Try Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes

Hi friends,

I want to suggest that if you are suffering from diabetes try to avoid allopathic medicine or reduce it and switch over to Ayurvedic medication available. I have noticed that allopathic medicine do recover you fast but they also give trouble in form of side effects such as burning sensations at hind limbs, blurred vision, nocturia, unusual thirst, diarrhea etc. Do some regular exercise and have watch on your BSL (F) and BSF (pp), check HbA1C.


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23 Replies

  • can you tell any ayurvedic medicine helpful. How about Meshashringi and karela Amla

  • I don't know about Meshashringi and karela Amla but IME 9 and BGR 34 are choice of drugs and you can also take apple cider vinegar in the morning before having breakfast.

  • Could you help by sharing dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar?

  • ShooterGeorge I take Jamun Vinegar by Patanjalee(baba Ramdev) just one peg ;) I don't measure.....i like the taste....just follow the procedure u follow when u take whiskey...:P

  • Hi @cure I sip whisky dry :-) I may taste Jamun/AppleCider Vinegar but no intentions to take on regular basis as I have no BS escalations.

  • dry??? on the rocks :P

  • Yes, on the rocks :-) but not for the road. Not gulp but sip. Then only one will know its taste & aroma!!! Take time & enjoy slowly :-) :-)

  • Like belly dancer????

  • Sorry, don't know about belly dance or belly dancer.

  • She is Alla Kushnir.... guess she won prize in You can dance prog in USA

    You may read more about her here...

    But not very pure belly dance....but you will get some broad idea :P

  • here is one more....

    Sadie.. A prefect belly dancer....

    You can read more about her here...


    few of my friends reported good effect on FBS ;)

  • One cap of the bottle in one glass of water on empty stomach in the morning.

  • fayyazbagwan IME 9 or BGR 34 are same like what u call Umbrella treatment...they have included all anti diabetic herbs in the same....

    Some are prescribed for Vat Doasha some for Kafa dosha.... I think mixing all herbs may give some unwanted results....

  • Good suggestion but what is a reliable source for learning Ayurveda principles and basaic herbs?


    You may go thru this site.....this considerably good site on ayurveda.

    However ayurveda is not easy subject...but we can always try....

  • IME 9 and BGR 34 are choice of medicines and you can also take apple cider vinegar in the morning before having breakfast.

  • Thanks. I take 10 grams of apple cider vinegar with all meals since a few weeks. We'll see how this works. I alsouse many spices known to reduce BG.

    Can you explain how IME 9 and BGR34 work. Any reliable websites?

  • Take only raw unfiltered containing mother tincture like Braggs ACV.

  • I already do just that.

  • Iminig I go through easyayurveda and also herbpathy.

  • Herbal pathy seems easier to use for non-hindi speaking.

    May I as k if you're diabetic yourself?

    What did you find useful? What are your parameters: weight, activity, stress level, time since diagnosic, supplement used?

  • ...burning sensations at hind limbs, blurred vision, nocturia, unusual thirst...

    These are the symptoms of out of control diabetes not the medicines.

  • You may be right but when I cut down the allopathic and started the ayurvedic it diminishes.

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