Study says dairy fat could lower risk of diabetes

Study says dairy fat could lower risk of diabetes

Posted: Thu 3:16 PM, Apr 28, 2016 

BATON ROUGE, La (LSU AgCenter) - A recent study published in the Journal Circulation suggests that dairy fats may guard against Type 2 diabetes. While the study does not show cause and effect, there are several reasons why full-fat milk, yogurt and cheeses could delay the development of diabetes, said LSU AgCenter registered dietitian Sandra May.

“It could be the full-fat dairy products keep you fuller longer, so you reduce the total number of calories you take in throughout the day,” May said.

The study followed 3,000 adults for two decades and showed that those who had higher dairy fatty acid concentrations in their blood had a lower incident of diabetes.

Other studies have considered a connection between vitamins and minerals in dairy products and a reduced risk of diabetes or that whey protein could have some effect on diabetes development, but May said results were inconsistent.

This study didn’t look at children, but previous research did show that children who have a higher intake of dairy fat may gain less weight over time.

“Whole milk or 2 percent milk may keep children feeling fuller,” May said.

May pointed out that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage consumers to move toward one percent milk or skim milk.

“The general consensus is foods high in fat and cholesterol can lead to heart disease,” May said. “We have to go with the stronger research right now.”

For now, the recommendation is to consume lower-fat dairy products, May said.

**This article was written by Tobie Blanchard for LSU AgCenter.**

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  • Bogus researches -- low fat theory. With such a research One can prove that use of Kerosene will lower diabetes:

  • That's because in spite of evidences people are still afraid of fats and casts a blind eye to even proven research 

    Our Ayurveda never recommend low fat 

    Even Jainism recommends milk which contain fats 

  • Ragivrao

    this is the forum for those who believe in or try to understand lchf diet. We are all aware of strong recommendations against what we are believing and preaching. So those who believe in and want to practice lchf diet should ignore such advises and opinions.

  • How much diabetes increased despite world organizations? Four times in 35 years on this so called healthy diet spread by the so called great institutions? So, who failed? Association or the diet?

    World is far bigger than these institutions and forums exists because these institutions failed to deliver. 

    If LOW FAT theory was so great, it should have spread its wings on its own rather than need to be forced down the throat through "hard selling" (despite repeated failures in last four decades) by these so called institutions who based their opinion on one FUDGED study by Ancel Keys.

    Doctors are already doing the Hard Selling for LOW FAT nonsense that has increase diabetes by four folds ever since this diet came into existence. Most surprising is that people turn a blind eye to four fold increase in diabetes and still bat for the same failed diet.

    No scientific evidence as to what has HIGH CARB Low fat nonsensical advise helped humanity with. More drugs sales? That's just one long term result of this so called healthy diet?

  • Ragivrao

    you are still skeptic about lchf diet and you have all the rights to be.

    It's a question of trust. A person sitting far away totally unknown to you is sharing his/her experience with you. Without any personal interest. Now it's upto you to believe or not. One should find solution to one's doubts by surfing net and if one finds that whatever has been said here is worth trying one should try. You can take certain precautions for your fears, for example you can take statins to control your cholesterol with lchf diet and keep your cholesterol within recommended limits.

    Many studies are done in offices and not on the fields. Many times we are finding results contrary to recommendations. Americans never knew about curd and making of deshi ghee. They knew about butter. Both are made differently. Our ancestors have invented making of desi ghee. Think of their intelligence and study. I still wonder how our rishi- munies invented so much despite scarce population then.

    You should decide whom you should trust, ada or the experience posted here. I trust both but ultimately i will trust my own experience.

    This is an era of propaganda. Advertising can sell poisons even. Think of coke and other drinks and innumerable other food items. So if some industry decides to promote lchf diet for its earning lchf diet would get popularized otherwise mouth to mouth publicity takes longer.

  • suramo 

    Brilliantly said!!!

    Problem is when we talk LCHF we aren't into making money like when Followers of Dr Pramod Tripathi talk Vegan and promote his business through youtube videos or his website directly out here. Some even promote the useless BGR-34 herbal crap. All that's fine. But if anyone talks LCHF few guys get upset for no valid reason.

    Diabetics on LCHF diet have been insulted and abused in worst possible form out here by guys who preach about decency here. Even ladies weren't spared.

    And, now this new trend has come alive of late. Having multiple accounts to increase the count of Report To Admin against anyone who they want to target.

    Some unnecessarily get upset when ADA/AMA/AHA is criticized as if these associations have "outsourced" their PR to few users out here. They should understand we are following our medical reports and not on some suicidal mission while on LCHF diet. This forum isn't just for talking about ADA, Vegan or be a trading platform for some special quality grain or herb that makes tall claims of CURING diabetes -- CURING without any proof.

    Also, LCHF is already popular in India also. Depends on how one wants to measure popularity. If Indians are switching away from the rice, rotee dall loaded diet to something alien to them and coming back to report great success, it's popular already. How do you think I have 165 followers here where all LCHF critics have barely touched 20?

  • Anup

    one needs to understand the basics of the treatment of a disease. Diabetes is a medical condition where human body can't assimilate carbs. For diabetics carbs are poison if taken beyond a limit. Only difference is that it damages the body slowly over years. And if due attention is not paid it creats many life threatening complications which may not kill you but make you handicapped.

    Logical treatment for diabetes is avoid carbs. Actually ideal treatment is we should not take carbs at all but our body needs certain minimum amout of carbs to prevent formation of another poison i.e. ketone bodies. So we need to take carbs and at present we have observed that less than 100 g carbs per day should be taken and any food with high GI must be avoided completely.

    Also one should take a calorie deficit diet because researchers have observed that reduction in weight has a very big positive effect on diabetes.

    Now these are very basic considerations. One should not have any objections to them.

    Also look in our history. Brahmins ate laddu or say churamo ( crushed laddus ) wherein someone was constantly pouring pure ghee on churamo or say laddus. Now think of their strength. Not in very distant past we have heard of Maharana Pratap. He had a strength of 20 elephants. This is a reality and not a hype or a fabulous story. Pure ghee was a major part of food for the people of that era. Everybody had cows and the cows were considered family members.

    Also over years our genes are getting weak. Also we have cultivated wrong food habits. We polished healthy rice for improving taste at the cost of nutrients. We started preparing ghee by skimming the milk with machine. Ghee selling dairies are not intetested in fermenting milk into curd and churning out ghee then. Yes. This applies to the biggest Amul dairy too. The ghee made directly by heating cream is found to clog the arteries. We have forgotten our healthy living and are paying for that. The diseases like DM and hypothyroidism scarcely seen just a few years back are now story of almost every house. Men are becoming impotent and women infertile. We are responsible for dooming ourselves and the world.


  • Yes HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense.

  • This is news to me regarding the ghee preparation 

    So down south we prepare ghee from the malai of curd

  • Even we prepare the same way at home.

  • Shashikantiyengar 


    yes. The world's best known "Gir" ghee is made by first making curd of full fat milk and then adding necessary amount of water and in olden times 2 ladies would churn out makhkhan - butter- from it. You can find many pics of ladies standing opposite to each other and churning out makhkhan which lord krishna ate very much. This was a very good exercise for ladies as an additional advantage which not only kept them healty but made their bodied good shaped ( we call ઘાટિલુ body). The ghee is made by heating that butter. The smell and taste of that ghee stimulate appetite. If you ever come to gir go to the maldhari " nesado " - their residence and you will be able to see how ghee is made and how ghee tastes. 

    The butterm milk left out after removing that makhkhan was then distributed to the neighbors or needy people of the village. This kind of practice is still present in many villages of gujarat. This is a standard procedure for centuries. I also make ghee at home by removing "malai " - the cream that forms after heating milk. Store this malai for some day in refrigerator after adding some curd into it. Daily go on adding malai to that bowl and after about a week take out that bowl from freeze and leave it for 12 to 24 hours outside freeze. I add curd if necessary. This ferments the malai and then put ice or cold water into it and churn the mixture with a hand blender. The makhan floats up. The buttermilk that is left is a healthy drink if has not become very sour and distasty. Since we have very small quantity of milk and curd this is the better option to get ghee by fermentation. The best method is to churn out directly  from curd which is not possible for us.

  • Hmmm...exact process described to get Desi ghee....But this procedure is also very less known to urbanized young generation.

    However you may purchase cream from dairy .....add some curd and milk to that cream....keep over night...and then will get same type of butter and ghee.

    Fragrance/Khushboo of desi ghee is due to micro bacterial action done during fermentation.

    Earlier at Tirupati....when ever you go near to Temple we use to experience the wonderful fragrance of Ghee....

    Now days we do not get that fragrance...and not that taste in laddu....

    Guess they also started using clarified cream instead of desi ghee.

  • cure 

    The cream sold in stores are derived by separating it by machines from unheated milk. Not by heating milk and then collecting crust that form. I think this separated cream as well as "separate milk " both are not worth eating.

  • Yes....true.

    Still if u want to get ghee which is very near to ayurvedic ghruta....u may add some boiled milk  to seprated cream and curd and let them curdle for 12 hrs...then churn butter out and get ghee ..


  • Cure

    i can't comment on your suggestion but i'd never like indirect methods to make ghee.

    Indian food and drug department is so incompetent and corrupt that i don't trust quality of such cream. Here in ahmedabad all the wholesalers of pure ghee were/ are the biggest buyers of dalda ghee or mutton tello !!!????

  • Further milk which we get from big dairies is not milk at all...

    When there is less demand...milk is collected...cream is separated..and rest milk is spray dried.... When there is extra demand.

    Same milk powder is converted back to milk and cream is added back.

    May be you will remember how Russia dumped Chernobyl contaminated cream to Indian dairies.


  • Cure

    very true. Even if you buy milk after measuring fat content one can't be sure because these gyus add certain inedible substances to increase the fat content.

    I have purchased ghee from many big dairies of gujarat but i'm never satisfied. Pure ghee has strong delicious fragrance that fills the whole room.

  • Thank you 

    So what's the advise 

    Do we stop using the cow ghee from stores..? I also buy patanjali cow ghee.. is it also likely to be made directly from milk or curds? 

    We also buy the coimbatore butter or the white butter made from curds. We then heat it at home to make ghee. 

    The black residue is discarded 


    Please do let me know 

    Thank you 

  • Shashi....

    I have this time bought patanjali ghee but i'm not quite satisfied. You are right. I'm having around 43 degree temperature here and still patanjali ghee is in solid form !!! All the commercial ghee must be being made from cream because it is not practical to ferment a very large quantity of milk and make ghee. Cow ghee is costlier than buffalo and other milk ghee. So adultration in cow ghee is very likely. Sometimes i buy cow ghee from " gou shala " but very costly.

    I can't comment on coimbatoir butter but it's better to make ghee at home by fermenting malai. And ghee made by such method is clarified butter because all the water and deposits get discarded.

  • Coimbatore butter is derived from curds

    The usual practice 

    But cannot be sure in today's times

  • @Shashi...

    The only way i know to get butter from curd is by churning. I don't think that they would be making so much curd and churning it to get butter. But if they really make butter from curd it should be good.

  • Shashi...

    The ghee made from curd is fermented and good for health. But the curd should have been made from whole milk and fermented by adding curd or butter milk.

  • Mattha and Makkhan 

    Unbeatable taste of rural India the way it is done.

    Hep crowd will find it "downmarket" :)

    McDonald's Mattha sounds Upmarket.

  • suramo  Ketones are poisonous? How?

    How does ghee made from un-fermented cream clog the arteries?

  • @ jingale...

    No one it will much it will what time it will clog.....

    But in Ayurveda it is said 'ghruta' made with churning is good....due to action of bacteria on milk ....... In ayurveda it is considered that different due to various process quality of substance get changed...

    Like in ayurveda there are two chemicals of same chemical coposition...'makardhwaja' and 'hingul'

    both are compounds of mercury....but hingul is toxic and makardhwaja is medicinal.Due to 'karma' done on that chemical.

    Same way Ghee...if done with churning and is medicinal.

  • jingale

    I was surprised by your reply about how dutch got defeated in south india by martand varma....

    Are you history student???

    Very few ppl will know name of martand varma.

  • @cure ji

    It is indeed tragic that we Indians are ignorant of our heroes from the history.

    History writing was a tool of subversion employed by our colonial masters -

    "The best way to permanently enslave a people is to replace their memories, their songs, their mythologies, their idioms."

    As for me, I am engineer by profession. But I dabble in many other areas including history and decolonization. :)

    As some wise men have said time and again, history is too important to be left to historians alone. 

  • Rightly said...

    History writing was a tool of subversion employed by our colonial masters -

    and after that by JNU intellectuals.

  • Jingale

    diabetic ketoacidosis is a life threatening complication. Ketones are acids and they disrupt your body's metabolic process. Please surf the net.

    "How unfermented ghee clogs our arteries " the answer lies in researches. I have at present no answer to that.

  • suramo Sir, Ketones are formed in nutritional ketosis too. Nutritional ketosis is no way a dangerous condition, while diabetic ketoacidosis is. This article by Dr. Attia dispels some of the myths about NK and DK -

  • Mixing up DKA with Nutritional ketosis is the general mistake that everyone from medical field does. Very common.

    When one is on LCHF, they are generating ketones too. Only thing is that to appear in urine the rate of fat metabolism has to be very high. This is what happens on Keto diet.

  • Yes, cut down carbs, cut down fruits (read fructose) and substitute with healthy fat and improve health. Recent research shows that fructose is damaging for brain too.

  • You may appreciate the fact that we elderly people, used to make ethnic sweet at home with ghee and butter. They never experienced T2DM. The day we started using supposed to be heart-healthy oils, all the problems started to pour-in.

    A child is born with just 2 cells from its parents. It was never supplemented for heart and brain cells. So no science in talking about heart healthy oils.

    Secondly all constituents of milk and its products are 100% bio-available, meaning our body can comfortably identify and assimilate it completely.

    Let us not try to amend anything other than accepting that fat is remedy for sugar. At the same time sugar is NOT remedy for sugar meaning that by reducing sugar we get rid of T2DM.

  • Whatever you eat  high fat high protein and high carbs you must check whether your body will digest completely within 3 hours ?  This is possible by the complete healthy person.  For diabetic the resistance power of the body is weak  and also  the production of insulin  and also the resistance of insulin is also the problem.  So  by consuming what the food you want to be careful  and  you yourself adjusting  the quantity   by testing different food  in different  days .  Then you have the idea how much our body tolerate fat protein and carb and also the BS by glycometer

      So you must consume the food   as your body tolerates only   otherwise  the body upsets including BS and  Bp and other diseases.

  • Same here - can't imagine living without the four C's from dairy




    Clarified butter

  • Further....Cow ghee is always yellowish and buffalo butter is white...even tallo of cow is yellow and buffalo is white...

    As per claim Amul butter is made from pure cow milk...but it is soured butter....

    earlier to amul butter there was one parsi from Mumbai who use to market butter under name polson...

    The said butter was soured butter.....and ppl developed that when amul thought of launching butter....they were forced to launch soured butter with added salt to taste....

    Guess amul butter is already soured/fermented???? And added with some other industrial additives to enhance taste????

    here is nice article.....


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