homeopathy for diabetic treatment

I (51 years) am at "borderline" diabetic i.e 125 on fasting and less than 200 after eating. I was prescribed homeopathic medicine plus dietary controls and exercise,

Now my levels are well within limits. 80 on fasting and 110 on eating.

I stopped eating any sweet including in tea. Reduced rice and eat more wheat and ragi.

reduced chiken and normal fish. Doing half an hour brisk walk, stretching and yoga for half an hour in the morning and normal walk of half an hour in the evening.

Last six month I reduced my weight from 78 to 68 kg. I stopped smoking and alcohol for the last six months.

Friends please suggest, anything more need to be done to escape from type 2 diabetics.

I wish to lead a healthy life till 87 years(three years less than my father),


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22 Replies

  • It looks you are doing very well indeed.Keep going and wish s long diabetes free life.You may guide others as to how you reduced your weight.That will be very helpful.

  • You are doing well indeed. But tell us what homoeopathy medicines are you taking.

  • Its R40 a German made liquid - 10 drops in little water half an hour before breakfast and dinner.I really doubt whether the medicine or my lifestyle change that helped me.

  • The control is Really amazing. Weight reduction of 10 kgs in 6 months needs attention. Kindly check out for ur weight loss. Try with out medicine and test for blood sugar levels. Kindly post the results

  • Dear friend,send me your address,I will post you one month course of Pterocarpus Marsupium free,you will see how perfectly it works.All the best,mr.Sergii.

  • Madhusudan Saini,B-26-S,Sector 13,Vijetavihar,rohini,delhi 110085. I hv high blood sugar. I want some medicine from you. Pls send me one montmh course to see the result. Mobile ph . 09811260116.

  • p.sundarapandiyan

    71 a vsl nagar (1 st floor)


    cuddalore -607001

  • thanx a lot! just received your leaves packet.. took it today. again thanx

  • Brahmananda Sahoo , Q.R - N.O - B / 396 , AT - NTPC , PO - DEEPSIKHA , DIST - ANGUL , ORISSA . I have high blod sugar Fasting - 161 & PPBS - 206 . I want some medicine from you . Please send me one month course to see the result. Mobile ph - 09861204900.

  • Sir,tomorrow I will send.Pin code?

  • Dear Sergil,, I'm Md.Ahmad Khan,67 years,have fasting sugar 130-135 and PP 190-220. Kindly do thw best. My add.is;

    Md.Ahmad Khan Madan :mobile:9450320367

    Near Basant College,Narghat,


    Reply to this

  • Vinod kumar rai

    A 285,Sector 46


    Uttar Pradesh


  • My Name - Quasim M B

    Address - Flat No.202, 1574/75 Shukarwar Peth, Hathi-Mahal, Bhori-Ali,

    Pune - 411002

    Maharashtra, India

    Please send me a months course if possible for Diabetes.

  • Please send me at address .. C/o. Kameshwar pd shrivastava ,Village and post. Mahanth maniyari,near,high school chowk,muzaffarpur,bihar

  • I'm in Hicksville, New York. Can you send medicine

  • Mr.Young man , you have some good attittude and approch. keep it for your well being ness inthe future

  • You are doing very well, your attitude and actions are really good and indeed it can guide other Diabetics in similar conditions.I will adopt a good part of it myself. Really.

  • To the benefit of others on borderline, let me explain my routine.

    Get up at 5.30Am,

    -After brushing, have two 300ml glass of warm water with lemon,

    -a brief walk of 300 meters to bring milk pocket,

    - Go to toilet(earlier I used to got toilet after walking and having a tea).

    -Have a small tablet of pantop 40mg to keep the gastritis in control,

    -Have a spoon of herbal medicine(mixture of menthi +curry leaves+chakke powder in water)

    -have a sugerless - ginger tea with 1% fat milk

    - Half an hour brisk walk, during walk I do simple stretching as suggested by Dr.mohan, chennai.

    - Half an hour yoga mostly surya namaskaara + stretching as suggested by Dr.mohan, chennai. I get full sweat.

    -Take homeopathic medicine R40-10 drops in water

    - Have bath

    -My breakfast: 5 idlis with chutney,sambar, or

    4 dosas soft without much oil not fried or,

    1 cup od kellogs + two chappathi+veg curry or

    I galss of oats ganchy + dosa made of wheat flour.

    I have a tablet of "tazlac-trio" -40mg after breakfast. This tablet was started since seven years. That time doctors said myBP was due to more LDL cholestrol(125mg). Later I came to know it was due to small increase in my susgar levels. Now my BP is 120/80 always. Still doctors advice not to stop medicine.

    I have a sugarless tea at 10AM at office.

    Lunch at 12.30;

    two chappathi + veg curry or greens + small cup(150gm) of rice + sambar +butter milk made of 1% milk.


    200gm ragi ball + veg curry or greens + small cup(150gm) of rice + sambar +butter milk made of 1% milk.

    I have a sugarless tea at 3 PM at office.

    Evenings I have some snacks made as suggested in the receipe book by Dr.Mohan, chennai.

    Go for Half an hour normal walk.

    At 7.30Pm homeopathic medicine R40-10 drops in water.

    Dinner at 8 Pm:

    5 idlis or four dosas or two chappathi + three idlis or two chappathis+two dosas

    After dinner I have a full mousambi fruit not juice.

    With this routine I could reduce my weight from 78 to 72 Kg in two months. further my weight has gone down to 68 slowly. Last two months I am holding at 68.

    Earlier I used to smoke four cigaretts a day and a 180ml drink of wiskey on sunday. I stopped them last eight months.

    By gods grace, Now I feel healthy and energetic.

  • very good.

  • These things you are doing is good for the control of Diabetes. You shouold continue with this daily. My Yoga Guru said that when you fast and dont have meals then that day you can leave the yoga or when you have fever etc. you can leave yoga.

    assuch what youn are doing is best course.ontinue that.

  • Dear Salvaraj, May God keep giving you strength to do things as advised by the mediator (doctor Mohan) to keep you healthy and more particularly sugar & BP free future.

  • Dear friend sergil,please send me your medicine at kameswar prsad shrivastava, village.post.mahanth maniyari,near,high school chowk,muzaffarpur,Bihar.843147

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