Best homeopathic treatment for Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Syzygium Jam 6 &

Phlodizin 6

Both is to be taken 5 drops in morning and night. Nothing is to be taken half an hour before and after.onions, garlic are to be avoided as much as possible.

Glucose is to be monitored regularly, if the sugar level comes down allopathic medicine should be gradually reduced.

This medicine potency is to be modified to 1M/week after glucose level comes to normal even after leaving allopathic. After that 10M is to be taken once in a month for one year. after that no medicine is required.


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28 Replies

  • Hi,Prashatkumar.

    Is it cure or permanent control .whether bs levels should be monitored .

  • Yes, it is permanent cure in most of the case,hence BS level is to be monitored regularly

    Only precaution required is less fatty and high GI food intake, as much as possible. After 10 M dose completion, further dose may not be required.

  • Hi Prashantkumar, Thanks for prompt reply .

    presently i m keeping low carb diet and half slice of Amul cheese (10gm weight ), one egg omlet . you have recommended highGI,Less fat diet whether your diet recommendetion is for during treatment or on completion of treatment .Members of this forum strongly suggest that high carb diet is main cause of diabetic they also suggest Low carb high fat diet and believe no cure for diabetic . They don't believe in alternate pathy and strongly advice for mininimum/no medicine specifically english medicine .please comment on all points ,guide .

    Ramesh Rao

  • After cure

  • I mean less intake of high GI food & less fatty food intake, once it gets cure as far as possible, but Glucose level is to be monitored at least once in a week. Physical activity, walking will also aid to the treatment. These are the things , I am following.

    The medicine could be available at any homeopathic medicine shop.

  • Mr. Prashantkumar :- Please repeat the names with potency again.

  • Pl. See original pody

  • 6

  • ??? What is original pody

  • Original post

  • Is it Phlodizin 6 or phlorizin

  • It is phloridizin

  • Dear 'Prashantkumar'

    How can you say that this is a permanent cure for T2 DM ? Is there any proof or testimonials ? How can I believe this ? Many peoples in this forum have already claimed cure for T2 DM by citing their products and finally it has been proved that all were Hogwash!

    Will you please clarify your claim?

  • I do not know, but I myself tested many, but it cured me and since last four years I am well within limit, without much precaution.It was advised to four of my friends, three of them get cured, the forth sugar level get reduced, but still higher than limit.He started it about 3 months ago and reduced allopathic doses.I expect, in 6 month, he will also get cured.That is why I advised in this forum, you may accept it or not as you wish.But trying some homeopathic medicine, having no side effect, does not harm.

  • Thank you sir, thank you very much for your honest reply at the earliest.


    Phloridzin is the specific and competitive inhibition of sodium/glucose cotransporters in the intestine (SGLT1) and kidney (SGLT2). This property which could be useful in the management of postprandial hyperglycemia in diabetes and related disorders. Phloridzin is one of the dihydrochalcones typically contained in apples and in apple-derived products. The effect of phloridzin orally doses 5, 10, 20 and 40 mg/kg body weight on diabetes was tested in a streptozotocin-induced rat model of diabetes type 1. From beneficial effect of this compound is significant reduction of blood glucose levels and improve dyslipidemia in diabetic rats. As a well-known consequence of becoming diabetic, urine volume and water intake were significantly increased. Administration of phloridzin reduced urine volume and water intake in a dose-dependent manner. Phloretin decreases of food consumption, as well as a marked lowering in the weight. In conclusion, this compound could be proposed as an antihyperglycemic and antihyperlipidemic agent in diabetes and potential therapeutic in obesity.


    Phloridzin improves hyperglycemia but not hepatic insulin resistance in a transgenic mouse model of type 2 diabetes.

  • Thanks Mr. Prashantkumar.

  • Phlodizin6 drops or tablet .where is it available

  • Dear 'Sir'

    Please tell me how and from where to buy the products .

    Thank in advance.

  • Dear Prashant Kumar- One more query- Both Syzygium Jam 6 &

    Phlodizin 6 are to be taken each 5 drops twice per day in morning and night. Are they to betaken together. Please help to take right medication.

  • No, they should be taken seperately with an interval of half an take care that before and after half an hour of the medicine intake, nothing is to be taken except plain water and before taking the medicines, one should have brushed and tongue cleaned properly at least half an hour prior.

  • Ok thanks

  • Mr Prasanth kumar

    Which homeopathic medical company manufactures phloridizin6 in india? Can you name please?


  • @ Prashantkumar,Thank u very much for providing manufacturer details.

  • What does ' 1M/week' and '10M' mean? Sorry if I am missing something.

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