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Sugar level after dinner

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Hi, I am 47 years old with HBA1C level of 7. My sugar after dinner comes in the range of 190-215.

1. Is it high?

2. Are there any recommendation for lowering sugar levels after dinner. I do consume snacks such as biscuits/namkeen/fruits when I reach hope between 6-7.30 PM and then take dinner at 830

Fasting is 115-120 and PP is below 140. I don't take any medicines and workout/run regularly.

Many thanks in advance for your time and your valuable advice.



13 Replies
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For healthy life we have to watch out for free and hidden sugar in what goes into or mouth.!

Regular exercise can also help with smaller portion of food.

What is your understanding of HbA1C of 7?

" Are there any recommendation for lowering sugar levels after dinner"?

The answer to this is you control what you eat and drink to control your blood glucose after dinner?

May be a change required, no snack between 6 & 7:30. take dinner at 7PM ? Is this doable?

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anilrajpal in reply to sandybrown

Many thanks for your advice Sandy. I definitely need to have a look at the carbs I am consuming. On your question of my take on HbA1C of 7, I thought this is catgeorized as "good" control and is not a matter of concern ( although ideal target is below 6.5). I am open to a different view

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sandybrown in reply to anilrajpal

HbA1C is average blood over 90 days. There are three different ways the results are reported.





Ave. Blood Glucose


An example is (In % , 7) , ( in mmol/mol , 53) and (in mmol/L , 8), the unit of measurement is very important!!

UK target is

HbA1c targets.

The HbA1c target for people with diabetes to aim for is:

48 mmol/mol (6.5%)

Note that this is a general target and people with diabetes should be given an individual target to aim towards by their health team.

An individual HbA1c should take into account your ability to achieve the target based on your day to day life and whether you are at risk of having regular or severe hypos.

Your HbA1C of 7, what is the unit?


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anilrajpal in reply to sandybrown

Thanks. This is in %

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Dear Anil,

HbA1C of 7 is actually a bit high. PPBS 190-215 is pretty high. You need to cut down carbs and replace them with healthy fats like coconut, ghee, paneer, etc. Please buy a good branded Glucometer and find out what ratio of carbs,protein and fat works best for you for each your meal. Target to bring down PPBS as a first step. It will automatically pull your HbA1C down. Cheers

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anilrajpal in reply to barani19

Thank you dear for your response and your advice. I do own a glucometer. Somewhere I read that the glucometer readings are higher compared to reading taken from blood from vein. Is it true or the glucometers are calibrated to show the actual levels? Thanks again

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barani19Administrator in reply to anilrajpal

Dear Anil,

Cool. We are here to help each other.

Yes. Glucometer should be used only for trends. Not for actual measurement as it is not accurate most of the time. To provide you with an example, i went for my blood test to a nearby lab last time. Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS) reading in my glucometer was 113 mg/dL. The lab reading was 123 mg/dL. When it came to Post Prandial Blood Sugar(PPBS), my glucometer reading was 103 mg/dL where as lab reading was 79 mg/dL. So, you cant rely solely on your Glucometer reading. But you can observe the trend by changing your diet, exercise, etc. Let me know if you need any further information. Happy to help.


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anilrajpal in reply to barani19

Thanks again for sharing your experience. In the article that I read they mentioned that the glucometer reading is generally higer ( range 5-8%) compared to the blood sample taken from the veins. Reason : sugar from the blood has been consumed by various parts of the body when it is returning back through the veins. Looked logical to me. At the sametime the author mentioned that the glocometers are being caliberated to that extent these day.

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barani19Administrator in reply to anilrajpal

That statement is a hypothesis of the author of that article which is definitely not true based on my own experience.

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anilrajpal in reply to barani19

You are right

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Do walking

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Some of the easiest change are:

1) Try to eat your dinner at 6.30 or 7 when you reach home.

2) if you are using pressure cooker for rice then you are not removing excess starch. Too much starch can lead to excess release of sugar in short time.

3) Try to reduce carb such as Rice or wheat in the form of Chapati or Roti since the whole grain has already been ground down to powdery form which can lead to quick release of sugar / glucose.

4) Try to make your meal 2/3 as vegetables and only 1/3 as rice or wheat.

5). Above all, try to get some exercise or go for some walks after meal etc.

Hope this helps.

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Many thanks. All of these are very useful.

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