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Thanks friends for the prompt response to my query on the above medicine. What they advise is to continue with your allopathic medicine for two months. Once the sugar level is under control, one can stop the allopathic medicine. Anyway, on a trial basis, I have started with IME9, with glyciphage 250 which I usually take.

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...'Anyway, on a trial basis, I have started with IME9, with glyciphage 250 which I usually take'.

Then you are in the world of confounding variables where you will not know whether the IME9 is effective or not. If it is effective, then it will work in it's own right, but you will never know that by embarking on this course.

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MikePollard in reply to Hidden

Great - then you could help your fellow man by stopping the Metformin, which cannot cure you of course, and just use BGR 34.

But somehow I don't think you will - nor will you achieve a normal blood profile.

somkar in reply to MikePollard

Not bgr34, what I am trying is IME9. Don't know if if this has the same ingredients. Anyway, let me try and see if it works. Thanks.

Since I am not using any of the chemucal drugs, it is easy gor me to judge the effect of IME 9. What I am looking for is whether it complements my trials with diet and life style.

I have been taking IME9 along my my regular medicine( 2mg glimepride BD, metformin 1000 mg BD)for the past 45 days but I fail to see any reduction in my BS readings. I shall continue IME9 to complete the dosages as I have bought for 3 months. Can I have your views those taking this medicine. May be effective on early cases of impaired glucose tolerance. not on cases with 10 years of type 2 diabetes patients taking allopathic medicine.

somkar in reply to ganaraja

I have been taking this medicine for the last two weeks only. Like you, I also don't find any reduction in my sugar level. As you have already completed 45 days course, please update me when you finish two months and on completion of the full course of three months. I will also update similarly. Don't know if it's their tall claim only. Comparing other similar ayurvedic medicines, this is costlier also.

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