62.9KG and fasting sugar is 81. My diet in a day from 22-Oct-16 is: 1. white part of 8 eggs 2. Eight green apples 3. Multigrain bread of 70gm in breakfast 4. Capsicum, onion, pitten olive, carrot (60gm), boiled seasonal veg 80gm (carbless like cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower, etc), lemon, fresh tomato juice, walnut (40gm), almond (40gm), and green tea. I'm sure you will get benefits if you follow my diet. Thanks. Monir.

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