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Discovery of asprosin, new hormone could have potential implications in treatment of diabetes

Discovery of asprosin, new hormone could have potential implications in treatment of diabetes


......In the opposite direction, patients with obesity/diabetes who have high blood glucose and insulin display higher than normal levels of asprosin. Using this information, the researchers determined that they could develop an antibody against it, and use that antibody to neutralize asprosin, a process called immunologic sequestration. This way they could potentially reduce the amount of glucose released by the liver, resulting in the pancreatic cells needing to release less insulin.......

.....To test this concept, they treated diabetic mice with this antibody and found that even a single dose of the antibody worked well to reduce their insulin levels back toward the normal range. When such mice were treated for a longer period of time, their insulin resistance completely normalized.

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Is this the reason why BCF improves when you lose considerable amount of weight???

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HDL and TG.... @anup let us think more.... how to bring down TG and LDL at the same time increase HDL...

This will help us in getting over IR issue...


hmmmm yar kabhi socha hai why we indians have low vit D level when we have ample sunlight all thru year??


bhai this is about how they can fortify our food.....means they could sell same food at costly price....

Is there any other reason u can think?


true....but even there is Vit D deficiency with white skin ppl sating in ful sunlight area...

why so??


well....is t possible tht it is our bodily response to safegurd us from some pathogen??


great.....is it possible that case of HDL may be similar to this??


HDL kya level meain kounse form mein hai....ye sab academic discussion hai...

For us mortals number badhana xaruri hai..

So removing causes which hinders the same should be on priority list.

Think vco is wepon in arsenal.


let us think more.... my primary logic suggest VCO as best option....but let us try to understand more on this issue....

Let suramo also contribute....

I request Hidden MikePollard Shashikantiyengar Concerned and all our learned members to contribute thoughts....

on subject what is reason for low level of HDL and vit D in spite of good diet...


As per my understanding @cure

Cholesterol is used for various purposes

Hormones, cell metabolism etc etc

Liver releases the cholesterol and circulated as LDL

And recycled or brought back as HDL the unused cholesterol

So it ldl is slightly high and hdl is low it may indicate some systemic inflammation

Hscrp may not be the only markers

There are many other markers

Best way is to understand and use lots of natural anti-inflammatory

Maybe grape seed extracts, pomegranate etc

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wonderful Shashikantiyengar so inflammation is one cause which is obstacle in level of HDL...

suramo always talks about edema ..and D....is it also factor which affects HDL level??

I just wonders why after all good food.. and good habits ...still HDL level is not going up....

here we have few members who are with excellent HDL level.. one among them is shrisamarth ..and ShooterGeorge ....it will be wonderful to observe what they eat and what are habits followed by them....may be that will give us some clues...

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Dr Bernstein 113 or so

What I wrote may or may not be correct

But will employ diff strategies to raise HDL in addition to walnuts and ghee which are also said to raise HDL

One other would be to have foods with niacin

Let's see how to


hmmm Shashikantiyengar how about exercise?? I know @anup is not doing any vigorous exercise...

what about u??? do u take any walk???

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Not for last 2 months. Rainy season

But was running walking 1 year prior to diagnosis

But hdl was only 32 a year back

So exercise may or may not be effective

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Moderate use of alcohol has been linked with higher levels of HDL cholesterol. For healthy adults, that means up to one drink a day for women of all ages and men older than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger. Too much alcohol can cause weight gain, and may increase your blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

HMMM i think vinegar should help us.... let us ask MikePollard after one month or so....how much increase in his HDL level..after starting ACV.....


Look at my reports Shashikantiyengar i am showing linear improvement in my HDL levels since last 6 months....


here is something interesting suramo and Shashikantiyengar


Accumulating evidence suggests that HDL or a specific apolipoprotein associated with HDL, such as apoA-I, is involved in the innate and adaptive immune responses primarily through the modulation of lipid raft components in monocytes/macrophages, dendritic cells, and T and B lymphocytes. Plasma HDL-C is usually reduced in chronic inflammation. These findings suggest that HDL protect against inflammation. However, chronic inflammation modifies HDL from a molecule with anti-inflammatory properties to one with proinflammatory properties, which leads to complex interpretation of plasma HDL-C levels. Although recent genetic and proteomic studies have unveiled important molecular players in HDL metabolism and immune activity, the mechanism for HDL regulation by these molecules remains unclear. Additional studies are required to answer several questions about HDL-C and inflammatory disease with regard to reduced plasma HDL-C levels as potential pathogenic cause of inflammatory diseases; HDL-C consumption and its consequences versus benefits for protection against these diseases; and altered HDL function in these diseases.

This study was supported in part by Grants-in-Aid from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Japan.


oh come on @anup

jane bhi do yar....let him contribute....every one has got his point...let him also contribute...why not take benefit of his knowledge??

He has also spent his precious time in reading and learning....

let us be open to everything....


Bhai mere ADA ka kitna bhi drug khaya toh bhi HDL upar nahi jata hai....

I have seen many ppl on statin....LDL kam toh huwa....but HDL bhi gaya....so ratio remained same...

what is use of stain then???

Best way is to eat shirmps..... some ppl say shrimps boost up LDL....but it boosts up HDL more...

For me it just boosts up HDL :d

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look here @anup what mayo clinic says...


HDL levels are sometimes improved by drugs used to lower LDL and triglyceride levels — such as prescription niacin; fibrates such as gemfibrozil (Lopid); and certain statins, particularly simvastatin (Zocor) and rosuvastatin (Crestor).

But clinical trials for several drugs specifically designed to increase HDL levels were halted early, because they didn't reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Drugs containing testosterone and other anabolic steroids can artificially lower your HDL cholesterol levels. Avoiding these drugs may help increase your HDL numbers.


true.... cause human body is very amazing...you can not predict anything....here mathematics does not apply....here 1+1 is not always 2....

we have yet to understand lot....


are bhai....wo CVD ko maro goli....jo Punyawan hota hai...wohi CVD se marta hai....

I pray to the God...ke muze CVD ya CHD se marna hai.... ek din ek attack and off....

Chlta firta mare to nasibwala nahi hai kya??

Bhai mere hum HDL ki bat isliye kar rahe hai ki IR ka marker wo hai.....

If we improve on our TG/HDL ratio ..we will be able to reduce our IR....


agreed TG we will reduce...but how about attacking from both sides???



What does the data show?

HDL in Kitava averaged 44.5 mg/dl. [6]

For American populations in NHANES III, African-Americans averaged 53 mg/dl and white Americans averaged 49 mg/dl. This is a good comparison because Americans of different races eat similar diets.

In the Beijing Eye Study, Chinese were found to average 62.3 mg/dl, with one Beijing resident having an HDL over 270 mg/dl! [7] In the InterASIA study, however, Chinese averaged only 51.7 mg/dl. [8]

It’s difficult to infer much from this data, since diet and infectious burden affect HDL levels. The lower HDL in Kitava could be due to their higher carbohydrate intake. But overall, it is consistent with my evolutionary hypothesis. Kitavans have the lowest HDL levels, Americans of European descent are intermediate, and African-Americans and Chinese have the highest HDL levels.


hahaha bhai americans are always obsessed with southeast asian girls....


oye hoye.....kya bat hai... never had chance to interact with her.....

But its wonderful.... what are her thoughts on this issue will be very useful for us....

Bhai karch is not seen here for many days :)


I am on the earth and happily busy :) ...was missing everyone ...

Thank God there are people like you who were missing me :)


cure Monounsaturated fats lower LDL and TGs, sat fats raise HDL and LDL; having 50:50 similar to body fat will improve TG:HDL ratio, as will limiting carbs of course, particularly fructose and high-glycaemic.

As for vitamin D, it is often not an issue of insufficiency. Ron Rosedale believes it is the hormonal messengers that are being misread, due to insulin resistance for example. Now, while even Caucasians may find the northern climate sparse in sunshine, the picture is much improved by having fats as above because they too can provide some vitamin D, enzymes to facilitate its function, plus enable storage since vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. The return of rickets in Wales for instance may not be due to children not receiving enough sunlight, but attributable to a natural fat deficient diet.


thank you Concerned for nice and wonderful explanation ...

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Concerned is it possible that impact of dietary HDL is very less on measured HDL...similar to cholesterol??

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suramo bhai ye kya lafada hai???

on one hand we say cholesterol and CVD/CHD has no relation.... and we again think about how to increase HDL....

On one hand we say....body adjusts its own cholesterol level suitable to body needs.... and again we force body to have more HDL level??

We say diet has very minimum impact of blood cholesterol….. and again we advise consume more nuts fish oil avocado to boost up HDL….

Yar ye HDL is part of total cholesterol....so how diet can have impact on same???

Are ye sab contradiction nahi hai kya???

yar suramo kidhar ho tum????

thoda samzao hum ko....

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