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Diabetes - 1 Month and Two days now !!

Hello All,

I have been a part of this forum since last couple of weeks. I am 37 yrs. old. and my weight is 72.2Kgs. It all started Last month when I went for a random checkup to Dr. and he asked me for a routine Blood test.

My RBS was 374. Then doctor suggested me to test my FBS and PPBS. After two days of doing the tests, my FBS and PPBS came out as 147 and 249. HbA1C - 8.8

As per doctors advise, I started having these two medicines. Glyciphage SR 500mg twice a day after meal & Zita Plus 20mg One Tab. after Lunch. As per doctors advice, I have changed my food habits and lifestyle. All these while, I have strictly followed these in my daily routine :

1. Morning Pranayama 6:30 AM - 7:15 AM every alternate day (Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhatee)

2. Treadmill for 15 Mins. and then freehand exercise for 30 mins thrice a week.

3. I eat Methi soaked in water daily before starting my exercise.

4. I take medicine as per schedule mentioned above.

I have tested my FBS and PPBS almost every 5-6 days. My last test showed me FBS-95 and PPBS-143. I get to see/hear/read different opinions and suggestions from different people regarding diabetes. Some say give up medicine and follow ayurveda. Few say, dont miss out on your medicine... and so on.. !!

Currently My diet plan is as follows:

1. Breakfast - 2 Chapatis + Daal or any Curry and Green Tea. made of Aashirwaad Sugar Release Control Atta. (I am yet to ascertain how much effective they are).

2. Brunch (around 11:30 Am) : 200ml Amul Masti Buttermilk. Somedays I change it with Boiled Egg (without egg yolk).

3. Lunch (around 2:30 Pm) : Roti with Dal / Once or twice in a week I take Brown Rice with some curry (Brown Rice: 1Cup)

3. Evening (around 5:30 Pm): I drink a cup of green tea with some Digestive Lite Sugar free cookies.

4. Dinner: Roti with Dal or some curry. Sometimes I take it with light cooked Chicken curry.

I have adapted all these changes by myself and after thoroughly reading different threads in this forum, esp. Arun Sir's threads.

My questions are :

a) Dr. told me to continue and have Glyciphage SR entire life. I want to get out of medicine. Can you guys suggest how and what needs to be done.

b) I walk occasionally (excluding my treadmill workout) . I would say twice a week for an avg. of 1km-1.5kms. Do I really need to walk or I can continue with treadmill ?

c) Someone suggested me to take RAMDEV MADHUNASHINI VATI (2 Tabs empty stomach). Suggestions please.

I am going through LCHF forum and have lots of questions. I would keep them for later.

**** Do I really need to bring BS further down ? What would you all suggest to get my BS further down.

Thanks in Advance.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Dear amajithia.

Pls.don. t despair. Follow low carbohydrate high fat diet.

To read all about it go to site dlife.in

See all old &new posts specially of @anup kumar&other veteran members.u will get ur answers.u can make ur own food plate based on experience of others.

It's a fantastic place to be in if ur diabetic. Don.t worry.u will win the battle.it's a evidence based site.

Take care&all will be well.u can live drug free. 👍

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Doing a good job.Take whole egg. Reduce roti little. Add green salad. The whole game is revolving around carb. So reduce carb and increase good fat. Do not leave medicine now.Try your self with accucheck strip and standardize your food plate. Thanks


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