Treatment for Prostate gland enlargement


My age is 69 . I am diabetic and now I am having the problem of frequent urination. On testing by scan it was observed my prostate gland is enlarged and my psv is 9.75. I am taking allopathic medicine alfatan D . I want to know the side effects of the allopathic medicine. Is theer alternate medicine for this. Kindly advise.


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7 Replies

  • I feel you should consult a specialist.Enlarged prostate is not a big problem these days as long as it is benign.Better make sure and go through the surgery if the doctor advises you so.

  • You have not mentioned weight of prostate gland as per sonography report.

  • weight was not mentioned but retention urine is mentioned. The urine bladder not completely emptied after urination. PSV is 9.5

  • Sorry it is psa and not psv

  • please visit a" Himalaya" store along with your all reports and consult their Doctor who is available there.i am also suffering from same problem and the urologist advised for surgery which i had avoided. He prescribed "Dynoprass 0.4 " to be taken for ever but it was not effective so i have stopped it.meanwhile i have visited the Himalaya store and consulted the Doctor who prescribed their "HIMPLASSIA" capsule which i am taking since one month and feeling some what better and no side effects.This capsule also has to be taken for a long time .

  • Thank you very much sir

  • In homeopathy Sabal Serrulata Q is a chief remedy.Take 10 to 15 drop of mother tincture(Q Potency) in half glass of water twice a day till improvement.There is a constant desire to urinate at night. Difficulty in passing urine. It is useful in cystitis with enlargement of the prostrate. Sabal Serrulata is also useful in prostatic troubles like prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy.I had given this medicine to my father in law and he got cured within 2 months.You can take this with allopathic medicine.

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